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Rise of Kingdoms Guide to getting started | Tips and Advice

Rise of Kingdoms Beginner's Guide

Are you a beginner looking for a Rise of Kingdoms guide and some tips on how to make wise decisions? Let us take the strategic burden off your shoulders. Follow the guide and find out everything you need to know to get started on Rise of Kingdoms in 2022.

How to choose your civilisation in Rise of Kingdoms

Your first choice as a player of RoK (formerly Rise of Civilizations) will be your civilization. This is a key decision for the rest of the game and should not be taken lightly. And it is with this topic that we start our Rise of Kingdoms guide!

The best way to play for the first time is to select a civilisation that fits the general style of play you enjoy in strategy titles. Whether you're into beating the crap out of everyone, quietly farming or discovering new lands, there's a civilisation out there for you.

logo Rise of Kingdoms

Moreover, your play style will certainly evolve as the game progresses. So don't be afraid to change civilizations during the game as explained in our guide on how to choose your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. If the civilisation really doesn't suit you, you might as well change it quickly or restart the game because it will take a long time.

Choose civilisation at the start of the game

Civilisations can have different types of bonuses. Some of these apply to unit types such as cavalry or infantry. Others apply to the speed of research or even construction, which can have a big impact on the direction of your nation's development. This means that you should already have an idea of what the game will be like before you make your decision.

Impossible, you may say! But don't panic, take a look at the guide and everything will be fine.

Playing on PC

Playing a mobile game on your PC... Yes, you read that right. More and more gamers are doing it, and for good reason. First of all, it allows you to enjoy the game with better performance, especially if your phone is not the best on the market. You can also save battery life, play with better graphics and a more pleasing view.

tip RoK on Bluestacks

Not enough to convince you? Well, there is still the essential if you intend to try hard on RoK. By using an emulator like Bluestacks to play Rise of Kingdoms on the PC, you will also be able to manage a multi-instance game. This feature alone should persuade you to consider it. Let me explain.

Playing on one account and boosting it to death with a bunch of tricks and great strategic decisions is good. But playing multiple accounts in Rise of Kingdoms, with one account ruling over the others that are there to provide resources and propel it as quickly as possible far ahead of the other players, is even better.

play Rise of Kingdoms with multiple accounts

If you have the energy for it, the best thing to do is to set up a farmingaccount that allows you to send two or three characters to harvest resources at the same time as your main account and then transfer these resources to your main account via the alliance.

I recommend this system as it will speed up your development enormously. Having several farmingaccounts is even better, but one will allow you to get a head start on other new players like yourself.

For a smooth and accurate experience with RoK on the PC, consider checking out our tutorial on how to optimize your gaming experience. This tutorial contains information on setting macros, interface settings and many other useful tips.

Complete quests and attack barbarians

To get off to a good start in Rise of Kingdoms, you have to start with the simple things. Even if you are an outsider by nature, systematically trying to get out of the way of the quests will do you a disservice. In RoK, these missions can be one-offs or weekly, and can be split into main, side and even event quests.

Barbarian RoK

In fact, completing these quests will earn you a nice sum of money. A pactole that will directly propel your civilization towards new horizons of power. Following the missions will bring you large rewards of all kinds. You should not hesitate to use them, even if they areaccelerators that some other games generally push you to keep like a groundhog cousin of Gollum.

Strong barbarian attack

In addition, wherever you are on the interactive map of the game, barbarian camps will flourish around your city. You cannot escape them and their level will rise as the civilisation troops rise. Rather than fearing them, learn to understand them. Understand their strengths and weaknesses, and get rid of them before your competitors do.

Attack of Lohar barbarians
Attack on barbarian troops

Attacking the barbarians will allow you to test your military formations and give your commanders quick experience, which is crucial for the future. For more information on commanders, check out our RoK commander tips.

Mist Exploration Reward
Exploration reports

Finally, don't neglect exploration. Exploration will give you experience as well as a strategic point of view on the map or even new technologies as I explain in the section on resource management.

Joining an alliance in RoK

Playing the lone wolf won't save you. In RoK, it will only make your fate more grim. An alliance is an organised coalition of players that can storm strategic locations that affect the future of the kingdom and fight epic pitched battles. We take a look at what you need to know about alliances in our Rise of Kingdoms guide.

The foundations of the alliance

Join an alliance as soon as possible to get help, bonus troops, bonus resources and many other benefits. If you stay loyal to your alliance and do your part, you'll earn the respect of your comrades and help your alliance gain influence quickly. Check out our guide to the alliance in Rise of Kingdoms to learn more.

Alliance info
Alliance summary menu

Don't be tempted to start your own alliance in RoK because the workload is very heavy. Also, having only a basic knowledge of the game will not get the alliance very far. This can be a very frustrating game experience. Running an alliance takes a long time and you will be asked to do things you had no idea existed.

