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Mobile games Squid Game

A Netflix series with over 55 million views in one month, Squid Games is a huge success. As with Casa de Papel, fans have flocked to any outfit that closely resembles the characters. Green tracksuits with white stripes are out of stock and sales of white canvas vans have increased by 7800% since the series' release. But it doesn't end there as people are obviously looking for a Squid Game mobile game to play.

Why the rush for a Squid Game mobile?

If you haven't heard of it, the story of Squid Games is basically about an organisation that kidnaps people in debt (with their consent), and takes them to a compound that none of them know the location of. There they play games normally designed for children, but with a deadly twist. Each participant who fails is executed instantly. This is also the case in the mobile Squid Game. The prize for the winners is a very large sum of money, which is why it is worth playing, desperate and in debt. And what works particularly well with the public is what we all consider to be banal, but with a slightly morbid or shocking twist. So the success of this series is totally beyond my comprehension, because I didn't find anything exceptional about it.


As a result, Squid Game mobile games started to appear one by one on the Playstore. Some even reached tens of thousands of downloads. Today, most of them had to be removed. This was to be expected! According to some leaks, a Squid Game would be in preparation at Netflix, which has been working on mobile games for a few months. Instead of Squid Game 3D, Squid Game Tempered Glass or the Squid Game - Survival Challenge... There are only empty pages on the store.

All of these games were certainly strike as obviously not respecting any copyright or license. One of them, developed by Supercent, was nevertheless re-released under the name K Games on Android and iOS. However, the gameplay can easily be compared to other titles such as Fall Guys, which has had its fair share of fakes on mobile, and which is not available on smartphones.

The Destinoux even posted a video of his Squid Game Minecraft stream on his youtube channel.

Small version of Red Light Green Light x Genshin Impact made by a fan to end on a sweet note.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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