New mobile games on Netflix

Mobile games Netflix

On 1 September, I told you about the arrival of video games on Netflix. Just announced, this extension of the American VOD platform was already coming to Android smartphones in Poland. Today, the Netflix mobile games catalogue is expanding and opening up to more European countries.

Update13 November 2021: The games are available in many countries and you can find out how to play Netflix on mobile at the end of the linked article.

Mobile game tests on Netflix in Spain and Italy

Our Mediterranean neighbours in Spain and Italy have just gained access to Netflix mobile games. If you live in one of these countries, or in Poland, and have a Netflix account, you should be able to access the Netflix Games tab. Be warned though, this feature is currently only available to Android users. Initially, the game catalogue only had two titles:

  • Stranger Things 3 ;
  • Stranger Things 1984.

Three new Netflix mobile games are now available. They are Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up and Card Blast. As a reminder, the games offered by the platform are not intended to be triple A. They are primarily integrated as an extension of the viewing experience. Thus, a user who has enjoyed a series can take the time to immerse himself in its universe by participating in a new adventure. At least, that was what seemed to be the original idea. However, with these three additional Netflix mobile games, there is an arcade/casual game orientation that has nothing to do with the original idea.

Teeter Up mobile games Netflix

You can find Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up and Card Blast on their respective Google Play pages here, here and here. Note that these pages say "for Netflix subscribers only".

Thinking back to the interactive series and Stranger Things games, this kind of experience is clearly what Netflix has been trying to achieve for several years. The goal is to create a deeper content bridge between genre-defined media. The interactive series sits at the intersection of the game and the series. And, if the brand offers series, it can also offer games without this detracting too much from the coherence of the service it offers.

Card Blast Netflix screenshot

I imagine it will be some time before we can try mobile games on Netflix in other EU countries and beyond. However, I am looking forward to seeing what experiences can come from this bridge between content. I should also point out that Netflix has also just acquired Night School Studio, creator of Oxenfree. The brand is looking to expand into new markets, and we'll keep an eye on its mobile releases for you... 🧐

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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