Bad move for a first game, I guarantee it.

Follow my advice and everything will be fine... well, probably.

Always ask alliance members for help in constructing and improving buildings. Remember to only spend boosts once you have received the help so as not to waste any.

The more you improve your alliance centre, the more help you can get from the alliance. This allows you to build but also to do research much faster. By the way, the Academy can also give you a research bonus.

RoK Alliance Centre
Example of an alliance centre

Speaking of asking for help, some of RoK's resources can also help you out, like this public Facebook group for the game. You'll find all sorts of info and even expert advice for your troops or city deco schemes.

The common objectives

You should also be aware of your goals as an alliance. Initially, your goal will be to quickly gain control of shrines and other altars that will provide benefits to all members.

There are different types of shrines that you can come across at the beginning of the game, on the outer strip of the realm where all players start:

  • Sanctuary of Courage which offers a +10% experiencebonus for your commanders
  • Sanctuary of the great wind that accelerates your walking speed by +5%.
  • Blood Sanctuary which increases the health of your troops by +2%.
  • Sanctuary of Hope, which allows you to harvest your resources +5% faster.
Sanctuary of the Great Wind bonus
One of the sanctuaries of the kingdom

Taking control is a great way for your alliance to ensure rapid growth while expanding its influence and reputation on the server.

This reputation is also the key to some of the successes in RoK. Those who fear you because of your achievements may not dare to attack you, thus saving you resources. So it is important not to neglect alliance goals and this reputation.

Then things will get tougher. The biggest alliances will already be competing for control of altars and other strategic locations, but especially for control points. These points offer access to the inner areas of the kingdom and will be extremely competitive. But the dream objective of every alliance is the lost temple in the heart of the kingdom.

Lost temple king of the kingdom
Lost temple in the centre of the kingdom

Try to keep this in the back of your mind every time you teleport or your alliance territory needs to expand. The leader of the alliance that holds the lost temple then becomes king of the realm and gets many powers over the whole land.

Here is my advice for a bad alliance. If you see that your alliance is ranking quite poorly and members are becoming inactive one after the other, change alliances. However, don't forget to always collect chests, rewards and treasures before you leave.

Rise of Kingdoms guide: resource management

To be honest with you, Rise of Kingdoms has a real learning curve. So don't try to skip too many steps or you'll get sick of the game.

Resource tips Rise of Kingdoms

In any case, to enjoy the game, you should know that no matter what we tell you, this first game will be a crash test. You'll want to try things out, no matter what other players may advise you. And that's a good thing, because it will allow you to explore the game in depth and determine what works for you and what doesn't work for you in some of your approaches. Our guide and tips alone will not be enough.

Focus on resource harvesting

As a beginner, focus on resource gathering as this is the easiest way toget resources at the beginning of the game. Resources are essential for upgrading your city's buildings or researching technologies to grow your city. Constantly search for resources as they will take you a long time to complete.

Tribal village technology
Tribal village

On the other hand, searching for basic economic technologies is of no interest to your nation. It can easily get them for free by crossing tribal villages. Concentrate on military technologies until level 3. At the same time, quickly explore the area around your city to collect simple economic technologies from tribal villages.

Gold deposit of the covenant
Gold deposit of the covenant

Farming resources in an alliance territory increases your harvesting speed by 25%. Your alliance also wins in this story as it gets 1% of the harvested resources as a bonus toupgrade alliance technologies, build a new fortress or territory control flags.

To have a better grip on your alliance territory and to avoid that clever enemies or non-alliance members (future enemies) come to collect resources from you, one of the strategies is to teleport to the border of the alliance territory.

Territory alliance
The alliance territory visible on the map when zoomed out

This allows you toencircle the alliance resources that appear. This prevents other external powers from taking advantage of them and blocks their development.

Avoid waste

So try to avoid reducing your options by wasting what you have. Follow the guide to anti-waste tips made especially for you. If you need to shorten the duration of something specific, you'll want to use accelerators.

Start with the specific accelerators for the current upgrade, build, research or training before touching your precious supply of universal accelerators. These universal accelerators are your last hope for a rush before a specific time and will not save your ass if you have already cleared them all.

Accelerators RoK construction
List of accelerators

If you are missing a crucial technology before the start of a planned alliance attack and you only have construction accelerators left and no universal accelerators, you will not be able to speed up the procurement of that technology or the training of your troops.

Secondly, save your action point potions for special events like the Lohar event. This way, you will progress quickly by getting tons of rewards before the end of the event. This also applies to events like the bugle call or the strategic reserve.

Action point potions
Action point potions

Waste is not just about spending resources directly. Sacrificing them foolishly is also a big loss. In fact, defence should be your priority at the very beginning of the game. Do not attack other cities too early as you have more to lose than to gain. This will waste time and drastically reduce your resources, your troops and your reputation.

