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Guide Archero to getting started | Tips and Advice

Guide Archero to getting started

You want to progress quickly on Archero, but you don't know how to go about it? Here is a complete guide to understand and progress efficiently as a beginner on Archero. In this guide, many precious tips and tricks are waiting for you! What is the role of abilities and how to choose them? What are gems and coins used for? How do you merge your equipment? The idea is to give you all the keys and information you need to properly understand this mobile game if you're just starting out.
Get your bow and arrow ready and follow the guide Archero! 🏹

Guide Archero beginner

Archero : purpose of the game and basic rules

Archero is a game available on Google Play and iOS that puts you in the shoes of an archer who must progress through a world populated by enemies. Your goal is to destroy all the opposing monsters without getting hit. As you succeed, you will advance from level to level and obtain rewards which will improve your progress. The controls are simple, just move your character using the touch-sensitive joystick on your mobile screen. To attack enemies with your bow, you must stop to inflict damage automatically. However, be careful, don't stand still for too long, you might get hit!

Your hero and his 8 equipment slots.

The best advice for progress at Archero : be quick and strategic

As previously mentioned, the gameplay ofArchero is very simple. You shoot your arrows when you are stationary and you move with the game's joystick to avoid the opposing monsters. The key to success is to be the fastest and most strategic to kill as many enemies as possible without getting hit.

One of the best strategies in this game is to position yourself in a corner of the map and wait for enemies attacking in close combat. Your archer can then inflict damage on them as they approach. Be careful though, some enemies attack from a distance. The goal is to be fast enough to dodge their attacks while inflicting damage on other monsters.

Another interesting strategy is to use walls and obstacles. On some maps, obstacles can stand in your way. But some obstacles can become real allies if you use them as shields. This is the ideal way to protect yourself from enemy attacks.

Guide Archero beginner
Protect yourself with walls and obstacles!

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Capacities: the central (but random) element of a guide Archero

As you level up, you have to choose skills, abilities that allow your character to become stronger. There are a multitude of abilities to choose from and they are completely random each time. Whether they are offensive or defensive, abilities are a central element of Archero.

Examples of the main defensive capabilities are

  • defensive shield,
  • invincibility,
  • Wingman.

These allow you to avoid your opponents' blows and give you a significant advantage in surviving longer.

As for the best offensive capabilities, there are many:

  • inflatable wall,
  • Sharp shot,
  • side arrows,
  • ricochet,
  • back arrows,
  • multiple shot,
  • And so on.

There are also abilities that affect your character's characteristics:

  • HP boost,
  • the attack boost,
  • boost attack speed,
  • And so on.

Also, on several occasions, you will face the devil's dilemma. He will offer you an ability in exchange for your HP. For beginners, it is advisable to accept only one offer from the devil, that of additional life.

Now that you know the role of abilities in Archero, you have to take into account that you can't get the ones you want. Choose the abilities that will allow you to progress in the best way. Of course, some combinations of abilities are ideal: the piercing shot with the ricochet will give you the possibility to shoot at many enemies while passing through them.

Thinking about the use of gems

Making a Archero guide for beginners necessarily involves mentioning gems. This is one of the game's currencies that you get every time you level up. This currency can be used to buy chests containing equipment or to resurrect when you die in an adventure. Be careful, you can only resurrect once in an adventure.

Also, gems allow you tobuy extra energy to play more. Indeed, it is necessary to have 5 energies to complete an adventure.

We advise you touse your gems to resurrect during a game ofArchero. This is especially true when you are at the end of a chapter. Also, we recommend using gems to resurrect during a fight against a difficult boss.

The importance of coins in a guide Archero

In addition to the gems, you need to understand how the coins work to become stronger at Archero. Every time you destroy an enemy, you get coins. These coins give you the opportunity tobuy Talents for your archer and to improve them. The more you improve your character's talents, the more coins you will have to pay.

An upgrade is always random, so you can't choose it (logical 😅 ). Indeed, 3 levels of talents exist : common, rare and epic talents.

Also, coins can be used to upgrade your equipment. Upgrading equipment is possible when you use coins and scrolls obtained when you kill certain enemies.
Upgrading your skills and equipment is necessary to progress quickly and win at Archero.

Tip Archero : Upgrade and merge your equipment

Your archer's equipment includes a weapon, armour, 2 rings and 2 minions. The weapon increases your attack, the armour increases your HP, the rings allow you to inflict more damage and the minions help you attack opposing monsters.

Every time you get a treasure chest, you get equipment that can be common, rare or epic. Of course, it is more difficult to get epic equipment, as it is less likely to be obtained.

Note that there are 2 different types of chests: the golden chest and the obsidian box. In general, the former contains common equipment and the latter contains rare or epic equipment. The best equipment is therefore contained in the obsidian box.

Guide Archero - chests
Golden chest and obsidian box for beautiful rewards !

As mentioned before, upgrading your equipment is possible thanks to your coins and scrolls.
To merge your equipment, you need to have 3 identical ones. For example, to get a super ring, you need to merge 3 common rings of the same type.

Insert 3 identical pieces of equipment to merge them.

Using rewards at the best time

Each time you complete a step in Archero, you get rewards. These include 5 different energies, a quantity of gems, coins and, in some cases, a treasure chest.

It is not recommended to open your rewards at any time. Wait until you are completely out of energy before doing so. This will allow you to refill your energy bar and continue playing.
Note that it takes 12 minutes to recover a single energy and that you must wait 1 hour to complete a single adventure.

You can exceed the 20-energy limit with your end-of-stage rewards . However, you must take into account the timer. Indeed, it resets every time you go below 20. This can make you wait even longer to play a game againArchero.

After taking into account all the elements of this guide Archero to discover the basics, you should progress quickly and not make any more mistakes 😉. The objective of these tips for beginners is to give you the possibility to win games ofArchero while discovering and understanding all its subtleties. Furthermore, we invite you to discover our tier list of the best heroes of the game to optimize your progress even more. Enjoy the game! 🏹

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