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Missions in Star Trek Fleet Command | Tips and List

Star Trek Fleet Command Mission Guide

Star Trek Fleet Command is a management game where your goal is to manage your own space base! To do this, you can obtain ships and collect resources to build your equipment. But to progress well in Star Trek Fleet Command, you have to complete several missions. There are main missions as well as side missions. All these tasks are essential for your progress, without them you won't get far in the game! However, there are many of them on the map! We will therefore help you understand the interest of missions through a list of important missions for your progress in the game! Let's go !

How and in what order to do the missions in Star Trek Fleet Command?

As soon as you enter the game Star Trek Fleet Command, you will find your missions available on the left. In this management game, you follow a fairly complete story mode in which you have main missions! But in the galactic system there are many side missions in addition to the main content. So the main missions help you to advance in the story, build your base and improve your ships. While the side missions are there as a "bonus" and allow you to gain levels faster. Let's just say that the side missions are there to give you an extra challenge and to train you! In general, we advise you to always do the main missions first. Keep the side missions for breaks in the story, or to get something specific.

All missions allow you toobtain rewards if you succeed! You can get resources, virtual currency, officer fragments or faction points, etc. Be aware that the first missions to be completed are the tutorial missions. These are the ones that help you understand the mission system in Star Trek Fleet Command. After that, you can also complete missions related to the combat pass, which will earn you unique rewards ! Also seasonally, many missions are added to the map in the "event" tab. This is where the "Borg" missions, during the Borg seasonal arc of Star Trek Fleet Command, will appear! The missions in the event tab are the most interesting in the game at rewards ! Go for it when you see a new event!

Getting Started with Star Trek Fleet Command: The Tutorial

When you are new to Star Trek Fleet Command, you have to play the tutorial to familiarise yourself with the game's missions. This is a good thing, because otherwise you would be a bit lost from the start! The tutorial teaches you the importance of the main missions as they allow you to receive rewards ! These rewards are materialized in the form of resources, necessary for the construction of buildings, machines and ships!

Complete all of these missions and you will unlock the rest of the game's main missions as well as the ability to complete side missions. Here is our short guide to the missions in the Star Trek Fleet Command tutorial :

  • The mission called "Distress Call". In this mission you have to defeat a Gavolar ship. Once you have successfully completed this mission, the tutorial explains how to fight enemy ships and you win 320 Parsteel.
  • Build a Parsteel generator. This is the first phase of production. After completing this mission, you will earn 30 Parsteel.
  • In order to store this produced resource, you must then build the Parsteel warehouse to earn 50 Parsteel. Afterwards, we recommend building more Parsteel Warehouses in order to store as much as possible.
  • Fourth mission: defeat a Nausicaan Dreadnought. 60 Parsteel. Put into practice the advice given during the assault on Gavolar!
  • Build level 2 operations to earn 125 Parsteel.
  • Join an alliance. This mission is essential, as allies can help you progress in Star Trek Fleet Command. They can also protect your base when you are away. You will earn 15 Latinum, which is the only mission in the tutorial with this type of reward. All other missions allow you to obtain Parsteel, the game's primary resource.
  • You must then build another generator, a second Parsteel generator, to produce this resource. 60 Parsteel are then obtained at the end of this mission. Note that you can build several as you go along. The construction of Latinum and Dilitium generators comes later in the game.
  • There is a new ship to eliminate, a Nausicaan Interceptor. If you succeed (and you can, as the Interceptor is at a low level), you gain 40 Parsteel.
  • Then theAI Maia asks you to take Scotty to a meeting point. Complete the mission to get 60 Parseel.
  • Then comes the mission "A mistaken identity" where you must defeat an Urkwen ship. Completing this mission will earn you 75 Parsteel.
  • Finally, the last mission of the tutorial, "Surveillance". This mission requires you to defeat a Rigellian ship. 90 Parsteel can be obtained!
One of the missions in the Star Trek Fleet Command tutorial
One of the tasks of the tutorial

Be sure to follow the tutorial, as it will help you understand the intricacies of the missions. You will also gain Parsteel in large quantities and this resource is necessary for your future missions.

Star Trek Fleet Command mission tips

Missions in Star Trek Fleet Command often follow the same patterns. However, there are a few tips and tricks to help you manage the missions. As these may change from patch to patch, we will not list them, however we advise you to check the Star Trek Fleet Command Fandom to find all the missions in the game updated regularly!

First of all, you should know that you have access to the system and galaxy map. As a result, you can have several missions marked with an orange dot. These missions are secondary missions that can be completed. But beware, these missions may also be too high level for you. In general, you should start with the main missions at the beginning of the game and finish with the secondary missions in order to improve your buildings, ships, etc. first. Before trying to attack ships or rescue a Nausicaan when your resources are not in production, concentrate on the mines and your crews!

Second tip: use acceleration to progress. Indeed, in the missions, you often have to wait a while. Whether you are locating a location, fighting, producing, mining or upgrading your buildings and ships, you always have a time. To speed up this mission completion time, you can either buy acceleration with the in-game currency, or ask your allies for help in the "help request" in the alliance!

In the same way, each time you want to increase a ship, an officer or a building, or to make a research, the conditions to be met are clearly indicated with a "go". Click on it and you'll be taken directly to the mission location that will allow you to progress.

Discover the Battle Pass missions

In its latest patch of updates, the Star Trek Fleet Command game has integrated its new Battle Pass as well as twenty additional missions! Ten new missions appear on the ship USS Constellation and new Doomsday story systems have been integrated into the game! There are many new enemies to fight in the 10 new systems. As a result, new missions are regularly added in the updates.

This wasn't the only new feature as the new Battle Pass has made it possible to integrate getting event tickets, if you progress on the Battle Pass. These tickets allow you to select the missions you want to do on certain events in order to get the rewards you want! No more rewards randomly! Knowing that the Battle Pass is a good investment, it allows you to go much faster in the game and complete even more missions.

The Battle Pass appears when a new Battle Pass event is in progress. A full user interface opens from the "events" tab! The Star Trek Fleet Command Battle Pass allows you to participate in a Free Battle Pass and an Elite Battle Pass. That is to say, a Free Battle Pass and a paid Battle Pass. You will then have to do different missions in order to score Battle Pass points. You get different rewards depending on your Battle Pass plan, whether you are free or elite.

Battle Pass Free and Battle Pass Elite in Star Trek Fleet Command
An example of Battle Pass Free and Battle Pass Elite

The Battle Pass is divided into several milestones. Here is the number of points to be obtained per milestone by doing the missions:

  • First Milestone - 5,000 points.
  • Second Milestone - 12,000 points.
  • Third Milestone - 21,000 points.
  • Fourth Milestone -33,000 points.
  • Fifth Milestone - 48,000 points.
  • Sixth Milestone - 67,000 points.
  • Seventh Milestone - 93,000 points.
  • Eighth Milestone - 126,000 points.
  • Ninth Milestone - 169,000 points.
  • Tenth Milestone - 225,000 points.

All missions differ according to the Battle Pass events. Please note that these Battle Passes do not exist in a "season" format.

Now you know how to manage your missions efficiently in the game Star Trek Fleet Command! If you encounter any problems in the game, or just enjoyed the article, please leave us a comment! As we believe that missions are more easily mapped on a computer, read our guide to playing Star Trek Fleet Command on a PC!

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