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Best composition Monster hunting Lords Mobile in 2024

Best guide composition Monster Lords Mobile for hunting

Hunting Lords Mobile monsters is an important part of gathering materials and rewards to develop your heroes and guild. These creatures vary in level, power, drop, weakness, and hit points, requiring you to vary your heroes to choose the best composition Lords Mobile monster hunting for each battle. I explain how to properly select your heroes for each monster and create your monster recommended composition based on the heroes you have and whether or not you are a F2P player.

The basic principles of monster hunting to choose your composition

For a good guild hunt, player should prepare your composition monster hunt specifically for a single enemy. In order to arrange your composition, click on the monster you are going to attack from the map. The creature's portrait will then appear on the screen, with an information button in the bottom left corner of your phone screen.

Lords Mobile monster info to choose your hunting heroes

By clicking on this "i" button, you will be able to display the statistics of the monster to be attacked, its weaknesses and its known strengths. Never attac a monster without opening this tab, as this could reduce your composition to nothing due to a basic strategic error. For example, the Noceros monster will reduce the usefulness of your heals with its crystal horn and will destroy your heroes inflicting heavy physical damage. To defeat it, you will need to rely on a composition of heroes with high magic damage and rely on your guild members to do the same.

Lords Mobile Monster Compo in preparation

The monsters are available in a 2:55 rotation and in levels ranging from 1 to 5. The higher their level the harder they are to kill and offer great rewards to the guilds that face them. The Lords Mobile monster cycle lasts 2 full days and the order of appearance of the creatures generally varies from month to month. To fight higher level monsters you will need to unlock technology of the same level through research in the Academy. The monsters will also be your pets later in your game experience.

However, if you need additional rewards , the regularly updated free Lords Mobile codes are there to help you. Also, by playing through the Huawei App Gallery and its Game Center, you gain access to unique benefits for premium and F2P players.

How to beat all the monsters in Lords Mobile

You already know how to tailor your composition for hunting Lords Mobile monsters according to your guild's objective, but if you want to keep things simple, a composition for each monster should help. I'll also leave you with some optional choices to customize your composition based on the heroes you own. Here are the creatures you will face most often, outside of code 66 events.

Bon Appéti

Bon Appéti is the monster in Lords Mobile that turns its opponents into delicious meals. To defeat this creature, Blackbird will be your best ally thanks to its high physical damage from a distance.

An example of an effective composition against Bon Appéti is: Blackbird, Crimson Lightning, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Death Archer or Dodger. This composition will do the trick for a Bon Appéti of level 1 to 4. At level 5, the Black Knight will take the place of Tracker for more efficiency.

Morfalange Monster Lords Mobile or Bon Appeti

As a premium option, Femme Fatale or Vengeful Centaur are good heroes to place in the mix. You can use these characters in many FOR/physical teams.

Beat Voodoo Shaman Monster Hunt Lords Mobile

The Voodoo Shaman inflicts magical damage and is particularly vulnerable to agile heroes, so you'll need to be smart about placing them in your Lords Mobile monster hunting composition. Here again, you'll need to rely on Blackbird, regardless of the level of the Voodoo Shaman you're facing.

Voodoo Shaman Monster Lords Mobile

You can use the same composition as against Bon Appéti, with a change to Pink Knightas the third character if it is a level 5 Bon Appéti.


A relatively easy creature to beat, Frostwing can be crushed by a composition similar to the one used against Voodoo Shaman or Bon Appéti. The composition against Frostwing for this monster hunt will be based primarily on ranged physical damage, an area in which Blackbird particularly excels among the many free-to-play and premium heroes.

Lords Mobile Frostwing Monster

However, I doubt that this hunting guide will help you beat Frostwing, who is still quite easy to face even without much guild preparation.

The best composition monster vs. Griffin from Lords Mobile

To defeat Griffon in Lords Mobile, you will once again need to rely on agile heroes, and build up a strong monster-hunting composition . Griffon has a damage boost against both INT and FOR heroes.

Griffin Monster Lords Mobile

A composition close to the one I mentioned above will do perfectly well for a Griffin of any level, although Nighthawk would be more effective than Roublard, which would give a composition: Black Bird, Crimson Lightning, Demon Slayer, Tracker and Nighthawk.

Snake Gladiator

Weak against magical heroes, the Snake Gladiator deals heavy physical damage to a target and lets its damage spill over to your nearby heroes. Healing can be added to your composition monster Lords Mobile, but it is recommended that you play this to beat the Snake Gladiator: Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Goblin Bomber and Tormented Sage.

