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Fire Beast of Summoners War | Strategy, Team and Rewards

Fire Beast summoners war

The Fire Beast from Summoners War is one of the six beasts in the Rift of Worlds. It is necessary to adapt a strategy that may be totally unknown to new Summoners War players. Explanations.

What is the Fire Beast of Summoners War?

The Fire Beast is the first challenge that the player will face upon arrival in the Rift of Worlds. This will be a completely new scenario, as it will require the player to adopt a strategy that they have never thought of before and ally monsters that are not necessarily useful in the dungeons of Cairos.

The Fire Beast in Summoners War

It has several skills and the power to summon minions of fire. In order to obtain a minimum S rank, the beast must be knocked down twice. To do this, you must take into account the attribute of the beast and the monsters to use and their runages. It is therefore recommended that you use water-attribute monsters to defeat it.

The skills of the Fire Beast of Summoners War

The Fire Beast of Summoners War has the following skills.

PhotoName of the competenceDescription of the competence
fire sweepingFlame sweepAttacks all enemies twice to stun them. The Beast reaches a state of frenzy with each attack, and its chance to stun enemies increases according to its state of frenzy.
minion of fireSummoning minions of fireAttacks all enemies three times and summons 8 minions of fire. Their HP increases with each summoning.
thorn of despair summoners war Thorn of despair Attacks all enemies in the front line twice. The damage increases if the enemy's defence is reduced. If all monsters in the front line are dead, the attack will target the monsters in the second line.
Fire Beast rage competence swFlaming breath of angerRemoves all reinforcement effects from all enemies and attacks them with a fiery blast that deals damage ignoring damage reduction effects. If any minions of fire are still present, they explode to inflict heavy damage.
twisted body fire swTwisted Body (passive)Gains immunity to all harmful effects and weakens damage dealt in proportion to HP. This skill increases the damage dealt to water monsters by 50% and the damage dealt to wind monsters by 50%.

To successfully defeat the Fire Beast, you will need to use as much speed as possible in order to play before the minions of fire. Using an ATB bosst can help in this task, otherwise you will need to have a minimum of 180 speed on all monsters.

The different monsters to be used for the Fire Beast

You will have to use a different strategy and different monsters to get a minimum S score:

VisualNameRole and runage of monsters
eirgar swEirgarHe rune in Blade/Rapid in VIT/DCC%/ATK%. It will serve as an ATB boost for the whole team.
homunculus dark swHomunculus Dark This monster is rune in Violent/Focus in VIT/PV%/PV%. It will allow you to be the tanky monster of the team.
kro swKroHe rune in Rage/Blade in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. It is better to awaken it a second time to take advantage of its skills. It will allow you to inflict heavy damage when the beast is stunned.
sabrina sw SabrinaSeveral runages are available such as a Fatale/Lame or a Rage/Lame in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. With its twin, it will inflict most of the damage.
talia swTaliaShe runes to Violent/Blade or Violent/Combat in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. Same role as for Sabrina.
sigmarus sw SigmarusHe rune in Fatale/Lame in ATK%/DCC%/ATK%. He can eliminate the minion fires with his skill 3
example of a team for the Fire Beast Summoners War

We should try to aim for a minimum of 180 speed and a big attack in the second row.

A little tip

It will also be easier to mount the buildings provided in the arena. This is not necessary, but it can be a great help for players in the rift dungeons.

example of buildings obtainable in the Summoners War arena

The different rewards of the Fire Beast of Summoners War

Once the Fire Beast will be beaten, it will be possible to obtain different rewards :

  • piece of rune;
  • arcenmon;
  • scroll mystic;
  • invocation stones ;
  • stones of metamorphosis.
example of rewards in the Fire Beast Summoners War


Crystals will also be obtained depending on the score. It is important to note that pure magic crystals are guaranteed once the S rank has been reached;

  • burning fire crystal ;
  • frozen water crystal;
  • breaking wind crystal ;
  • crystal of blinding light;
  • crystal of total darkness ;
  • condensed magic crystal;
  • crystal of pure magic.
the different crystals to obtain in the Fire Beast Summoners War


It is also possible to obtain runes when the Fire Beast is defeated:

  • Combat rune (2 sets): Increases the ally's attack by 8% ;
  • rune determination (2 sets): increases the ally's defence by 8%;
  • Improvement Rune (2 sets): Increases the ally's HP by 8%;
  • Accuracy rune (2 sets): increases the ally's accuracy by 10%;
  • Tolerance rune (2 sets): increases the ally's resistance by 10%.
the different runes to obtain in the Fire Beast Summoners War

With this guide to defeating the Fire Beast of Summoners War, it will be easy to defeat it. It will probably be necessary to farm for several days or more, depending on your availability, to obtain the necessary crystals and runes!

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