Eversoul Erika Guide: a useful supporter

Erika Eversoul guide: exit, build, skills

With the latest update of Eversoul, a new character has just appeared. At least, as a playable soul. Indeed, we already had the opportunity to meet Erika before this update, especially during the Valentine's Day event. Since March 2, 2023, Erika has been playable as a fairy fan. Today, we meet up for an Eversoul Erika Guide to review the skills of this brand new character.

Eversoul Erika Guide : build and tips
Erika is a budding alchemist

Eversoul Erika Guide: what are the character's characteristics, skills and builds?

Let's start this Eversoul Erika Guide with an introduction to this fairy-like character. First of all, her role is supporting. Thus, her skills are mainly focused on healing and buffing allies. Nevertheless, Erika knows how to defend herself with poisonous attacks. A great support in a team, Erika promises to be a very efficient soul. Summary of her skills:

Name of skillType of skillEffects of the skill
Ars MagnaUltimate skillCreating the Philosopher's Stone, Erika heals all allies. In addition, the following effects are added according to the level of Eureka : Eureka! : allies immune to damage for 3 seconds
Eureka!!! : additional attack boost
Magnum OpusMain SkillErika heals the ally with the least amount of HP and the allies close to him.
Eureka! : more HP are restored
Eureka!!! : healed allies also benefit from a barrier that absorbs damage
I explain below in this Eversoul Erika Guide how to boost the Eureka effects of this supporter.
Poisonous PotionSub SkillPoisons an enemy and inflicts damage over time.
Eureka! : the target's attack is decreased
Eureka!!! : the target's defense is decreased
Giant PotionSub SkillErika throws a huge healing potion to an ally in trouble. The ally with the least amount of HP is healed.
Eureka! : the ally's physical and magical resistance is increased
Eureka!!! The ally recovers more HP
Eureka! Sub SkillErika creates a potion that improves her attack and gives her the special effect Eureka!
In addition, there is a 30% chance that the effect Eureka!!! will be triggered.

Obviously, as Erika's level increases, her skills become more and more powerful. In addition, many skills have very powerful additional effects if Eureka! or Eureka!!! are active.

Finally, Erika's Elixir of Life artifact recommended in this guide allows her Eureka! effects to restore HP and remove debuffs from allies when using Magnum Opus and Giant Potion. To find the ideal allies after this Eversoul Erika Guide and complete your composition, visit our tier list Eversoul characters!

How to get Erika in Eversoul?

We conclude this Eversoul Erika Guide by telling you how to get her. Like all new characters, she has her own Pick-Up banner for a few days; until March 15th 2023. A good way to get her almost guaranteed. Also, the more you summon on the Pick-Up banner, the more bonus Pick-Up tickets you will get.

Erika's Pick-Up banner in Eversoul
The Pick-Up banner is the best way to get Erika

Anyway, as I explained in this guide, Erika is definitely worth adding to your Eversoul team, so don't miss this chance! And if you want to know more about this new character, you can find all the additional details on the official post of Kakao Games about the March 2nd update.

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