The Stardew Valley game at its best on mobile!

Stardew Valley mobile

Stardew Valley is an RPG-style simulation game. Originally released in 2016 on PC, it has since conquered new horizons. After the PS4 in 2016 and the Nintendo Switch in 2017, Stardew Valley hit the mobile market in early 2019. There was a little uncertainty about success on phones, as mobile gamers have particular expectations. But a year and a half after its launch on iOS and Androidthe track record is excellent. The game has passed the symbolic one million download mark. Not bad for a game that costs 8.99 euros!

Other games from farming like Stardew Valley exist on mobile. We could mention Tiny Pixel Farm or The Farm: Sassy Princess, two free games. But the lower quality does not appeal to the community as much as Stardew Valley.

The good news was shared on social media by the independent studio

An agricultural simulation game

Stardew Valley is an agricultural simulation gamethat has many strengths. This explains its success on the mobile market. First of all, the scenario is simple but very engaging. At the beginning of the game, you inherit a tiny house on an almost virgin land. It is full of obstacles (stones, weeds, shrubs, etc.) making it unwelcoming and even less suitable for harvesting.
But it's up to you to transform it all by the sweat of your brow! Starting from scratch, your goal is to renovate and build a productive farm in your image. Stardew Valley offers a story that is as satisfying as it is relaxing to experience on your mobile. As you progress, you'll unlock new technologies and more efficient ways to harvest your produce.

To enrich thegame experience and avoid monotony, you also have the possibility to interact with numerous NPCs. By forming friendships or even romantic relationships, the game becomes more dynamic and allows you to obtain bonus helpers.

The farm on Stardew Valley mobile.
Take care of your animals.

Stardew Valley: impressive numbers not just on mobile

Stardew Valley boasts 1 million downloads on mobile. It has an active community that is involved in the development and updating of the game. In particular, it has participated in some of the translations. As an independent studio, Chucklefish has more limited means than average and this makes the success of its game even more remarkable.

Since its launch, Stardew Valley has been collecting successes. The game received a Golden Joystick Award (for revelation) and a NAVGTR Award (for simulation game) in 2016. In addition to the 1 million downloads on mobile, more than 10 million copies have been sold if we take into account all platforms!

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