Torchlight Infinite full version released

Torchlight Infinite released on Android and iOS

For the full release of Torchlight Infinite, we've been bombarded with press releases. The game is finally coming out of beta on phones with a new season called Cube of Rapacity. Let's find out together what Torchlight mobile offers to Android and iOS players, if the formula has changed since the first phases of test and how it affects the IP's image. The mobile a-rpg scene had a big 2022 with Undecember and Diablo Immortal so TL has some competition to contend with!

Torchlight released on mobile: a redemption for the license?

It's no secret that the Torchlight license has not been the same since its development left the hands of Runic Games. With the release of Torchlight Infinite, the mobile game formula is respected but does not restore the game's reputation. Presented as a colorful and immersive hack'n slash, the title from XD Games is since its beta a quasi idle game that asks you to stay pressed on the attack button to finish 80% of the game. Visually, the result is conclusive, the monsters are varied and the vfx and sfx fully reinforce the experience.

Torchlight Infinite leaves its beta on Android and iOS

However, the feedback we gave you during the game's beta hasn't really changed for the release of Torchlight Infinite. The title has been loaded with content with new characters and a 10 hour campaign with voice over. Yet, since the battles, apart from the bosses, present almost no challenge, satisfaction decreases with each hour of play despite the impressive on-screen slaughter.

Torchlight Infinite released with Cube of Rapacity season

Let us note all the same that things improve at the end of the campaign. We gain more interest in the build and theorycraft but still without multiplayer. You can test Torchlight Infinite for free on Android and iOS and enjoy its full release if you feel like relaxing while beating up hordes of monsters.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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