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Squad Busters Beginner's Guide | Tips and Advice

Squad Busters beginner's guide

Squad Busters adds to Supercell's well-stocked library with this action-combat RPG, bringing together the star characters from previous titles such as Hay-Day, Clash of Clan and Brawl Stars. Throw yourself into the fray wholeheartedly but intelligently! To get your adventure off to a good start, you need to get off on the right foot, and we're here to explain everything. Challenges, teams, characters, loot boxes, evolution, nothing will hold any secrets for you at the end of our Squad Busters Beginner's Guide! Come on, follow us, it's over here!

Squad Busters beginner's guide: getting started in combat

Squad Busters is very easy to get to grips with. All you need is your 2 thumbs to get going. On the left, you control the trajectory of your characters and on the right, the various spells and accelerations. Squad Buster's gameplay is a clever mix of PvE, where you earn coins for loot boxes, and PvP, where 8 teams share the map. Your ultimate goal will be to finish the game at the top of the gem count leaderboard while staying alive. There's nothing like a complete Squad Busters beginner's guide for a successful start to the game!

How to choose your first Squad Busters fighter

When the game starts, you only have one fighter in your team. Choose wisely, based on your usual style of play and the fighter's specific skills. Take into account the random bonuses awarded at the start.

Team Selection Squad Busters

Bear in mind that your final team will consist of just 5 fighters. If you're not sure who to choose, take a look at our Squad Busters Tier list. Our Squad Busters guide will reveal lots more tips to help you get started in this game.

Kill lots of enemies!

There's a subtle difference here: the enemies aren't necessarily your opponents! We're talking about the bots and other monsters in the game. So, to beat the enemies, you have to stop in front of them and the 'combat' mode activates itself. The more monsters you kill, the more coins you earn, the more chests you open and the more members you have in your team (or the more they evolve).

You won't necessarily be able to take on the other players straight away in PvP. Just be patient, it will come soon enough. Si vis pacem para bellum.

Squad Busters beginner's guide: Open every chest you can

This is perhaps the most important tip of all. Chests are of vital importance in the games you play. The price of a chest varies according to the number of fighters in your team.

Squad Busters Guide Boxes

With the coins you earn, these chests will allow you to expand your team. The more chests you open, the more powerful you become, either through the number of fighters you have, or by increasing the level of your characters as a result of merging. Don't forget to choose complementary characters so that you have a wider range of skills and are prepared for every eventuality.

Play with caution

There are a number of dangers lurking around the corner. As mentioned in our Squad Busters beginner's guide, PvP is omnipresent. In the early stages of the game, keep a low profile and concentrate on PvE to eradicate as many monsters as possible, earn coins and grow your team in numbers and power.

Busted Guide Squad Busters

As well as opponents who may be after your life and gems, pay close attention to the scenery, which can also cause you to lose health points. This is a weakness to be avoided in future tough encounters.

Map Dangers Squad Busters

Brambles appear on the map and, if you're not careful, you could find yourself right in the middle of them, causing a bit of damage in the process. Stay on your guard - our tutorial is here to help you avoid this.

Don't neglect the Gem Farms

A few seconds before the end of the game, a gem farm will appear, sometimes allowing you to make the difference on the counter. And so win the game.

Gem Farm Squad Busters Guide

However, bear in mind that this is the common goal of all players. So watch out for greedy opponents with murderous intentions.

To get started on the right foot, don't hesitate to read our tip for obtaining Squad Busters codes.

Squad Busters beginner's guide: tips off the battlefield

To shine during battle rounds, it's vital to have a well-honed off-game strategy . To get off to a faultless start, you need to follow some sound advice , which we offer here in our Squad Busters beginner's guide.

Develop your characters as soon as possible in Squad Busters

When you win a round of battles, you'll earn gems. Depending on your ranking, you can upgrade the end-game chest. There, you'll find characters to add to those you already own. This will allow your character to evolve. To be even more effective and powerful during the games, remember to level up several characters with different characteristics (tank, healer, gripper, etc.).

Character evolution Squad Busters

All this will allow you to start games with more powerful characters. PvP is becoming increasingly fierce because the stakes are so high.

Collect all the rewards you can

At the end of each battle, in your main menu, remember to collect everything you can from the 3 icons at the bottom right (the world in question, Squad and book), as well as the daily connection bonuses and the beginner's challenge. Every bit of help you can get is good for your progress.

Squad Busters beginner's guide: Unlock new worlds

As you progress through your journey and your challenges, your characters' evolution will provide you with portal energy, allowing you to obtain rewards. This will unlock new worlds.

  • Green World
  • Desert World
  • Royal World
  • Beach World

This allows you to discover new maps, new monsters and, at the same time, meet new characters . Don't forget that characters evolve with time and the number of challenges you play and win. Don't miss out on the chance to find a powerful character with unique abilities. Go for it! Set off on an adventure to discover its far-flung lands and its natives.

This concludes our Squad Busters beginner's guide to getting off to the best possible start. There are a few things to bear in mind if you want to make sure you don't make any mistakes and get off to an explosive start. Character development, battle timing and the quest for gems are all important points to bear in mind. Bookmark our pages so you don't miss out on any Squad Busters tips and advice!

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