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Mobile Legends Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Mobile Legends Guide

If you're looking for an easy-to-learn, fast-paced MOBA on your phone, this is the game for you, Mobile Legends this is the game for you! It effectively incorporates all of the codes of the genre and offers a rewarding progression system. However, the game can be scary for players who are not familiar with the MOBA style of play, which is relatively inflexible. In order to win and move up the leaderboard, you will have to optimise your choices and learn to apply certain unwritten rules. However, there's no need to panic and miss out on this behemoth of the mobile market. To avoid headaches and make your progress easier, come and take advantage of our Mobile Legends Guide! It will give you all the tips you need to get started and make the best decisions. 👍
Before we start, let's also mention that if some bad tongues will reduce Mobile Legends to a mobile copy of League of Legends, you should know that it is much more than that. The inspiration and connection is certainly obvious. But on the one hand, Mobile Legends was released before LoL: Wild Rift (the official mobile version of LoL) and on the other hand, there are many differences. So we advise even the most hardcore LoL: Wild Rift players to read our guide to quickly get to grips with the game and get started. ⚔️

Mobile Legends: aim of the game and basic rules

Like a classic MOBA, a game of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang takes place in an arena. Two teams of 5 players compete as avatars, called "Heroes". Each hero is different. They have their own characteristics and skills. There are about a hundred of them and they are traditionally classified by category: Tank, Fighter, Mage, Assassin, Shooter and Support. Heroes are therefore predisposed to roles: a support hero will have more difficulty doing damage than a shooter. However, depending on your equipment and play style, you can gain more freedom. Indeed, there are no written rules or obligations, but rather optimal or simpler choices . A game lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. But with our Mobile Legends guide you should be able to win faster!

On either side of the map there are two bases: yours and your enemies'. Your goal is to destroy the base (the giant Crystal) of your opponents, which will automatically win the game. To get there, you will have to go through at least one of the three paths: the top path (xp voice), the middle path (midlane) and the bottom path (gold voice). Of course, the paths are not without danger. So don't go straight for it!
Enemy heroes are scattered across the map to block your path and you'll also have to fight minions (weak AI-controlled monsters) and destroy deadly turrets in your path. To gain an advantage, get as much gold and experience as possible by killing monsters, heroes and buildings to upgrade your skills and buy equipment. When a hero dies, he disappears from the map before reappearing a few seconds later in his own base... After wasting precious time. 🙄

Mobile Legends Bang Bang logo

Mobile Legends guide to adjusting the aiming parameters

Before you even start the game, we strongly advise you to adjust the aiming settings. This is the most important setting in the game! Getting into the right habits as early as possible will allow you to progress quickly without having to change the way you play later. Moreover, the default settings are cruelly lacking in precision. Useful for beginners, they will however limit your level of play. Don't wait until you're in the game to change your preferences, especially since the pace in Mobile Legends is intense. Instead, change them from the home screen using the menu (cogwheel) at the top right.

Changing the Mobile Legends aiming parameters
  • Targeting method : the standard default method is not very useful. You can't target by enemy type, there is only one icon. Instead, opt for the advanced method which allows you to sort the enemies (minion, turret, hero). The additional method is also viable, as it allows you to quickly switch between enemies of the same type (between different minions for example).
  • Hero lock mode : Each player has their own preferences. However, it is recommended that you activate this option to automatically lock on to a particular enemy hero, even if there are several nearby. Heroes are more powerful than minions and should be killed first!
  • Smart targeting: For both skills and basic attacks, smart targeting is useful. It allows you to lock on to a target... You are then sure to hit it without having to aim. This avoids misses and saves you time.

