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Genshin Impact Ningguang Guide : Build, Weapons and Artifacts

Genshin Impact Ningguang Build Guide

Ningguang is a 4-star Geo character in Genshin Impact who fights with a catalyst. She excels at single-target DPS and can inflict heavy damage with her elemental rampage. The heroine also has the advantage of being able to attack from a distance. Liyue's Seven Star Megrez is best played as a main DPS or burst DPS. We reveal the qualities and flaws of Genshin Impact Ningguang in this comprehensive guide. With our tips and tricks, you'll know which teams to play her in, as well as which artifacts and weapons to equip her with to give her the best build.

How to get Ningguang in Genshin Impact ?

Ningguang is a 4 star character, you can get him by making wishes in a Character Event Wish or in the Standard Wish.

Ningguang Wish

You have a better chance of unlocking Ningguang in Genshin Impact when it is featured in a Character Event Wish, as it is in the Klee and Kazuha banners from Wednesday, July 13 to Tuesday, August 2.

Holding of Ningguang in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Ningguang's alternative outfit

During the Genshin Impact 2.4 update, you could get an alternative outfit for Ningguang for free: Orchid's Evening Gown. It is still possible to get skin in the in-game store in exchange for 1680 Genesis Crystals.

Genshin Impact Ningguang Build: What is the best equipment ?

For an optimal build, you'll need to build Ningguang's offensive stats first and foremost: attack, geo damage, hit and critical damage. In this guide we reveal the best Genshin Impact Ningguang weapons and artifacts to equip.

The best artifacts for Ningguang's Build

For a main DPS build, the best artifact choice for Ningguang in Genshin Impact is a combination of 2 pieces of equipment from the Gladiator's Finale or Shimenawa's Reminiscence set to increase ATK by 18% and 2 pieces from the Archaic Petra set, which gives you a 15% Geo damage boost.

Best artifact set for Ningguang: Archaic Petra
Archaic Petra
Artifact for Ningguang: Gladiator's Finale
Gladiator's Finale
Artifact for Ningguang: Shimenawa's Reminiscence
Shimenawa's Reminiscence

You can also opt for 2 sets centered on ATK to get a 36% bonus.

Artifact for Ningguang: Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige

If you prefer a DPS burst build, we recommend the 4 piece Noblesse Oblige set. It increases the damage of the elemental rampage of 20% and with 4 pieces, you boost the ATK of all the members of your team during 12 seconds after an elemental rampage. You can also start with 2 pieces of this artifact set and 2 pieces of Archaic Petra.

The main statistics to be prioritised:

  • Hourglass: ATK%;
  • Cut : bonus of damage Geo ;
  • Crown: critical rate or critical damage.

Secondary statistics :

  • ATK% ;
  • Critical rate ;
  • Critical damage ;
  • Energy recharge.

The best weapons for Ningguang's Build

To perfect Genshin Impact Ningguang's equipment, choose a catalyst bringing him a lot of ATK or critical hit rate or damage. We recommend you :

Weapon for Ningguang: Skyward Atlas
Skyward Atlas (5★)
Weapon for Ningguang : Deadly chains
Memory of Dust (5★)
Weapon for Ningguang: Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds (5★)
  • Skyward Atlas: In addition to increasing the ATKNormal attacks have a 50% chance of generating an attack that does 160% of the damage of ATK ;
  • Memory of Dust: This is the best weapon to equip on Ningguang if you play it with a character who can place shields (Zhonglifor example). The gain of ATK will be even more important;
  • Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds: The catalyst increases critical rate, movement speed by 10% and grants an 8% elemental damage bonus every 4 seconds when the character fights.

Several 4-star weapons are also possible:

Weapon for Ningguang : Solar pearl
Solar pearl (4★)
Weapon for Ningguang: Dodoco Tales
Dodoco Tales (4★)
Weapon for Ningguang: The Widsith
The Widsith (4★)
  • Solar Pearl: The catalyst boosts the critical rate and you will be able to deal more damage with normal attacks and elemental skills;
  • Dodoco's Tales: the catalyst brings you ATK% and increases the damage of charged attacks;
  • The Widsith: The weapon increases Critical DMG and when Ningguang arrives on the field, a melody is activated. It can increase ATK by 60%, boost elemental damage by 48% or grant 240 extra points of elemental mastery.