You'll have a good cocktail of crowd control with ice damage and enough explosive magic to take out the monster on your hunt.

Snow beast

Bring out our beloved Blackbird to take on the Snow Beast, who doesn't appreciate agile heroes any more than the Griffin seen above. You won't be able to hold the fight for long against this monster as the damage over time will put a strain on your hunting composition. Therefore, you might as well go for maximum damage with Blackbird, Demon Slayer, Tracker, Reckless and Crimson Lightning. Swap Tracker for Death Archer to beat a level 5 Snow Beast.

Snow Beast Monster Lords Mobile

Jade Wyrm

Nothing beats a good wand against Jade Wyrm. This mystical creature will burn your DEF to the ground and continue to pummel your heroes with physical damage. Rely on the magic of your INT heroes and on "PV bag" characters to last as long as possible against this horrible beast. On the composition side, IncineratorElementalist, Snow Queen, Goblin Bomber and Tormented Sage will do you good. This composition monster-hunting Lords Mobile works particularly well against Jade Wyrm from level 1 to 3.

Jade Wyrm Monster Lords Mobile

For level 4 and 5 Wyrms, adapt your hero lineup by swapping the Snow Queen (early game) for Prima Donna and then integrating Child of Light at hunting level 5. This will allow you to make your composition last longer against a tough opponent in the higher levels.


Gargantua Monster Compo

The notorious monster Gargantua will not do your composition monster hunting Lords Mobile any favours. Because of the physical damage it inflicts, you will need to include heal heroes in your composition from the start. In free-to-play composition, Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Goblin Bomber and Child of Light form an optimised lineup against Gargantua from level 1 to 3. For higher levels, it's better to boost your healing with Prima Donna instead of Goblin.

Gargantua Monster Lords Mobile


The Gawrilla deals physical damage and will hurt your heroes with a strong physical defence. Your hero with the highest HP (a tank) will be its priority target, even if its stun and damage are spread in AoE. You will need a good dose of magic damage to overcome it.

Gawrilla Lords Mobile Monster

In the first 3 levels, the Goblin Bomber, the Elementalist and the Incinerator will be your main assets. With them you can play the Snow Queen and the Tormented Sage. To beat a level 4 or 5 Gawrilla keep the Elementalist, Incinerator and Tormented Sage and add Child of Light (for tanking) and Prima Donna (for healing) to your composition Lords Mobile monster.

Compo to beat Ancient Golem

The Ancient Golem has essentially the same strengths and weaknesses as the Gawrilla. Do not attempt a powerful physical attack against it; it will have to be defeated by the force of your magic. The same composition applies. For non-free-to-play players, the Twilight Priestess and the Dream Witch will replace the Goblin Bomber and the Snow Queen / Prima Donna.

Antique Golem Monster Lords Mobile

Drider from hell

Protected behind an energy shield, Hell Drider holds up equally well against magical and physical heroes, but will be weak against agility heroes. The composition optimized against Drider of Hell is composed of Blackbird, Demon Slayer, Tracker, Dodger and Purple Lightning.

Drider Monster from Hell Lords Mobile

This works against the monster at all levels, but as Purple Lightning and Dodger don't shine as brightly in the mid/late game as they did at the start of the game, you can replace them with Black Knight and Death Arrow in the higher hunting levels.



The Lords Mobile monster named Spinator extends its spiky vines to whip and immobilise your heroes, even pushing them back with its seeds if they get close. Given its penchant for magic, this monster is weak against an agile hero composition with good damage. Blackbird, Demon Slayer, Tracker, Crimson Lightning and Shadow make a great team to beat Spinator. Shadow pairs well with this group because it plays as a flank, with assassin damage from the back or side.

Spinator Lords Mobile Monster

Tidal Titan

The Tidal Titan brings with it the power of the seas and oceans to crush your composition of monster-hunting heroes Lords Mobile. In order to stand up to it in levels 1 to 3, rely on a composition like this one that can beat Tidal Titans: Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Tormented Sage and Bomber Goblin. For a level 4 or 5 Tidal Titan, you'll need some backup healing, again with Child of Light and Prima Donna.

Tidal Titan Monster Lords Mobile

Mega larva

One would not suspect that the Mega Larva actually conceals a poisonous tail whose venom inflicts devastating ongoing damage to hero compositions that attempt to defeat it. But once you know this opponent better, it becomes easier to anticipate its damage by incorporating large sources of heal into your composition monster hunt.

Lords Mobile Mega Grub Monster

The Mega Larva is one of the Lords Mobile monsters that is sensitive to magical damage.