Furthermore, if your enemy joins an alliance later on, he may well seek revenge against you, which would put you in a bad position. Attacking without any knowledge of the game is a very bad strategy.

As mentioned in the PC experience section, it is possible to create farming accounts to propel one's main account ahead of the other civilizations in the realm. What if I told you that it is possible to arrive with a level 8 city hall in a new server where the others are level 1? Can you believe it? Well, this is a technique that Lilith Games allows. It's called the account jumper. Check out our special guide to learn more about how to create a jumper account and move to another server while already advanced.

PvP Player Attack Rise of Kingdoms

It's best to see how a game goes at least until the mid-game before you start creating a jumper account. Otherwise, your efforts may be wasted by your lack of experience with Rise of Kingdoms. But keep this strategy in the back of your mind.

It will also help you to quickly spot jumpers on your server without thinking "I know one who has warmed up the CB" when you pass a level 8 HdV when you have just started playing. Well, maybe they've also warmed up the CB...

Guide to rewards and AFK game

Before closing the game for a long period of time, you should always run as many building and technology upgrades as possible or train troops and collect resources.

guide Building Improvement and Technology

It is necessary that your civilisation continues to produce and evolve even when you are no longer in front of your phone. This is the only way not to fall too far behind the other players. Some people spend their whole day and night on RoK. So don't count on them to leave you alone.

Also, whenever the merchant appears in your city, buy anything that costs resources. Don't spend anything that could harm you at this stage of the game. Make do with what you can easily get back by farming to build up your reserves.

Tavern chests sculpture

Log in every day and complete the daily objectives so that no reward is missed. Believe me, the competition will not miss out. By doing so, you'll get lots of speed-ups, essential items and finally a golden key. Also, make sure you forge at the blacksmith's for free every day.

VIP Level 6 Rise of Kingdoms

In general, you should mainly use accelerators and other fast techniques to upgrade your town hall in Rise of Kingdoms. This way, you will progress quickly, even if it means spending gems to reach VIP level 6 as soon as possible. This will guarantee you great rewards in the daily vault, and you'll be one step ahead of the others. You'll even get a second construction queue!

The 1 euro pack

As a free-to-play player, life in Rise of Kingdoms will not be easy. To get off to a good start, the 1 Euro package may be a good compromise. Especially if you plan to invest a lot of your time in the game.

First refill pack

Here are the contents of the pack in detail:

  • 1 legendary commander, Minamoto No Yoshitsune
  • 10 volumes of knowledge level 4 (5,000 xp)
  • 1 gold key
  • 1 silver key
  • 50 gems
  • 200 VIP points
  • Immediate receipt of the VIP 0 box which contains :
    • 10 Minamoto sculptures (to improve a skill by one level)
    • 500,000 of food
    • 500,000 of wood
    • 375,000 of stone
    • 1 targeted teleportation.

These resources will give you a real advantage at the beginning of the game to get a head start on your opponents. As I explained above, these resources are essential for building and improving your civilisation.

Minamoto No Yoshitsune

Also, since you don't want to spread yourself too thin in RoK, having a legendary commander to focus on from the start is a real advantage. Focusing your resources on your best advantages in the mid/late game can pay off. However, keep in mind that your integration into an alliance and your choice of alliance will be extremely important.

Buildings and troops in Rise of Kingdoms

If you only have to choose two buildings for your start, choose these. Your most important building is obviously your town hall, as in many mobile strategy games.

HdV 16
City Hall level 16

Increasing the level of your civilisation will take your entire civilisation to the next level. This unlocks new growth and development opportunities for your nation.

Second is the alliance centre. This will allow you to get more acceleration for the construction of your buildings, resources and troops from your alliance.

Cavalry unit level 3

For the troops, things get more complicated, as none of them have the ultimate solution to a fight. Instead, the three standard unit types we cover in this Rise of Kingdoms guide follow a classic shi fu mi rule.

The cavalry is a type of mounted and fast unit that counters the power of the archers. It rushes at them to prevent the projectile salvos from having any effect. Infantry are slower moving units. On the other hand, it can take more damage, giving it a strong defence option compared to other units. It is particularly effective against cavalry, which will impale itself on it without being able to inflict heavy damage.

Archer level 3

And finally, archers excel as an attacking unit. They can easily counter infantry that will be dead before they reach them. Archers are considered an area damage (AoE) unit. In addition, there is a fourth type, the siege units. These units shine in sieges but also in resource collection.

Determining which army you want to focus on is not enough. You need good commanders to guide it. To avoid big disappointments, take a look at our Tier List of Rise of Kingdoms commanders. Here you will find commanders classified by type according to their effectiveness in certain areas. A well-chosen leader can really turn the tide of a battle.

And that's it for this Rise of Kingdoms beginner's guide! I hope you found it useful. Feel free to comment or give your own tips.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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