Genshin Impact Ningguang climbing materials

To raise Ningguang to level 80+ in Genshin Impact, you need to collect the following resources:

  • 1 Prithiva Topaz Sliver, 9 Prithiva Topaz Fragments, 9 Prithiva Topaz Chunks and 6 Prithivia Topaz Gemstones, as well as 46 Basalt Pillars. You will get them by fighting theGeo Hypostasis.
  • 168 Lily Seeds: these flowers grow in Liyue. Locate them with the interactive map of Teyvat. You can also grow them in your Serenitea Pot.
  • 18 Recruit's Insignia, 30 Sergeant's Insignia and 36 Lieutenant's Insignia to collect on the Fatui.

How to play Ningguang in Genshin Impact ?

Genshin Impact Ningguang's gameplay

Ningguang is played as a main DPS or burst DPS. She can do a lot of damage with her charged attacks, but also with her elemental rampage. We detail her gameplay.

Genshin Impact Ningguang : normal attack statistics

Each time one of Ningguang's normal attacks hits an enemy, she gets a Star Jade (up to a maximum of 3). You will be able to throw them while performing a charged attack and thus cause a maximum of damage. To attack faster, the trick is to hold down the forward key while you attack.

Thanks to the Backup Plan passive, Ningguang's charged attack will not consume stamina if it holds Star Jades. Our advice is to launch two normal attacks, then one charged attack.

Statistics of the elemental attack of Genshin Impact Ningguang

Deploy the Jade Screen with Ningguang's elemental attack as often as possible. It inflicts DMG Area Geo and blocks enemy projectiles. Its resistance is calculated according to Ningguang's maximum HP. It counts as a Geo construct, but cannot be climbed.

The Strategic Reserve passive grants a 12% bonus to DMG Geo for 10 seconds to characters who cross the Astrolabe Screen. You will be able to boost the damage of Ningguang, but also of your other Geo characters. Always go through first before attacking.

Statistics of Ningguang's elemental rampage in Genshin Impact

Finally, with Starshatter elemental rampage, Ningguang projects precious jades around her. They cause significant Geo damage. If the Astrolabe Screen is deployed, it triggers additional fire.

To play Ningguang as a main DPS, you will need to level up his 3 attacks. For a burst DPS role, you will mostly use his elemental ability and elemental rampage.

The heroine Geo does better as a single target, unless you group the enemies with an anemo character like Venti beforehand. On the other hand, her attacks are quite slow.

What are the best Genshin Impact Ningguang constellations ?

Genshin Impact NIngguang constellations

To take advantage of Genshin Impact Ningguang full potential, some constellations will be particularly useful:

  • C1 Piercing Fragments allows you to inflict area damage with Ningguang's normal attacks;
  • Shock Effect (C2) resets the cooldown of Ningguang's screen when it is destroyed.

And with her sixth constellation, Grandeur be the Seven Stars, Ningguang immediately acquires 7 Star Jades when she performs her elemental rampage. Her charged attacks will do a lot of damage.

Which team should Ningguang play in?

Team to play Ningguang : Ningguang / Zhongli / Xiangling bennett

Ningguang is a pretty flexible character. You can play her in many teams. Our advice is to pair her with another Geo character to activate Geo Resonance. Characters under the protection of a shield will do 15% more damage.

Here are several powerful combinations to play Ningguang in Genshin Impact:

  • Ningguang / Zhongli / Xiangling / Bennett: you will boost the ATK of your characters with the Pyro resonance while inflicting additional damage ;
  • Ningguang / Jean / Beidou / Fischl: in this configuration, you will be able to generate continuous Electro damage in addition to Ningguang damage and will take advantage of the elemental reaction Crystallization to generate shields;
  • Hu Tao / Xingqiu / Ningguang / Zhongli: In this team, Ningguang is played as a DPS burst.

How old and tall is Ningguang Genshin Impact ?

Genshin Impact NIngguang Profile

Ningguang is about 25 years old. She is one of the tallest female characters of Genshin Impact at 1m80. The young woman has a baffling perspicacity, which allowed her to become the best trader of Liyue, but also the Tianquan of the Liyue Qixing.

Genshin Impact Ningguang photo

That's it for our tips and tricks in this Genshin Impact Ningguang guide. The heroine Geo is a good 4-star main DPS. Even though her base ATK is quite low, she can do a lot of damage with the right build. In addition, Ningguang is particularly useful in exploration when she is part of your team, as she indicates the ores around you on your mini-map.

Hazulia Passionate about fantasy and science-fiction, I am constantly exploring many worlds in my head, in my texts and of course in video games! These last few months, it's Genshin Impact that takes up part of my days... But I also enjoy card games, fighting games, management games, manga, series, movies, etc.

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