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Patch 2.1 Wild Rift: spectator mode and Kennen's nerve

Patch 2.1 Wild Rift: spectator mode and balancing

Riot Games has a flattering reputation and brings regular patches to all its games. These patches are vital to keep the community on its toes. They not only integrate new content (skins, features, game modes, etc.), but also bring valuable balancing. Patch 2. 1 introduces the long-awaited Wild Rift spectator mode, which will allow you to watch and spy on your friends, to see their best moves... or their best failures ! 😅
On the balancing front, many champions can smile as they receive a Buff. On the other hand, the Yordle ninja Kennen has been caught by the patrol and suffers several Nerfs.

The patch note 2.1 is substantial. And again, Riot Games has planned to incorporate mini-patches (2.1a, 2.1b and 2.1c) to complete it! For those of you who don't have the faith to read everything, we'll take care of the summary that lists the most important information of this update!

Two champions arrive, four on waiting list

Two new champions have appeared on the Summoner's Rift. They are the Vastaya couple Xayah and Rakan. It is unimaginable to think of one without the other, and the two new champions promise to terrorise many a botlane with their natural synergy. She pierces and cuts her enemies with her feathers and he twirls around the battlefield to control his enemies and protect his allies. While we wait for a little more time, we can predict in advance that these two newcomers will quickly become part of the metagame.

Xayah and Rakan arrive on Wild Rift
A great duo.

Riot Games is also ahead of the game, announcing four more champions to be released by March. These will be Katarina which will have a revamped gameplay compared to its PC version, DianaLeona and Pantheon the Spartan. While many characters are still missing from LoL: Wild Rift, there are more and more of them.

13 new skins

League of Legends players, both on mobile and PC, are very fond of skins. These cosmetics allow players to customize their characters and make them look good to their teammates and enemies. Over the course of the two-month Wild Rift patch 2. 1, 13 new skins will be introduced. Many will be part of the Festival of Lunar Beasts event, but there will be something for everyone!

  • Alistar moon beast
  • Moonbeast Annie
  • Darius lunar beast
  • Fiora lunar beast
  • Jarvan IV lunar beast
  • Miss Fortune moon beast (exclusive to LoL: Wild Rift) ⭐️
  • Teemo panda
  • Rakan of the cosmic dawn
  • Xayah of the cosmic twilight
  • Vayne core target
  • Rakan soft heart
  • His tender heart
  • Xayah tender heart

We have a soft spot for Teemo panda, even if everyone knows that the best skin of Yordle is Teemo astronaut! Which skin do you plan to buy for your part?

Wild Rift spectator mode finally here!

Wild Rift spectator mode
A way to spy on your friends.

This addition will surely please the community. The Wild Rift spectator mode has been requested since the release of the game test. Players love to be able to watch their friends, especially to see if they are about to finish their game. The spectator mode is also a must if the game is to succeed as a discipline. esport. Aspiring commentators can start training now.

The Wild Rift spectator mode allows you to watch your friends' games, but only your friends. It is therefore impossible to have access to a stranger's games. For those who wish to keep a minimum of privacy, don't worry. There is an option to ban spectators!

It should also be noted that there will always be a 3 minute delay in the Wild Rift spectator mode. This delay keeps the game competitive and prevents cheating. Without the delay, you can imagine having a friend voice telling you in real time where the enemy jungler is.

In any case, this is good news for us! We were looking forward to this mode to optimize the organization and stream of our Wild Rift tournaments! 👌

Replay mode to relive your matches

Wild Rift rerun
You can follow the evolution of the gold of both teams.

This mode gives you access to your last 50 games, for better or for worse. It offers you the possibility to relive your past matches at your own pace, using your own vision or that of another player. Riot Games spoils us with several options to adjust the speed, ranging from x0.5 to x8. It's up to you to go out and send us your most epic replays!

Beware, however, that the replays expire as soon as a new update is introduced. So you'll have to be careful and plan ahead to avoid losing everything. Training mode games are not affected by replays for the moment. An additional option to jump forward during a replay will be introduced in the future, but it will take time for the programmers to implement the feature.

Gameplay balancing: the lottery of buffs and nerves

Players often read the patch note with a certain amount of trepidation. No one wants to see their main champion get caught by the balancing team and suffer a nerf. For patch 2.1, most players can breathe easy. There is only one casualty: Kennen. The other changes to the champions are buffs.

Kennen's Nerf Patch 2.1 Wild Rift
Kennen will be less effective now.


  • Corki : The Yordle pilot has increased damage with better ratios and higher base damage.
  • Jarvan IV: this jungler had trouble finding its place in the metagame. Riot Games gives it more damage and a better hitbox on its Dragon Strike.
  • Jax: His jump has multiple buffs (damage, range, recovery time).
  • Tristana The little gunboat gets a little push everywhere to inflict more damage.
  • Twisted Fate The effects of its cards are all improved.
  • Yasuo : He should terrorise his opponents even more with his ultimate skill.


  • Kennen : Hard hit for the champion. All of his damage sources take a nerf and Surtension sees his recovery time increase.
  • Youmuu's Spectral Blade: less damage.
  • Redemption enchantment: Reduces the effectiveness of smart guys who multiply the same enchantment in the same team.
  • Enchantment medallion: same as for redemption.

With that, you should be served, we wish you a good digestion! 😎

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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