These three parameters that help with aiming are the most important. You can also adjust the camera, the sensitivity or the launch cancellation to your liking. Beware, however, of a common beginner's mistake. ⚠️ Don't give in to buying and improving automatic skills. These are false good ideas that give you little leeway when it comes to adapting to a situation. With this basic settings tutorial, you are now almost ready to start a game. 😎

Complete as many missions as possible and open its vaults

One last tip before we get into the nitty gritty: consider picking up the various rewards available on the home screen. There's no need for a Mobile Legends guide to missions and rewards logins, but these free resources will be a great help. On the one hand, you'll get new heroes that will allow you to shine in Ranked (you need at least 6 champions) and to find your soul mate. But the chests will also give you resources (gold, emblem fragments, etc.) to improve your emblems. The latter are a kind of rune that increases your stats during the game: physical attack, HP regeneration, attack speed, etc.

Rewards Mobile Legends to collect

This is a small flaw in Mobile Legends. The game is free, but its business model includes many microtransactions. By paying, you can progress faster and, above all, be stronger. Since it's never fun to pull out the blue card, complete as many missions as possible to get stronger without paying. 💡

Finding your role and your heroes

Mobile Legends has no shortage of characters. The choice is difficult and some will enjoy playing all the heroes. But if a beginner wants to become strong quickly, the right strategy is to specialise. You lose a little in gameplay, but knowing that each hero requires hours of play before being perfectly mastered, your loyalty will always be rewarded! To help you in your selection, first select your favourite class.

Mobile Legends Hero Shop
  • Tank: Runs into the crowd and does not fear death, but does little damage.
  • Fighter : A hero with a complete and versatile profile, but usually with a limited range.
  • Mage : A fragile hero, but with powerful spells to hurt and control his enemies.
  • Assassin : Very mobile to kill isolated and fragile targets quickly, but has more difficulty in teamfights.
  • Shooter : plays with his range and high damage, but struggles in close combat.
  • Support : shines in the team but will have difficulty being independent.

Once you have found your ideal partner, practice and play them as much as possible. In addition to learning tips , it is important to know the good and bad match-ups. To optimise your time, be quick in the draft. In classic games, don't hesitate to instalock your reference hero. It's a bit rude, but it prevents someone else from picking him before you! Ranked games require a bit more communication, but make sure you know your character inside out before you start the leaderboard race.

Mobile Legends guide to the metagame: keeping up to date

The purpose of this Mobile Legends Guide is to help you and accompany you in your progress. We do not wish to be prescriptive and give you orders. You are free to play the hero or heroes you like best. However, it would be smart to follow the news of this mobile MOBA closely. Mobile Legends is a very dynamic game and is one of the most developed esport disciplines on the phone! As a result, the developers regularly balance the game, with buffs and nerfs in all directions. Recently, Jawhead has taken a small blow to the back of the head and is now less powerful (shield reduction). Esmeralda on the other hand has become stronger with an increase in damage.

It's up to you to keep up to date with the Tier Lists , which change significantly with each patch. When a hero becomes stronger (or even too strong), playing him will naturally increase your chances of victory! It pays to do your homework. 😆

Mobile Legends guide to getting rich: the importance of gold

While playing Mobile Legends, you will quickly notice the two large blue and red numbers at the top of the screen. They indicate the number of kills each team has made, which gives an indicator of the state of the game. But the most important thing is not to be the biggest killer, it's to be the richest ! Why is that? Because with money you can buy equipment. With equipment, you have more offensive and defensive stats than your opponents. You can then kill them even more easily and buy even more equipment. This positive spiral is called the snowball effect. The best players play with a cash register and a calculator in mind, but for those new to the game, here are the basics of the gold rush to master.

Turret Combat
  • Last-hitting: To become stronger, last-hitting is a must. When a minion dies nearby, it always gives you gold and experience. The amounts are small, but as you do, you gain levels and enough resources to buy the equipment of your dreams. But if you deal a fatal blow to a minion, the gold and experience you gain increases, which speeds up your progress. So it's definitely worth the effort.
  • Eliminating opposing heroes : enemy heroes are much tougher than minions, but they give you much more gold. Be careful though, if you lose your duel, your death will make your enemies rich... So think carefully before engaging in combat.
  • Destruction of buildings : Destroying buildings also gives a significant amount of gold. The first turrets are solid and have a shield. It takes a while for the shield to fall, but each attack will make you a little richer.
  • The monsters of the jungle : between the different routes, there is a special area, the jungle. It is home to neutral monsters that are also interesting sources of income... Especially the little crab!

