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TFT patch 12.23: what's new in set 8

TFT patch 12.23: what's new in set 8

After two weeks on the PBE, Set 8 finally arrives on the live servers with TFT patch 12.23. To help you understand what's new in Set 8, let's take a look at the changes to the game system, the new traits and champions, and the arrival of the Hero Augments that will shake up the TFT meta.

TFT set 8 release with the patch 12.23

The TFT patch 12.23, which marks the release of the set 8, brings many new features, such as the Hero Augments which we detail in our TFT set 8 Augments tier list. These optimizations, specific to each champion, can strengthen them personally or bring various bonuses to the whole team.

In total, there are 118 hero Augments, in addition to the 100 classic optimizations and 63 Traits Augments to further diversify the playable compositions and make the games unique.

The Precious Dragon leaves TFT with patch 12.23, but the developers have decided to keep the item choices available to players with the Item Anvils. Item anvils, which appear in Stage 4-7, 5-7, and 6-7, give you a choice of three items. In rare cases, item anvils may offer Ornn items or be accompanied by a Tome of Traits.

TFT patch 12.23: new traits and champions in set 8

With patch 12.23, TFT welcomes many new features, such as Ox Force, Anima Squad or Hacker, while others, such as make their return with some modifications.

Riven, TFT patch 12.13 Anima Squad champion

For example, while the Brawler trait still provides additional HP to its champions, this bonus is now a percentage, which strengthens its effect at the end of the game. The same goes for the Star Guardian trait, which is no longer limited to Soraka and becomes a synergy that grants a mana bonus of up to 9 champions.

To find out in detail about all the features coming to TFT with patch 12.23, as well as their effects and champions, I'll redirect you to our TFT set 8 Traits Guide.

TFT patch 12.23: changes to set 8 items

To finish with the TFT patch 12.23 new traits, let's take a look at the buffs, nerfs and adjustments undergone by the items with the release of set 8. Before we move on to the table of changes to the full items, it's worth noting that the B.F. Sword now gives a 10% damage bonus instead of 10 points and Sparring Gloves lose their dodge chance, but their critical hit chance increases from 5% to 20%.

Item buffs

ItemsTFT patch 12.23 item buffs
Shroud of Stillness Icon TFT Item
Shroud of Stillness
The item now gives an additional 250 HP and its dodge chance is improved from 15% to 20%.
Quicksilver TFT Icon Item
The attack speed bonus is increased from 20% to 30% and the dodge chance from 15% to 20%.
Zephyr TFT Icon patch 12.23
In addition to its effects, the item now offers a 15% attack speed bonus since TFT patch 12.23.

Item Nerfs

ItemsTFT patch 12.23 item nerfs
Bramble Vest TFT Icon Items
Bramble Vest
The armor bonus is reduced from 45 to 30.
Archangel Staff TFT Items Icon
Archangel's staff
The power bonus is reduced from 20 to 10.
Zeke's Herald Icon TFT Items
Zeke's Herald
The attack speed bonus is reduced from 30% to 20%.
Icon Chalice of Power TFT Items
Chalice of Power
The additional power of the wearer and his allies in the vicinity is reduced from 30 to 25.
Rabadon's Deathcap TFT Icon Item
Rabadon's Deathcap
The power bonus is reduced from 60 to 50 in the TFT patch 12.23.
Guinsoo's Rageblade TFT Items Icon
Guinsoo's Rageblade
The attack speed offered by each basic attack is decreased from 6% to 5%.
Gargoyle Stoneplate TFT Icon Items
Gargoyle Stoneplate
Armor and magic resistance per unit are reduced from 16 to 15.
Hand of Justice Icon TFT Items
Hand of justice
The omnivamp of the item is reduced from 15% to 10%.
Edge of Night TFT Items Icon
Edge of Night
The attack speed bonus is reduced from 40% to 15%.
Morellonomicon TFT Icon Item
The power bonus is reduced from 20 to 10.
Hextech Gunblade TFT Icon Items
Pistolame Hextech
With the TFT patch 12.23, the item omnivamp decreases from 25% to 20%.
Bloodthirster TFT Items Icon
Blood Thirster
The omnivamp bonus is reduced from 25% to 20%.

Item adjustments

ItemsTFT patch 12.23 item adjustements
Guardbreaker TFT patch 12.23 icon
In TFT patch 12.23, the Shieldbreaker item replaces the Banshee's Claw and provides a 20% damage and 20 power bonus. When the wearer attacks an enemy with a shield, the unit's attacks and spells deal 30% more damage for 3 seconds.
Blue Buff TFT Icon Items
Blue Buff
The item now gives 10 starting mana and 15 power. It also reduces the unit's maximum mana by 10. When the wearer participates in an elimination less than 3 seconds after casting a spell, he/she recovers 10 mana.
Last Whisper TFT Icon Item
Last Whisper
The 10% attack speed bonus is changed to 10% base attack damage due to the change in the B.F. Sword item in TFT patch 12.23.
Jeweled Gauntlet TFT Icon Item
Jeweled Gauntlet
The item now gives 15% power and 15% critical strike chance, in addition to allowing spells to deal critical damage.
Thiefs Gloves TFT Items Icon
Handschuhe des Diebs
With the modification of Training Gloves, the item loses its 10% bonus dodge chance, but its critical strike chance is increased from 10% to 40%.
Dragon's Claw TFT Icon Items
Dragon's Claw
The magic resist bonus is reduced from 80 to 30, but the item regenerates 5% of the wearer's maximum health every 2 seconds.
Infinity Edge TFT Icon Items
Infinity Blade
The item now gives 15% base attack damage and 15% critical strike chance, in addition to allowing spells to deal critical damage.
Deathblade item TFT icon
The attack damage bonus is increased from 25/45/65 to 40% in this TFT patch 12.23.
Spear of Shojin TFT Icon Item
Spear of Shojin
Every 3 attacks, the item gives 20 mana to the wearer in addition to the 15 power bonus.
Runaan's Hurricane TFT Icon Item
Runaan's Hurricane
The 20 attack damage bonus becomes a 20% base attack damage bonus, but the projectile damage is reduced from 70% to 50%.
Statikk Shiv TFT Icon Item
Statikk Shiv
The 10% attack speed bonus is changed to 15 power and the lightning damage is reduced from 50 to 30.
Giant Slayer TFT Icon Items
Giant Slayer
The item now grants 20% base attack damage and 20 power damage, plus an additional 30% damage against targets that have more than 1600 HP max.
Protector's Vow TFT Icon
Protector's Vow
The item now offers 15 starting mana. When the wearer first falls below 40% of their max HP, they gain a shield of 25% of their max HP for 5 seconds, as well as a 35 bonus to armor and magic resistance until the end of the fight.

That's it for this TFT patch 12.23 and the new traits of set 8. On the PBE, several champions already stand out, like Miss Fortune with the Anima Squad comp or Jax in Mecha: Prime. To find out how to play with these and other champions, check out our TFT Set 8 comps tier list. Nevertheless, the next patches might be quite important since many adjustments will be necessary before the TFT set 8 meta finds its balance.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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