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Clash of Clans Giant: the detailed troop guide

Clash of Clans Giant Guide

In this new guide to CoC troops, you will learn about the giant Clash of Clans - one of the largest units in the game. Its strength and size make it a formidable opponent for opposing defensive buildings. However, although it has its strengths, it also has some weaknesses that are important to know in order to use it better on the battlefield.

General description of the group

You'll recognise the Clash of Clans giant by his sleeveless leather uniform that shows off his strong arms. He has gigantic fists.

In addition, the giant Clash of Clans, like all the troops in the game, changes its appearance as you upgrade it. He gains an 'iron fist' and a spiked necklace - which change colour from level 3 onwards. He also gets a breastplate when he reaches level 6.

Clash of Clans giant features and statistics

The Clash of Clans Giant is a pink, land-based troop and attacks buildings only. It is a melee unit whose preferred target is defensive buildings. Like the goblin, the giant does not defend against units, skeletal traps and skeletons that attack it when it is already fighting. For this to happen, you must destroy all defences on the battlefield.

Clash of clans giant stats
Available from level 3 of the barracks

He has high health points, which allows him to take a lot of enemy hits. On the other hand, despite its size, this Clash of Clans troop has relatively weak DPS. It cannot deal big blows to its opponents. It is also vulnerable to wizard towers.

All levels of the giant Clash of Clans

The giant Clash of Clans is available in 10 levels. Each rank corresponds to :

  • time and cost of improvement/training;
  • DPS statistics;
  • a level of life points and barracks;
  • a town hall and a laboratory.

Here is a summary of the different information on the subject.

LevelCost of improvementDurationLevel
Laboratory required
Life pointsDamage per secondCost of training
250 0009 a.m.236014300
3200 0006 p.m.443019750
4600 0001 day 12 hours5520241 500
51 500 0002 days 12 hours6720312 250
62 500 0004 days7940433 000
74 000 0005 days81 280503 500
86 000 0009 days91 660574 000
910 500 00014 days101 850644 500
1015 000 00015 days112 000725 000

The stats I've mentioned in this part of the Clash of Clans Giant detailed guide may vary depending on your playstyle. For example, investing in the Gold Pass will reduce the time and cost of training at each level by unlocking the necessary perks in the rewards path.

You will also optimise the activity of your Clash of Clans village by using magic items or gems.

Battle strategy with the giant

Attack strategy with the giant Clash of Clans

I pointed out earlier that the giant Clash of Clans attacks protective buildings first. It can therefore be used to reduce the impact of the opponent's response by diverting the attention of the defences, absorbing their blows and allowing the support troops to destroy them more easily. This strategy will be all the more effective if the giant's life points are high.

Avoid deploying it in front of wizard towers as it is vulnerable to this type of defence. On the other hand, the giant Clash of Clans is particularly effective against cannons, archers' towers and area damage defences such as mortars.

Furthermore, the giant's low movement speed and low DPS mean that you must deploy it in a group. However, you can send one of them into battle to take out or decoy the troops stationed in the opposing clan castle.

💡 Attack compound with the giant

If you're thinking of using the giant Clash of Clans, here are some tried and true compositions :

  • WAG: Sappers/Archers/Giants ;
  • GHealer: Giants/Guardians;
  • BAGi: Barbarians/Archers/Giants;
  • GiWiWi: Giants/Wizards/Witches ;
  • GiWiPE: Giants/Sorcerers/P.E.K.K.A ;
  • GiWiVa: Giants/Witches/Valkyries ;
  • GiVaPE: Giants/Valkyries/P.E.K.K.A ;
  • VALKYRIE TORNADO: Giants/Valkyries/Wolves.

Defence strategy with the giant Clash of Clans

There is really no point in placing a Clash of Clans giant in defence, especially as its DPS is limited and its movement speed is relatively low. In addition, it is vulnerable to air units and several ground troops, notably the valkyrie, the wizard and the PEKKA.

However, this garrison can be a real advantage. It can defend you if your opponent has a village with a town hall that prevents him from using strong air or ground troops.

Clash of Clans Giant boosted to super giant

Features of the super giant in Clash of Clans

Apart from the increased health and DPS, the super giant retains almost the same characteristics as the classic Clash of Clans giant. However, the boosted giant has a special ability called " Wallsafe" which allows it to deal 4x more damage to walls. However, this does not make it a unit with walls as its preferred target.

Super giant stats

All levels of the super giant

You unlock the super giant as soon as you upgrade its alter ego to level 9. Then, to improve the level and stats of the boosted giant, you just have to use the lab and level up the classic troop.

LevelDamage per secondDamage per attackDamage to rampartsLife pointsCost of trainingCity Hall level required
91302601 3004 0009 00012
101402801 4004 20010 00013

Combat strategy

Attack strategy with the super giant

The super giant can play any of the roles I mentioned above for the Clash of Clans giant. Its special ability can also bring a real advantage in your compositions attacks. Indeed, this troop is useful not only to tank and protect other support units, but also to create a passage to the heart of the village.

Super giant strategy in defence

The super giant is not the most suitable troop to protect your back against your opponents. His special ability could have worked in his favour if he could use it against the troops. But since he can only use it on the ramparts, it is better to use another army.

Now you have all the weapons to make better use of this CoC troop. If you still have any concerns after reading this guide to the giant Clash of Clans or have any tips to share, feel free to speak up in the comments 🙂.

Neriya David, or Neriya in the game, is very passionate about digital strategy, writing and video games. Learning and sharing my knowledge is my raison d'être.

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