Buy as much equipment as possible

Layla equipment set - Mobile Legends Guide

In Mobile Legends, the mechanics of purchasing are quite simple. Once you have accumulated enough gold, you can buy items to boost your stats. There's no need to go back to your base or to a merchant. You can also shop in battle! Every stat is valuable and most items also give very interesting passive bonuses. So arm yourself to the teeth to fly to victory. Equipment is not automatically purchased (default setting). But for those of you who are not sure, as soon as your piggy bank is full enough, a highlighted bubble appears in the top right corner. So remember to check the location regularly.

Having equipment is good, but buying the best combinations is even better! There are many items to buy and by default, the game offers you some sets (6 items). These will do the trick for beginners. But when you are more familiar with the gameplay, feel free to customize your sets according to your hero and your play style. Just go to the "Equipment Sets" menu in the preparation tab. Some items can be combined with each other and this will allow you to optimize your strength.

Looking at and using your card

Map Mobile Legends
This is what the Mobile Legends arena looks like.

The mini-map on the screen provides a lot of information. Not everything is displayed, but what you and your allies see is visible. To progress, good players should in any case take quick but regular glances at the mini-map. Here is a non-exhaustive list of things to check:

  • The position of the enemy heroes: to avoid being surrounded. If the enemies are not visible on the map, watch out for ganks (surprise attack from the jungle) and keep your eyes open.
  • The position of the allied heroes: to make collective manoeuvres and create an outnumbering. It also allows you to close gaps if your teammates are not doing a good job.
  • The state of the lanes and the position of the minions: minions appear simultaneously and meet in the middle of the map. But with the action of the heroes, the waves can "push" to one side or the other. So look carefully at the coloured dots that represent the minions. When a lane pushes against you, go there to defend your turrets and especially not to lose resources. In case of inaction, the minions enemies will destroy your turrets and crash against them (loss of gold and experience).

By default, the screen is locked around your hero. The screen therefore moves with your avatar to give him a central position. This is good for keeping your eyes on the map, but it also limits your view of your surroundings. To progress, learn to move your vision zone on the map. Simply click on the screen and drag your finger while holding down the button. During downtime, this is a good way to pick up information quickly.

Don't forget the jungle and its dangers

Lord, monster of the jungle.
The most powerful monster in the jungle.

The jungle is a special area that would surely deserve its own Mobile Legends Guide. This zone is located between the tracks and there are no turrets, so it is considered a neutral zone. There are various monsters that give gold and experience, but also various buffs : healing, mana and energy regeneration, reinforcement of minions... The Turtle and the Lord give big bonuses but are powerful, so you'd better kill them with the help of your teammates. In any case, the monsters, small or big, offer interesting resources that will allow you to snowball the game. So don't miss out and when you have some time, loot everything you can! In Mobile Legends, there is not always a dedicated jungler . Instead, there are wandering laners, who make brief passes to help themselves as if to a larder at every opportunity. Try to do the same.

The other advantage of the jungle is that you can gank the other lanes. As there is no turret, there is no vision. In addition, there are many bushes, which allow you to move away from the eyes of the enemy. In order to win, you are advised to move around the map through the jungle in order to attack an enemy on another lane by surprise. In addition, you will find air zones, which increase your speed and make it easier to rotate. But if you can do it, so can your opponents. So always be careful if you lose sight of an enemy character on the mini-map.

Here we are at the end of this Mobile Legends Guide. By following all these tips, both in-game and in preparation, you should be ready to go. You now have everything you need to shine and start the game well 😉

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.


Thanks, I've been playing for a few months now and have learned about the targeting method! Great article

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