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Smash Legends Guide to Getting Started | Tips and Tricks

Smash Legends Beginner's Guide

Welcome to our new guide dedicated to the mobile game Smash Legends! It is with great excitement and enthusiasm that we discover this new nugget available on the stores. If you're a fan of Brawl Stars and action-MOBA games, Smash Legends is sure to please. In this Smash Legends guide to getting started, we'll tell you about the 6 game modes, the legends (the characters), but most importantly, we'll reveal two valuable tips to get you started in Smash Legends and put your opponents to shame. So, are you ready to take advantage of the other players? Let's go!

Smash Legends, game principle

Smash Legends is a mobile game that, at first glance, may seem easy. But as you play it, you soon realise how much skill and mastery it requires to take full advantage of the legends.

Smash Legends logo

To give you an idea, the game is a mix of Brawlhalla, Super Smash Bros Melee and Brawl Stars in 3D isometric view (which fits well with the gameplay). It features dynamic 3v3 PvP arena battles, in real time. To win, it's simple, you have to eject your opponents out of the arena, by "smashing" them in less than 3 minutes!

Brawl Stars regulars will not be disoriented. Although Smash Legends is very different from Supercell's game in many ways, the menus are very similar.

Smash Legends guide: practical information on menus

The menus are fairly standard, but we've noted some useful information that has a place in this beginner's guide.
Firstly, your profile, at the top left, allows you to track your win stats, MVP, etc. Then, the "Smash Pass" menu allows you to collect rewards daily. Here you will find daily quests to earn chests and resources to upgrade your legends. This is where you will find the game's Battle Pass for €8.99.

Battle Menu Pass Smash Legends

Here is an important thing to set up to run the game optimally: if you have a fairly new laptop, go to "Settings" and change the game to 60 FPS (frame rate). This will make the game run more smoothly.

60 FPS guide Smash Legends setting

Finally, the "Event" menu, allows you to get back rewards of connection, especially during the special events. Be sure to check regularly to see if a reward is waiting for you there!

Smash Legends guide event

The different game modes on Smash Legends: our tips and tricks

A Smash Legends guide would be useless without mentioning the different game modes. 6 different modes await you:

  1. Domination
  2. Battle Royale
  3. Team Death Match
  4. Duel
  5. Crown Guard
  6. Harvest
Smash Legends game mode

4 game modes are available at once and the arenas change regularly. Just watch the timer to find out when the game mode will be available.

In each game mode, you have the possibility to collect 3 types of objects:

  • 1 ultimate accelerator to launch your ultimate faster
  • 1 bomb to throw at your opponents
  • 2 healing potions
3 types of objects to pick up from the ground
Pick up the objects before your opponent does!

1. Domination mode

Domination mode is a fairly classic mode. The objective is to secure an area for a certain period of time to gain points. The first team to score 4 points wins the match. This mode of play can be frustrating as there is no overtime in case several players are on the point when a team is about to score their 4th point.

Domination mode

This is a mode where you have to stall and push your opponents back at the right moment. If you are playing with friends, we advise you to play a team composition around a tank with many control possibilities (like the legend Alice, for example).

2. Battle Royale Mode

The objective of the Battle Royale mode is to collect candy in order to increase your abilities and your maximum life points. Unsurprisingly, to win, you'll need to be the last survivor! From time to time you will see a donut on the map, try to collect it, as it boosts your character for a short period of time. However, if an opponent picks it up before you, try to dodge it until its effect wears off.

Battle Royale Mode

We advise you to play Cindy in this mode. Indeed, she is totally operational if you master her knee strike well! In this mode too, you have to know how to stall and understand the fight. Beware of players who prowl around with Red and try to finish off weak players during duels with impunity.

