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What are the best Dislyte 4 star Espers ?

What are the best Dislyte 4 star Espers ?

Here is our Dislyte best 4-star espers tier list. Although these characters have lower stats than their legendary counterparts, epic heroes have many advantages. Not only are they easier to obtain, but they also require fewer resources to reach their maximum potential. For example, by the time you upgrade your legendary esper's skills to max with a Abilimon, you will have at least 4 maxed out epics. So 4-star espers are not to be underestimated in Dislyte.

Best Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list

In this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list you will find the most versatile characters. Some of them can be replaced by legendary espers in late game. For others, they will accompany you throughout your adventure and in different contents.

Lin Xiao, the sparkling dps at the top of the Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list

Lin Xiao is the best esper of this Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list

Already present in the best espers tier list , Lin Xiao remains a top-tier Dislyte 4-star esper. Her glitter element does not give her any weaknesses. In addition, she is a fighter capable of dealing good damage and useful debuffs. This hero remains top-tier in both early and late games. If you are lucky enough to have her, don't hesitate to invest your resources on this character. You won't regret it for a second.

The best fire, water and wind fighters

Chloe, Mona, and Li Guang are the best elemental DPS in this Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list. Also very popular in Ritual miracle, Chloe has lightning-fast attacks. Able to steal buffs and attack multiple enemies, she is a formidable DPS.

Chloe, a fragile but formidable fire dps
Mona is the first epic hopeful you will meet
Recently released, Li Guang already finds his place in this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list

While Xiao Yin might have been the better water fighter, Mona is less demanding on equipment and teammates while still being very effective. She is also easier to use in more content with her area attacks. Finally, the newly minted Li Guang is already establishing herself as a solid character. Indeed, she can take a buff from her target and increase her team's AP.

The best Dislyte 4-star espers: captains and controllers

Long Mian and Sanders are the best 4 star espers in Dislyte to put as a captain due to the speed bonus they give their entire team. Sander remains a vital part of the Ritual Erebium, especially against Kronos and Apep.

Long mian, the best captain of this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list
Sander, a controller present in this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list

Long Mian, on the other hand, can be used in a variety of content as his captain's bonus is not limited to ritual or sonic Erebium, unlike Sander. These two espers are also very popular in PvP or in the space tower thanks to their kit that can hinder enemy heroes and affect their action bars.

The best defender

Ren Si, the best defender of this Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list

Thanks to his abilities, Ren Si is usually favored in battles where opponents must be controlled. The point war and the Infinite Miracle are ideal contents for this powerful tank to express himself fully.

The best support esper

Heng Yue is an excellent healer who belongs in this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list. However, you will probably replace her as soon as you summon Clara or Sally. In the meantime, she'll take care of your team and remove debuffs.

Heng Yue is a caregiver who will accompany you for a long time

Beware of her rather low base speed which must be increased via relics. Asnath could have been in this category, but Heng Yue really surpasses her in terms of healing.

The best 4-star support espers for PvE and PvP

Nicole, Fabrice and Dhalia are all excellent 4* espers. Nicole stands out with her glitter element and her buffs like soul guard that prevents dying or invincibility. Fabrice can be compared with the incredible Ye Suhua since he brings his own buffs, invincibility single-target and a bit of healing. However, this esper has an ability that boosts an ally's AP to 100% while giving him an attack bonus.

Nicole, an esper who gives immortality to the team
Fabrice is obtained through the merger and is an excellent support top tier
Dhalia finds his place in this tier list of the Dislyte 4 stars espers thanks to his speed

Dhalia is usually used as an opener, meaning that she acts first. Thanks to her third skill, this esper increases her team's AP by 25% and gives her offensive bonuses. This character is still very popular in PvP as she will also come and annoy the enemies with her debuffs.

Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list

These characters are a bit special since depending on their teammates or the content they play, they can go from mediocre espers to top tier. Here are some Dislyte 4 stars espers who, even if they are not very versatile, deserve to be in this best atypical espers tier list as they excel in their field.

Ritual miracle essentials

Jacob and Lu Yi are Dislyte 4-star espers to be used exclusively for ritual miracle. Outside of this content, other heroes will prove to be much more effective. When it comes to countering Apep, Jacob becomes a must-have esper because of the poison immunity he gives his team.

Jacob, the poisoner spy is perfect for Apep
Lu Yi, the best fighter for Fafnir

For Fafnir, Lu Yi remains one of the best characters to use thanks to his numerous attacks. These two espers will allow you to easily farm the two most difficult bosses of the Ritual miracle. They deserve their place in this Dislyte 4 star espers tier list.

Twins: a top tier but limited duo

We continue this Dislyte 4 stars espers tier list with quite intriguing characters. Indeed, Xie Chuyi and Xie Yuzhi see their skills improve when the duo is present on the battlefield. Alone, they will find better replacements. On the other hand, when they are together, the twins represent a threat not to be underestimated since their recent rebalancing.

Xie Chuyi becomes a top tier secondary dps if his brother is on the field.
Xie Yuzhi becomes formidable if played as a controller

Xie Chuyi is still a very good secondary DPS and provides debuffs to increase the damage of your teammates. Slightly inferior, Xie Yuzhi achieves better results if played as a neutralizer. Unfortunately, even though the duo remains strong, it requires you to take up two spots in your team, limiting your team composition very quickly. With more impactful captain bonuses, no doubt they would have been in the top half of this tier list.

Our Dislyte 4 star espers tier list is coming to an end. We hope you found it useful. Is your favorite 4* esper on this list? Which ones have been most helpful to you in your progress? Feel free to share your preferences and experiences in the comments.

To discover other guides and progress in the game, I redirect you to our Dislyte tips. Finally, if you want to spend more time on this application, don't forget that it is possible to play Dislyte from a computer.

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