How to add friends in NBA All-World?

How to add friends in NBA All-World?

Want to keep track of your contacts' progress in the game? In this guide, we explain how to add friends in NBA All-World on iOS and Android, the geolocation-based mobile basketball game from studio Niantic. Let's find out together where to add new friends, but also how to find and share your friend code.

How to add friends in NBA All-World

If you're feeling lonely in your basketball adventure, you should know that you can add friends in NBA All-World, available for free on Android and iOS. To do so, select your profile on the top left of the screen.

You will notice that next to the Team Profile tab is the Friends tab. Once on it, you can access your friends list, your pending friend requests, as well as any referrals you have made. At the very top of the page, you will see two buttons: Add Friends and Invite Friends.

Add friends in NBA All-World

Click on the Add Friends button and type the nickname you are looking for in the text box provided. Remember to check the box above the text box to allow other players to add you by searching for your name.

This may allow you to meet players close to you and get to know the people you're competing with on the court. By the way, I would like to remind you that we have written a beginner's guide on NBA All-World if you want to discover our tips and tricks to progress faster in the game and optimize your players' energy.

Invite players with your friend code

Now that you know how to add friends to NBA All-World, let's see how to invite friends via your friend code. In the Friends tab, press the Invite Friends button to access a new page.

On it is displayed your friend code, a sequence of numbers and letters that you can directly transmit to your contacts by email, by private messaging on social networks or by any instant messaging application.

Invite friends to NBA All-World

If you have a Niantic account, log in to access your list of Niantic friends and send them invitations to join NBA All-World to hunt for the best players in the NBA together.

That's it for our guide to adding friends in NBA All-World. You now know where to insert your friends' nicknames, but also how to find your friend code to share it with your contacts.

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