Mario Kart Tour best drivers tier list

Mario Kart Tour best drivers tier list

Want to invest in the right characters? We reveal our Mario Kart Tour best drivers tier list. In the Android and iOS port of Nintendo's famous racing game, the choice of driver matters. To find out which ones are the most powerful, fastest and with the best specialties, follow our tips and tricks in this guide.

Mario Kart Tour drivers

In order to guide you in Mario Kart Tour, our tier list presents you characters classified by power in the game meta. To help newcomers to the game, we have chosen to limit ourselves to the 35 main characters, but each of them has several variations with a total of over 200 drivers.

Mario Kart Tour drivers tier list

By upgrading your drivers, you will be able to unlock two specialties as well as a list of favorite tracks and ultra-favorite tracks to unlock more items in the item boxes to maximize the potential of each character.

Mario Kart Tour tier list: The best S tier drivers

We start without further ado with the Mario Kart Tour S tier best drivers, namely the most powerful characters of the game. In this category we have placed the best pilots in the game, whose versions are on average the most powerful. However, it may turn out that some versions of a character are more interesting than others for their abilities.

Mario Kart Tour tier list : PeachPeach
Pauline in the tier list Mario Kart TourPauline
Mario Kart Tour tier list : LuigiLuigi
Daisy in the tier list Mario Kart TourDaisy
Mario Kart Tour tier list : CarrotNabbit

MK Tour : the characters of tier A

Let's move on to the A rank of our tier list Mario Kart Tour top pilots. The characters in this section are generally above-average pilots whose variations are generally interesting to use. Our advice is to go for characters with few versions, which are more likely to be effective.

Mario in the tier list Mario Kart TourMario
Bowser in Mario Kart TourBowser
Mario Kart Tour tier list : YoshiYoshi
Rosalina in Mario Kart TourRosalina
Wario in the tier list Mario Kart TourWario
Mario Kart Tour tier List : Donkey KongDonkey Kong
King Bob-omb in Mario Kart TourKing Bob-omb
Toadette in Mario Kart TourToadette
King BooKing Boo

Mario Kart Tour tier list: B-tier drivers

In rank B of our Mario Kart Tour best drivers tier list, we find average characters with very variable power declinations. They are mainly to be used while waiting to unlock stronger pilots in the meta seen in the previous parts of this tierlist.

Toad in the tier list Mario Kart TourToad
Baby MarioBaby Mario
Mario Kart Tour Dry BonesDry Bones
Bowser JrBowser Jr.
Baby LuigiBaby Luigi
Hammer BroBro
Waluigi in Mario Kart TourWaluigi
Baby RosalinaBaby Rosalina

MK Tour tierlist : the worst C-tier characters

Let's finish this Mario Kart Tour tier list pilots with the worst characters in the game. We frankly don't recommend upgrading them and saving your resources for pilots that are worth it. On the other hand, there may be versions of one of the characters on this list that you can use for a specific purpose.

Petey PiranhaPetey Piranha
Baby PeachBaby Peach
Wendy in Mario Kart TourWendy
Baby Daisy in Mario Kart TourBaby Daisy
Koopa Troopa in Mario Kart TourKoopa Troopa
Mario Kart Tour tierlist : Monty MoleMonty Mole
Shy GuyShy Guy
Mii Racing Suit in Mario Kart TourMii Racing Suit

That concludes this Mario Kart Tour best drivers tier list. Now you know which characters to invest your resources in to win races. To go further, you can also look at the choice of kart and wings to get maximum action points and combo bonuses. Finally, to enjoy the game in more comfortable conditions, check out our guide to playing Mario Kart Tour with a controller.

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