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Best Legend of Mushroom skills: the rankings

Legend of Mushroom skills guide

Congratulations on getting off to a brilliant start in Legend of Mushroom with the help of our Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide! Do you want to go even further and become an essential warrior? Then choose your Legend of Mushroom skills wisely. Not all skills are created equal, and not all skills are suited to your class. Don't worry, we'll explain everything in detail and guide you in your choice. The Legend of Mushroom skill rankings are right here!

Legend of Mushroom skills: ranking of the best skills

With 36 skills available, it's not always easy to find your way around the Legend of Mushroom skills. We're going to start by ranking the skills and their attributes to give you an overview, from the best to the worst.

  • Legend of Mushroom Immortal skills: Blitz Assault, Blade Penetration, Clone Strike ATK, Crimson Moonfall, Dragonic Resonance, Worldly Snare, Starr Array Formation

  • Legendary skills: Disarm, Dazzle, Smoke Bomb, Grim Reaper, Arrival of the Heroic Soul, Wild Gust Passage

  • Epic and Exceptional LoM skills: Bat Quest, Nature's Renewal, Shroom Shield, Duriant Bomb, Easy Breezy, Take it Slow, Golden Bomb, Slime Ball, Meteor Bomb

  • Rare and Excellent skills: Pineapple Plunge, Pearl Release from the Mussel, Sprawling Vines, Entangling Vines, Speed Surge, Spider Weaved Web

  • Good and Normal Legend of Mushroom skills: Spore Bomb, Mushroom Cap, Spore Barrage, Boulder Impact, Thorn Thicket, Mushroom Head

Have you studied our Legend of Mushroom class guide carefully? Now's the time to discover LoM's best skills!

Immortals, best Legend of Mushroom skills

These are the Legend of Mushroom skills that you have to fight hardest to acquire. They're the strongest in terms of damage and power, but make sure they suit your style of play.



Blitz Assault skills Legend of Mushroom

Blitz Assault

+ 5829% damage

Damage immunity for 3 seconds

blade penetration Legend of Mushroom skills

Blade Pierce

+ 4663% damage

Target loses HP equal to 1.5% of Max HP for 5 seconds each second

Double skill attack LoM

Clone Strike ATK

Generates a double with 30% of the original mushroom's HP for 10 seconds

Normal ATK inflicts 200% damage

Hundred Slashes

Hundred Slashes

4663% damage

+ 20% of normal ATK damage

ATK bonus of 0.5% of current HP for 5 seconds

Arrow of the Windobone Arrow

Windobone Arrow

2665% damage

Fragility effect on target for 5 seconds

+ 100% additional damage to the target if damage is not linked to the skill.

Arrival of the Crimson Moonfall skills Legend of Mushroom

Crimson Moonfall

2098% damage

Next trigger damage + 50% (accumulated up to 3 times max)

Dragonic Resonance skills Guide Legend Of Mushroom

Dragonic Resonance

3731% damage, then after 0.5 seconds damage of 2% of target's maximum HP

Each 10% reduction in damage inflicts additional damage of 1% of the target's maximum HP

Worldly Snare Skills Legend of Mushroom

Worldly Snare

5413% damage

10% Critical Hit Rate

Each 1% critical hit rate causes an additional 3% Crit DMG damage for 5 seconds

Starr Array Formation

Starr Array Formation

4330% damage

10% Critical Hit Rate

Every 1% critical hit rate, + 3% extra Skill Crit damage for 5 seconds

LoM's Legendary skills

Slightly weaker than their predecessors, these Legend of Mushroom skills are still essential if you want to have power worthy of the name.



