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Europe server rush guide for Albion Online, our best tips

Albion Online Europe server rush

Want to be well prepared for the Albion Online Europe server rush ? We've got all the top tips and advice you need to get started. With our founder's pack, economy, build and other tips, you'll have every chance of getting started in the best possible conditions.

Albion Online Europe server rush: founder pack or not?

Should you buy a founder pack, and if so, which one? It depends on how much money you're prepared to spend on the game, but if you want to invest in Albion Online, we'd advise you to buy the most expensive founder pack, for two reasons.

Firstly, the skins included in the packs will be extremely rare in a few years' time, and you'll be able to make a huge profit on them if you keep them to sell later.

Albion Online Europe server rush pack

And secondly, being able to start several days before the other players is a considerable advantage.

So whether or not you buy a pack really depends on your goals for the Albion Online Europe server rush. If you simply want to take advantage of the new server, with its new economy, new territory wars and so on, you don't necessarily need to start 5 days before everyone else and spend 100 or 200 euros on the 2 most expensive packs.

However, if you want to be one of the first players to be able to harvest a tier 8 resource, be the first crafter on the server or something similar, then you'll only be able to do that if you start as one of the first players.

Founder's rush pack Europe server Albion Online

Investing in gold for the Europe server rush

Now we need to find the best way to get started on the Albion Online Europe server rush, and in my opinion, that means generating as much money as possible. And in that case, what better way than to bet on a currency that's bound to increase in value very quickly. At the very start of the server, the price of gold will be very low, worth just a few hundred silver, and it will rise very quickly.

The primary objective is therefore to generate silvers quickly and then turn them into gold, so that you can subscribe for free for several years.

PvP for the Albion Online Europe server rush

Let's start with PvP. Here, you have 2 choices. Either you have a group of 3 or more players, in which case you're advised to simply wander around and kill everything that moves, loot every chest and take part in every event that appears in the open world. It'll be easy money on the backs of the solo players, and you'll have some interesting fights against other groups of players.

The second option is if you're on your own or playing with just one friend, and then you're better off going for the mists. Where the black zone and ava roads are populated by groups of players who leave you little chance of survival, mists are played in groups of 1 or 2, so it's much more balanced and profitable.

Of course, you'll need to find a meta build that interests you and that you play well. As well as generating silvers by killing players and looting PvE chests in the mists, you'll also be collecting favour points, in particular by transporting the little whisps from point A to point B. With this favour, you'll be able to buy specific chests from an NPC in town who'll give you lots of raw silvers, and that's a great way to buy gold.

Albion Online Europe server rush: PVP

But the most important thing when it comes to PvP during the Albion Online Europe server rush is to have a natural advantage over most players by constantly upgrading your stuff. This will allow you to play 100% of the map's objectives whether you're in open-world or in mist, and it will really help you progress very quickly. So yes, buy as much gold as you can before the price skyrockets, but keep a few silvers in reserve to upgrade your gear.

Albion Online PvE

The best single-player PvE activity by far, especially for Albion Online Europe server rush, is simply killing monsters in the open world. We recommend that you go quite far into the black zone, as this will not only give you better rewards than in the safe zone, but also mean that your maps will be fuller, as the groups of monsters will be less contested.

PVE in Albion Online

We still recommend using a weapon that's really optimised for this kind of activity, such as a natural stick or a one-handed axe.

Albion Online Europe server rush: the economy

The last point for generating as much silver as possible is to use the economic aspect of Albion, particularly with crafting, resource refining, the market and also the black market , which we'll talk about in a moment. In my opinion, the best way to make money using the game's economy is to be one of the first players in a specific category. You'll generate a huge amount of money if you're the first player, for example, to be able to harvest a tier 8 resource, craft weapons, armour or highly coveted tools, or anything else along those lines.

Albion Online Europe server rush: inventory

You can, of course, sell items to other players via the market, but basically you can do exactly the same thing with the Black Market. If you don't know how it works, well, it's a classic market run by Albion himself, where players can sell items for silvers. What's special about the Black Market is that every time a player looted an item from a chest or the corpse of a monster, the item didn't come from nowhere. It's other players who have sold these items on the black market in Carleon.

And of course for the Albion Online Europe server rush, there are no items in the black market because no one has sold anything there yet. It works on the principle of supply and demand, so with a bit of thought, the black market will buy items from you at an excellent price because there won't be any items available and lots of players will be farming PvE and trying to generate items.

It's also worth investing in items that will increase in value. For example, high tier runes, souls and relics are not used in Albion Online Europe server rush, because tier 7 and 8 items don't exist yet. As a result, these resources aren't worth much at first, and they double or even triple in price in just a few days. It's the same for lots of resources, so make the most of them.

