Nintendo could stop its mobile games!

nintendo discontinues mobile games

Nobody presents the Japanese giant anymore. The company behind many successful games such as Pokemon, Super Mario, Zelda and Animal Crossing, could wellwithdraw from the mobile games market. At least that's what Bloomberg media and its journalist Takashi Mochizuki are saying.
Although nothing is official, this is information that should be taken very seriously. It must be said that Nintendo is much more successful on classic consoles than on phones.
Whether this is a permanent or only temporary withdrawal, Nintendo is surely better off focusing on what it does best!

Nintendo mobile: unconvincing results

While everyone knows about Nintendo, few have actually played a Nintendo title on mobile. Yet the Japanese company has released several titles, particularly since 2015. That year, it said it wanted to tackle the mobile gaming market.

Nintendo mobile games list
Several Nintendo mobile titles

However, the majority of games developed for the smartphone have not been particularly successful. Games such as Super Mario Run or Mario Kart Tour did not really meet with the expected success.
Despite a substantial investment, the projects were not sufficiently profitable. Although Fire Emble-Heroes seems to be doing better, it is not enough to balance the whole.

The results are especially worse than those of the console sector

nintendo switch

But before castigating Nintendo's mobile department and its results, it's important to contextualise. Nintendo has historically had a strong console orientation. Gameboy, GameCube, Nintendo DS, Wii, Nintendo Switch, etc. The list is long. The Japanese multinational is not very experienced in mobile, it is not its preferred sector.

Animal Crossing Nintendo Switch Mobile
No one resisted the Animal Crossing wave during the lockdown

Without being fundamentally bad, the results are above all less good on mobile than on console. Nintendo would therefore prefer to focus on what is most profitable for it.
Animal Crossing, for example, has received very good statistics on Switch, especially during the Covid-19 containment and pandemic. As the company offers powerful handheld consoles, it can hope to hold its own and compete with the mobile offering. Both media are convenient, self-contained and very flexible.

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