Tier List Takt Op Symphony, the best Musicarts in the game

Tier List Takt Op Symphony of the best Musicarts

Our Tier List Takt Op. Symphony lets you discover the best Musicarts to own for optimal training. We reveal all our tips for creating a composition that will take you to the top of the leaderboard with a maximum power boost, thanks to a selection of the top OP heroes.

Factions of the best heroes

There are several factions: 

  • Guardian: Tank that can provide allies with cover against damage and reduce the damage they suffer.
  • Blader : A fighter who is essentially a Semi-Tank that can also inflict damage.
  • Stalker: Melee DPS that can move quickly and change position.
  • Gunner: Long-range DPS that excels at ranged damage.
  • Magus: Mage who can inflict area damage.
  • Restorer: Healer/Support who can provide healing and buffs to allies.

Discover the best Musicarts Takt Op. Symphony from Tier S, A, B or C and put together the best team!

Musicarts Tier S from Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Find our list of the best tier S Musicarts to form your elite composition and win all the tough fights.

Walkure3 starsWardenProtection Buff
Debuff reduces health and defense
Single-target damage
Fantaisie Impromptu3 starsBladerInflicts attack damage at the top of the tier list Takt Op Symphony
Can immobilize its target
Swan Lake3 starsGunnerSingle-target physical damage
Eliminates unit weakening
Winter3 starsRestorerCare for all allies (magic attack)
Single-target attack
Increases attack + reduces enemy criticism
Destiny Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Musicarts Tier A from Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Although not as powerful as Tier S heroes, Tier A Musicarts shine through their versatility or synergy with more powerful characters. They are therefore among the top tier list of the best Musicarts to enhance your composition. Some are even easier to drop into your draws.

Spring2 starsWardenSingle-target damage
Restores hit points after each blow, ideal as an assassin in this tier list Takt Op Symphony Musicarts.
Elise3 starsBladerInflicts physical damage
Reduces the damage of the unit taken
Erlking3 starsMagusWorks well with Daphnis & Chloe
Inflicts magic damage (125% of magic attack to all enemies)
Increases damage inflicted (25% for targets marked with "Royal Arrival") for 2 turns
Belkis3 starsMagusInflicts magic damage on enemies
Best Magus AOE and one of the best Musicarts
Reduces enemy defense
Fledermaus3 starsWardenBuff de protection
Increases the speed of characters from the Mystery/Fantasy factions featured in this tier list Takt Op Symphony
Reduces the enemy's physical defense.
Destiny1 starBladerSingle-target damage quite high for a Tier A Musicart
Buff healing power increases damage and defense
Jupiter2 starsWardenSingle-target attack damage
Reduces target attack
Increases the physical and magical attacks of characters from the Jolity and Eternity factions
Protects your allies with the Warmup protection buff
Carmen Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Musicarts Tier B from Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Let's continue this tier list of the best Takt Op Symphony Musicarts with the tier B heroes. They can be used as a springboard to launch your composition, but I recommend you concentrate your resource expenditure on the top tier S or A Musicarts for the mid and end-game.

Summer2 starsGunnerInflicts physical attack damage on an enemy.
Has a buff that increases damage.
Pomp & Circumstance1 starRestorerInflicts magical damage on a single target.
Heals an ally.
AoE healing.
Daphnis & Chloe2 starsRestorerHeals an ally. AoE healing.
Works well with Erlking.
Bolero2 starsStalkerSingle-target physical damage.
Increases speed.
Carmen1 starMagusSingle-target magic damage.
AoE magic damage
Dissipates the buff on the target.
Moonlight2 starsGunnerInflicts physical attack damage.
Reduces target's healing.
Reduces enemy speed.
The Nutcracker1 starBladerSingle-target physical damage. Increases attack of Fantasy and Jollity allies.
Reduces damage taken for an ally.
Twinkle Star Tier List Takt Op Symphony

Musicarts Tier C from Tier List Takt Op Symphony

We come to the end of this tier list Takt Op Symphony with the Tier C Musicarts. Largely inferior to the B and A ranked characters, these other heroes are the ones you should avoid in your composition. Neglected by the majority of players, they find themselves at the bottom of the ranking for a good reason: their inefficiency!

Autumn1 starGunnerSingle-target damage.
Shoots energy projectiles into the sky to recover stamina.
Campanella1 star BladerSingle-target damage.
Removes debuff from an ally.
Freeshooter1 starGunnerInflicts physical damage.
Reduces the target's physical attack.
Inflicts physical damage and increases unit speed.
Releases magic bullets to inflict physical damage.
Arlesienne2 starsBladerInflicts physical damage on an enemy.
Canon2 starsRestorerSingle-target magic damage.
AoE magic damage.
Removes weakening on allies.
Generates a protective shield.
Air on The G String2 starsStalkerSingle-target physical damage.
Twinkle Star1 starRestorerSingle-target magic damage.
Heals allies.

This tier list Takt Op Symphony is likely to evolve according to Musicarts additions, nerfs and ups from the developers. It already gives you an idea of which characters are most effective for a powerful team. In this context, all factions are important! To start the game with the best Musicarts, we recommend you read our Farm and Reroll Takt Op Symphony Guide. We hope that tier list Takt Op Symphony has already helped you discover the characteristics of all the Musicarts.

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