Looking for the best composition monster Lords Mobile to defeat the Mega-Larva? No problem, here it is: Elementalist, Incinerator, Goblin Bomber, Snow Queen and Tormented Sage. Against a level 5 Mega Grub, rely on Prima Donna and Child of Light for support rather than Bomber Goblin. But don't forget, it's better to use your higher ranked heroes for better results rewards.


Against the Noceros, your heals will not save you. Its horn reduces the amount of assistance your healers can provide to the team, and its tough skin will drag out the fight if you don't try to deal maximum damage quickly. The same composition used against the Mega-Larva previously will have the desired effect of beating Noceros in Lords Mobile regardless of his level.

Noceros Monster Lords Mobile

The mower

As its name suggests, the Reaper is there to harvest souls. It will preferably attack your hero with the highest HP and then continue to decimate your party. To stop him, there is nothing like physical damage that will lower his own HP gauge visibly, with the right heroes.

Compo to beat monster The Reaper LM

The best composition monster hunt against The Reaper includes Blackbird, Demon Slayer, Red Rover, Tracker and Crimson Bolt for levels 1-3 and Blackbird, Demon Slayer, Prima Donna, Death Archer and Black Knight for subsequent levels. Femme Fatale and Vengeful Centaur will be used for premium players.

Black wing

Blackwing is hungry for blood, but won't let your units take his. Thus, all the Bleed effects of your composition Lords Mobile monster do not apply to him. You'll have to fight him on a regular basis, with heroes who do a lot of physical damage.

Lords Mobile Blackwing Monster

A Blackbird and Demon Slayer centric composition with a Roublard or Crimson Lightning as backup will be useful in the early levels, where Prima Donna healing support will be needed to beat a level 5 Blackwing.


Sabrecroc - how to beat him?

The Saberfang monster in Lords Mobile is one of the most sought-after creatures for players looking for loot. Like other Lords Mobile monsters, it stays on the map for 2:55, or until it dies, and is replaced by a monster of the same type nearby if it is killed while its presence in the monster cycle is still active. Sabrecroc attacks are as varied as they are unpredictable and heavy in physical damage. A group of heroes focused on magical damage will be particularly effective.

Sabrecroc Lords Mobile Monster

For example, a lineup consisting of Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen, Goblin Bomber and Prima Donna the Fairy could be used to heal early-game heroes. Against a higher level Sabrecroc, you will have to rely on the Tormented Sage and Child of Light.

Queen bee

The Queen Bee Lords Mobile simply sends her minions bees to torment you while attacking anyone who comes within range. Simply use the same composition monster that you would use to defeat a Blackwing or even The Reaper to defeat it.

Queen Bee Monster hunting for loot


Trojan mecha

Among the Lords Mobile monsters, the Trojan Mecha is one that finds its inspiration in mythological and historical stories. A metal-reinforced wooden horse, this creature must be defeated by magic, between two Stun attacks by your heroes. Forget about your heroes with a great physical defence, they will not hold up. As with most of the PvE enemies in the game, you will have to bombard it with magic damage first. And for that, what better than the Goblin Bomber and his INT speciality comrades like Incinerator, Elementalist, Snow Queen and Tormented Sage?

Lords Mobile Trojan Mecha Monster

In the higher levels, you will also need heal support, with Prima Donna and the addition of Child of Light.


A mix between mimic and English cottage, Cottrage is no slouch. Its colossal AoE damage forces you to integrate heroes with self-heal into your hunting party very early on. You can therefore count on Shadow, Tracker, Crimson Lightning, Demon Slayer and Blackbird to take down this magical creature. Boomeister (as a DEF andATK buff and team health regeneration) is also a good option for higher levels, as is Black Knight.

Cottrage Monster Lords Mobile



Finally, the best composition monster-hunting Lords Mobile to defeat Necrosis will need to incorporate INT heroes with great magical strength. Goblin Bomber, Incinerator, Tormented Sage, Snow Queen (for CC) and Elementalist will take down a level 1-3 Necrosis.

Beat monster Necrosis LM

However, Necrosis's high damage puts it among the LM monsters that require heal and support, which Prima Donna and Child of Light will be able to provide against this level 4 or 5 creature, replacing Snow Queen and Elementalist.

Now you know how to beat all the monster hunters available in 2024. You know how to find their weaknesses, their strengths and which heroes to put in your best monster hunting line-up to easily defeat them with your guild. Finally, if you want to get a strategic head start on the rest of the players, consider switching realms before you reach castle level 6 to get a Lords Mobile jumper account. For all the latest news about the game and the new creatures you can get as pets, don't hesitate to check out the official twitter account.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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