3. Team death match mode

The first Death Match team to reach 10 eliminations wins the match. In this mode, we advise you to play a composition with a tank, a fighter and an assassin or a shooter. For example, the composition Ravi, Kaiser and Hook is very nice to play. But the best composition is still the one that you will have imagined and tested as a team! 😉

Team Death Match Mode

4. Duel mode

This 1v1 mode takes place on small maps. Although this mode is quite classic, we have two valuable tips for you. Try to get the healing potion that arrives in the arena before your opponent. If your enemy has the advantage over you, take the potion anyway, even if you have all your health points. Then, when you eject your opponent, move away from his spawn so that he cannot attack you during his invincibility period.

Smash Legends Duel Mode

5. Crown Guard Mode

It is in the Crown Guard mode that you will have to be the most strategic! One player from each team will be designated as the crown bearer. The crown strengthens the legend's abilities and gives him more health points. To win, you must eliminate the opponent's crown wearer three times. But to do this well, you'll have to manage between protecting your team's crown wearer and eliminating the enemy wearer. Master Cat and Cindy are very good at catching the opponent's wearer, while Alice is very good at protecting yours.

Crown Guard Mode

6. Harvest Mode

Finally, in the last game mode of this Smash Legends guide, Harvest mode, you have to collect more magic beans than your opponents. A little tip, we advise you to avoid fighting and focus on harvesting. In general, your enemies will be too busy fighting each other to give you any trouble. The most interesting legend to play here is Master Cat, as you can collect the beans while fending off your opponents. Note that elimination does not cause you to lose any magic beans, phew!

Smash Legends Harvest Mode

2 Smash Legends tips to make a difference

If you want to be stronger than the majority of Smash Legends players, you've come to the right place 😉.
First of all, there are two very important things to know when playing a character. Go to a character's sheet, press right on the white "i"in the blue circle. A pop-up window will open and allow you to find out more about the character's skills. Some very important information can be found here, and some of it is very important. Few players take the time to do this analysis, so it will give you a valuable advantage!

Legend Ravi

💡 Tip #1: Look at the number of attacks on the first spell. This allows you to understand the basic attack, not spam it and reroll a cycle after the 3rd attack. Without this information, you will tend to lose control of your character and lead to punishment from your opponents.

This number of attacks is different for each legend, so it is important to adapt your game to this number. This allows you to perform devastating combos with your second spell or a jump attack.

💡 Tip 2: This is about optimising your damage according to the strengths and weaknesses of your spells. Indeed, your attacks (except ultimate) have different statistics depending on whether they are launched on the ground or in the air. You can see this in the "ground" or "air" damage info. Knowing these stats allows you to understand the combo you need to perform to do maximum damage. Be careful, it's not because a spell is weaker in the air that you should forget it. Many combos require you to use your attacks both in the air and on the ground.

Damage is very important in Smash Legends, but controlling your opponent is just as gamebreaking!

Smash Legends guide

Smash Legends Mini Guide

Let's continue this Smash Legends guide with a short summary of the legends currently available in the game with their roles and strengths listed in order of increasing difficulty:

  • Peter: Fighter | DPS | Zone attack - Ultimate gamebreaker (easy)
  • Kaiser: Vanguard | Tank | Crazy Resistance - Team Protection (easy)
  • Ravi: Fighter | DPS | Powerful combos - Ultimate gamebreaker (medium)
  • Hook: Incredible DPS | Burst - Constant damage (medium)
  • Queen Witch: Support | DPS | Crowd control - Burst damage (medium)
  • Cane & Swan: Specialist | DPS | Damage Burst - Transformation (medium)
  • Red: Assassin | DPS | Attack Speed - Best Burst (difficult)
  • Alice: Support | Control | Crowd Control - Teamplay ++ (difficult)
  • Cindy: Vanguard | Tank | Damage to a tank - Infinite Spells (difficult)
  • Master Cat: Fighter | DPS | Powerful Combos - Super duelist (difficult)
Smash Legends Guide

This Smash Legends guide is now complete, we hope you find it useful and put our valuable tips into practice. Please let us know in the comments if you know of any other good tips or advice to give. Have a good game everyone, smashez well! 💪

Marjo Former editor-in-chief of and a real sniper of spelling mistakes. Very good audience, laughter is my fuel. Life is a game, isn't it!

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