Buy your own equipment (or not)

If you're not planning to pick up a Founders Pack for the Albion Online Europe server rush, you'll have pretty much everything available in the Marketplace from the first few hours you play. However, if you're one of the first players to set foot in the new lands of Albion, the market will be completely empty. So you're going to have to craft your first equipment yourself, and here you have 2 options.

Craft rush server Europe Albion Online

You can either start with several players at your side, or even an entire guild , in which case it's best to do everything yourself; in other words, build your own refining and crafting workshops on your island and create all your items yourself. This will save you a lot of time and money rather than relying on the global market.

If you're a solo player, you can craft your own tier 3 equipment in the workshops you'll find in the area just after leaving the tutorial. Once you've got your tier 3 equipment, get stuck into your favourite activity and wait for the first tier 4 workshops to become available in the city to craft stronger pieces of equipment.

Focus on a single activity for the Albion Online Europe server rush

Albion works like this: the more you do the same thing over and over again, the better your performance and results will be. It works for harvesting, crafting, PvE and PvP. My best advice is to take what you prefer to do in Albion Online and optimise your process as much as possible to progress as quickly as possible in this activity. You're going to be able to abuse your position if you go in that direction.

activities in Albion Online Europe server rush

By way of example, as you will have understood, we suggest focusing on PvP and optimising the process, which means having better stuff than your opponents. With this strategy, as soon as an objective appears on the map, you're bound to benefit from it. Most players will run away when they see that my IP (item power) is much higher than theirs.

Which build should I play for the Albion Online server rush?

So far we've shown you a few activities, but we haven't really gone into detail about the different builds. Here are a few that are both strong in the areas we're going to talk about, but which are also very versatile, meaning you can use them later in lots of different content in the game.

Build PvE on Albion Online

Let's start with PvE, and for the big farmer, we've got 4 builds that are easy to craft on the Europe Albion Online server, very effective in PvE, and also allow you to fight with other players if you feel like it.

Build rush server europe Albion Online

  • We've got the well-known druid staff and flail staff , which give you a lot of sustain while maintaining reasonable damage. Perfect for taking down big bosses.
  • Then there's the build with the most DPS in the game at the start of the server, the light crossbow.
  • Then there's the 1h axe, which is incredibly effective in both PvE and PvP, and really easy to use.
  • And finally, there's the fire staff one hand with all those AOEs that let you clear monster packs in record time.

Build PvP on Albion Online

  • When it comes to 1v1 PvP, such as mists or corrupted dungeons, we offer you the classic double sword . You're likely to come across a lot of these, and rightly so, because they're so easy to use and really devastating.
  • Then there's the 1-handed axe, which can really surprise your opponents with its regeneration.
  • Of course, there's also the 1h curse , which may not have much mobility, but has an extraordinary damage capacity.
  • Finally, we present the most mobile build in the game, the battle armbands. The advantage of this build is that you decide whether you want to fight or flee, because with its high mobility, nobody can catch you or escape.

Of course, there's a whole host of builds we haven't mentioned yet! Feel free to experiment.

Albion Online Europe server rush: other tips to know

  • There are several very important things you need to do before leaving the tutorial island. First of all, we recommend that you raise your harvesting professions to tier 2 and then up to 20% of the progress bar to move up to tier 3. This will allow you to go straight to the next tier using your learning points. Why do it here and not later on the Royal Continent? Well, because resources respawn much faster on the tutorial island.
  • Still on the starting island, the tutorial quests will require you to craft tier 2 armour. The trick here is to craft one item from each category (plates, leather and cloth) to unlock all the tier 3 levels at the same time in your destiny panel.
    Tips Albion Online Europe server rush
  • Once you've got everything you need, don't forget to buy a few extra mules, as they don't really cost anything on the starting island, and they'll keep you on your toes if you lose your PvP stuff in the next few hours.
  • Tip 2: use your personal islands. On the America and Asia servers, it's practically essential to use focus to be profitable when you farm or breed on your island. However, on the Albion Online Europe server rush, there won't be any farming resources available on the market, so players will be snapping them up and you'll be able to take advantage of them. You can buy up to 6 per character, 1 in each city.
  • Don't forget to improve the quality of your items via the blacksmith. You can easily gain 50 IP by improving the quality of your stuff for just a few silvers.
  • Still on the equipment side, to enchant your items, you can transform your runes, souls and relics for a few silvers, and sometimes this is much more profitable than buying everything on the market.
  • One very important thing that few players thought to do during the beta was to sell all the items and resources you don't need right now. Now, this isn't necessarily the case for 100% of the items in the game, but the vast majority of items will be very expensive in the first few days and weeks and will gradually become more accessible.

You now have all the cards in your hand to make a success of your entry into Albion Online Europe server rush. All that's left is to wish you a great adventure!

Platypousse In between boss battles on Bloodborne or Dark Souls III, our editor-in-chief Platypousse likes to look after her plants and watch an episode of Moomins under a blanket.
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