Legend of Mushroom Disarming skills


2682% area damage

Disarms targets in the area for 3 seconds

Dazzle LoM

Dazzle Fascinating

3134% area damage

Stuns targets in the area for 1.5 seconds

Smoke Bomb Legend of Mushroom skill

Smoke Bomb

2176% area damage

+ 30% damage to targets in the area for 5 seconds

Grim Reaper Legend of Mushroom skill

Grim Reaper

1443% damage

Spectres can directly eliminate targets with less than 5% HP

Arrival of the heroic soul

Heroic Descent

ATK Speed +3

Each normal ATK inflicts 148% damage

Soul persists for 10 seconds and cannot be targeted

Wild Gust LoM

Wild Gust

2642% area damage

ATK +15% for 5 seconds

Epic and Exceptional Legend of Mushroom skills

One level down from the Legend of Mushroom skills are the Epic and Exceptional skills. They're perfectly adequate for making rapid progress through the game and eliminating the monsters you encounter effectively.



Batty Trace Legend of Mushroom Skill

Batty Trace

387% area damage for 5 seconds

Nature's Renewal LoM guide skill

Nature's Renewal

2176% damage

Recovers HP equal to 30% of max HP for 5 seconds

Legend of Mushroom Shield skill

Shroom Shield

1480% damage

Shield equal to 20% of maximum health for 10 seconds

Durian Bomb Legend of Mushroom

Durian Bomb

Summons 3 Durians

932% x 3 area damage

Slows targets in the area by 40% for 5 seconds

Easy Breezy Legend of Mushroom

Easy Breezy Attack

1741% area damage

Slows the ATK of targets in the area by 20% for 5 seconds

Take it Slow

Take it Slow

1676% area damage

Slows the ATK of targets in the area by 40% for 5 seconds

Gold Coin Bomb Legend of Mushroom skills

Coin Bomb

1487% area damage

+ 35% normal ATK damage for 5 seconds

Slime Bomb for LoM skills guide

Slime Bomb

1450% area damage

+30% Pal damage for 5 seconds

Meteor Fall Legend of Mushroom skill

Meteor Fall

1487% area damage

+ 30% skill damage for 5 seconds

Rare and Excellent Legend of Mushroom skills

The skills below should not be kept for very long. They'll do the job at first, but as soon as you can, move on to the higher Legend of Mushroom skills.



Entangling Vines

Entangling Vines

1 trap inflicting 948% damage

1 second immobilisation

Mushroom acceleration Legend of Mushroom

Speed Surge

1530% damage to nearest target

+ 30% ATK speed for 5 seconds

Spider Weaver Legend of Mushroom skills

Spider Weaver

229% area damage per second for 5 seconds

Pineapple Plunge

Pineapple Plunge

Summons 5 Pineapples, each inflicting 306% area damage

Pearl ejected from the Legend of Mushroom skill mould

Pearl Release

1205% area damage

Slows targets by 40% for 5 seconds

Proliferating Lines LoM

Sprawling Vines

1205% damage

Immobilises target for 1 second

LoM's Normal and Good skills

The following skills are only of interest if you want to gain a slight advantage in the early stages of the game. These Legend of Mushroom skills should not be retained.



Spore Bombs Legend of Mushroom skills

Spore Bomb

Explodes the target 2 times, inflicting 167% damage each time.

Shroom Cap LoM

Shroom Cap

473% area damage

Spore Barrage Legend Of Mushroom skills combo

Spore Barrage Combo

Sprays 5 spores, inflicting 82.1% damage

Boulder Impact

Boulder Impact

173% target damage per second for 5 seconds

Thorn Thicket Legend of Mushroom skills

Thorn Thicket

1 trap that inflicts 120% damage per second

Slows target by 40% for 5 seconds

Lead the Charge Legend of Mushroom

Lead the Charge

1009% damage to nearest target

+ 30% ATK damage for 5 seconds

Now you have all the information you need to choose your Legend of Mushroom skills. It's important to be familiar with the characteristics of your class and to choose your skills accordingly. You don't always have to choose the strongest skills; you need to think carefully about the interactions between each of them and combine them as best you can to get the most out of them! So don't try to use only Immortal Legend Of Mushroom skills, as this could be to your disadvantage. And to make your progress in the game even easier, check out our LoM tips and tricks!

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