World of Warships: Legends Farm Guide

World of Warships: Legends Farm Guide

The World of Warships: Legends Farming Guide is a must-have for all players whose goal is to obtain the strongest ship or the best commander. It takes patience and perseverance to achieve this. Let's take a look at how to obtain and use resources through farming.

What is the purpose of the World of Warships: Legends farm?

In World of Warships: Legends, there are plenty of opportunities to use your resources to expand your fleet. If you'd like to see our top 5 best destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers, take a look at our ranking of the best World of Warships ships.

In game, all resources have their own specific uses. So it's essential to use them with care, as some are limited and precious. The game is made up of several types of combat: classic 9 vs. 9 battles, event battles such as the Brawl, which is taking place right now... Or even Renown battles. rewards depends on the type of ship played, the amount of damage inflicted, the area captured, or the outcome of the battle: victory or defeat.

World of Warships farm guide resources
Yellow coins are duplicates, white coins are credits.

Quests also earn you resources, which are updated daily or weekly. By winning x battles, or eliminating x ships, you earn resources. For example, credits, commander experience, bonus experience to get ships faster, containers...

World of Warships: Legends farm guide, focus on currencies

In World of Warships: Legends, there are two main currencies for progressing in the game. This means saving up by winning battles in all the necessary categories.

Credits, the free currency of World of Warships: Legends

This is a currency obtained free of charge. It can be used to purchase ships, the price of which varies according to rarity. For example, if you want to buy the Yamato, one of the best non-premium ships in the game, you'll need to spend a hefty 20,600,000 credits. The Midway aircraft carrier, on the other hand, costs 28,000,000 credits. The Königsberg, a cruiser available quite early in World of Warships: Legends, costs "only" 1,280,000 credits.

Credit also allows you to obtain upgrades to make your ships more powerful. Our World of Warships: Legends farm guide can only advise you to upgrade the best ships for your type of gameplay and preferences. This will allow you to save this currency for larger purchases.

Finally, credits are very useful for maintaining your ships after battles. Depending on the ship's rank, the cost of maintenance will be higher or lower.

Duplication, the premium motto of this World of Warships: Legends guide

Buy duplicates store guide farm World of Warships

This currency is difficult to obtain in Free to Play. It can be obtained very occasionally at certain events, or by buying special packs in the store for real money (from €8.99 to €129.99). It allows you to obtain resources more quickly, buy premium ships like the Strasbourg, a rank VII French battleship, or purchase skins to customize your ship's appearance.

Commander Experience, increase your ship's stats

This World of Warships: Legends farm guide would be nothing without mentioning the Commander Experience. This resource is used exclusively to unlock new commanders who bring additional strategic advantages to your ships. It can be obtained by completing quests, opening a container...

George Dewey Commandant guide farm world of Warships

Containers as free resource boxes

In this World of Warships: Legends farm guide, it was impossible not to talk about containers! You get one for free every day, as well as crates obtained at events or by adding gift coupons. You'll find them in our list of World of Warships: Legends codes.

Containers give you credits, commander experience, bonus experience... And if you're very lucky, a ship!

rewards , a good farm guide World of Warships: Legends

The Renown event features battles that offer tier points. These points are used to level up. Each level confers progressive and variable rewards , with an exclusive ship at the end of the event.

World of Warships Legends Renown Event

The rewards tier is divided into two types: free and premium. To access all rewards premium levels, you will need to pay 2500 doubloons. 

And that's it, this World of Warships: Legends farm guide is finished. I hope you've found it useful for boosting your ships' stats!

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