Omega Strikers Tier List: the best characters for your team

Omega Strikers Tier List of the best characters

So, are you ready for a game of air field hockey like you've never seen before? That's what's in store for you in Omega Strikers! At the moment, the game is still in beta, but it is already getting a lot of good press. Also, not many characters are playable at the moment. So to help you choose your characters, we have prepared a tier list Omega Strikers. In this article, we also explain how to unlock new characters. Are you ready? Let's get started!

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About this Omega Strikers tier list

First of all, you should know that the Omega Strikers mobile game is still only in the test phase at the time of writing this tier list. Thus, this is only based on an Android and iOS beta experience. Of course, we will evolve this tier list when the game is released and new characters appear. In the meantime, we have grouped the playable characters into 4 ranks for this ranking of the best Strikers characters:

RankingCharacter effectiveness
SExtremely powerful character at the moment. To be played as a priority.
AThe tier A characters are very effective and will not disappoint you.
BTier B characters will be a decent alternative.
CThese characters are the least powerful of the list, to be played only if you have no other choice.
Complete Omega Strikers tier List with the best characters in the mobile game

Omega Strikers Tier List: all characters ranked by power

Next, let's move on to Omega Strikers tier list proper. For each character, we have indicated its ranking, its preferred role and the difficulty to play it (from 1 to 3). This will allow you to know which Striker is the most powerful and offers a grip adapted to your level of play. If you're just starting out, don't start with a difficult 3-star character! Even if it's an OP character, you'll have a hard time getting it to live up to its potential as one of the top Omega Strikers.

Name of the characterNicknameRankingRole Difficulty to play

The Eager RookieSForward⭐⭐

The Natural SuperstarSGoalkeeper

The Unbreakable WallAGoalkeeper⭐⭐

The Endearing DefenderAGoalkeeper

The Shadow's ForceAGoalkeeper / Forward⭐⭐⭐

The Steadfast ProtectorAGoalkeeper⭐⭐

The Empowering EnchanterBForward / Support

The Girl Who GlitchedBForward / Goalkeeper⭐⭐⭐

The Stunning SniperBForward

The Eccentric BrawlerBForward / Support

The Intimidating InvaderBForward⭐⭐

The Curious ExplorerCForward

The Chaotic RocketeerCGoalkeeper⭐⭐

How to unlock new characters in Omega Striker?

You might be wondering how to unlock new characters in Omega Strikers, and that's okay! First of all, you should know that at the end of the tutorial you will have access to 4 characters:

  • Juliette;
  • Kai;
  • Dubu;
  • and Estelle.

So you can easily start playing with these few characters. Besides, except Estelle, they are all very good characters; tier S or A in this Omega Strikers tier list. Nevertheless, you will have the opportunity to unlock new players once you have access to the game store. To do so, nothing could be easier, just complete missions and advance in the game. You will then have access to other characters, which you can buy with your Striker Credits or with Ody Points. Finally, you should know that the price of the characters varies between 10 000 and 25 000 credits.

We are already at the end of this Omega Strikers tier list! As said before, the number of characters is still quite limited. However, there is no doubt that many more players will soon join the roster. Of course, we will update this tier list accordingly. So stay tuned for more Omega Strikers tips!

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