Mobile Games News Recap | Week of October 10 to 16, 2022

October n3 mobile games news recap

Discover the weekly recap of mobile games news on Android and iOS for the week of October 10 to 16, 2022! On the agenda this week: Japanese publishers are launching NFT, Clash of Clans and Apex Legends updates, Undecember is finally available and much more to discover in this recap. We'll let you read all about it below. ⬇️

Release of Undecember this week

Let's start this week's recap with the long-awaited release of Undecember on Android, iOS and Steam. This hack'n'slash from the studio LINE Games offers you to customize your hero from head to toe before going on an adventure in the dark fantasy universe of Traum. Despite a business model that has largely disappointed the community with an overloaded inventory for which you'll have to pay several dozen euros to play comfortably, at, we enjoyed testing Undecember for a few hours.

Much more compelling in terms of difficulty than Torchlight Infinite, Undecember will have you slicing mobs like a butcher in a pleasant world with areas to explore in a non-linear fashion. In these hostile lands, creatures can pop up from anywhere, melting into the sandy desert or jumping at you from a cliff in the shadows, and the bestiary is varied enough to keep surprising you.

Time Raiders enters open beta

At the crossroads between Lara Croft and action RPG, Time Raiders opens the doors of its beta to players around the world on Android and iOS. This week, explore an Asian universe in the depths of underground temples proposed by Yoozoo Games. Face a large bestiary of creatures to reveal the secret of the scroll of the Warrior Kingdoms of China and hope to find a thousand-year-old treasure. Between elaborate cinematics, customization of your adventurer and RPG system, Time Raiders promises a few good hours of gameplay for those who are not afraid of a bit of automatic mode.

The Godfather City Wars, a mafia game on Android and iOS

50 years after the release of The Godfather, rediscover the story of the Corleone family in The Godfather: City Wars, available now on iOS and Android. Help Don Vito build his criminal empire and conquer New York City against other mafia families. Rebuild the Little Italy neighborhood, recruit new capos and assign them to protect businesses to expand the Corleones' influence. The Godfather: City Wars is a mix of gacha and city-builder and will take you through the most memorable moments of the cult trilogy.

Saint Seiya Legend of Justice opens the Poseidon chapter

You were able to check out Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice in our test on the site, and they are also sponsoring this recap, so a big thanks to them! As a reminder, the title is based on the iconic Knights of the Zodiac license and follows the original story of Seiya's search for his sister who becomes a Bronze Knight and commits to defend Athena.

I take this opportunity to tell you about the new update of the game: the Poseidon update.

With this new story chapter, Wanda Cinema Games' gacha RPG also gets two brand new PvP modes: the Sanctuary Tournament and the Competition of Competition. Here, only your strategy will make the difference. At the beginning of the game, each player gets knights at max level, and you'll need to know all of them to optimize your team composition. The knight Seiya of Sagittarius also makes an appearance and will be able to knock down enemies to better control them.

Survive space threats in Homeworld mobile

Want to take part in Star Wars? It's a good thing, because Homeworld Mobile has just been released in free-to-play on Android and iOS. After a beta at the end of September, the MMORTS developed by Stratosphere Games and published by Gearbox Publishing finally offers space battles in PvE or PvP. Explore the galaxy to discover the origin of your people aboard a Hiigaran ship. But don't forget to gather resources to strengthen your defenses and repel the onslaught of the Taidan Empire in a space conflict.

Soccer Manager 2023 Mobile pre-registration: Become the new José Mourinho

With Football Manager 2023 Mobile set for release on November 8, Sports Interactive has just announced the opening of pre-registration for the game on Android and iOS. Anticipated by soccer geeks who can't wait to discover the little nuggets to be recruited, FM 2023 Mobile is presented by the developers as the most authentic and elegant version of the sports management simulationgame.

Among the new features, the new system of discussions with the team is worth mentioning. Although this feature has been present for several editions, its impact was negligible. And, as every year, the team rosters and player statistics will be updated for the release.

New legend Ash in Apex Mobile

Apex Legends MobileElectronic Arts' Battle Royale is about to receive an update on October 18th. This will be the opportunity for the legend Ash to join the ranks of Apex on mobile, while the legend is already available on PC and consoles.

In addition to the release of Ash and the new season of ranked games, the Champions event will bring a new BR mode and Halloween-themed elements to the Kings Canyon and Edge of the World maps. Finally, choose one of the 3 factions and complete missions to obtain rewards in the season store.

Towards the worldwide release of Neko Golf in October

Pick your best club and hit some balls on the green with Neko Golf. This mobile golf simulation title with anime graphics is planning a worldwide release this month. All of its characters are taken from the White Cat Project, a well-known RPG in Japan, and the title features several game modes for both casual and competitive players. You can play against golfers from all over the world or just play a round with friends while chatting quietly.

This arcade simulation is played by sliding your finger across the screen to hit the perfect shot with one of the six types of clubs available. With the Golf Tour mode that compares your score to that of other players, the best competitors on Neko Golf will even be able to access the annual world championships on the game. So, who's ever managed to make an albatross on Wii Sports?

Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier will close its servers in 2023

In a much darker world, Square Enix has just announced the closure of the Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier servers. This date is scheduled for January 11, 2023, just over a year after the official launch of the game.

Despite the 2 million downloads and 4 seasons of content on the game, the result was not up to Square Enix's expectations. In fact, it is already no longer possible to buy the game's currency and support will end on November 1st.

The Titan and the Clash of Clans Drill come with HDV 15

In Clash of Clans, the monthly update adds HDV 15 and many other new features. On defense, you'll be able to discover two buildings, the Runic Tower and the Monolith. On offense, the Recall spell will allow you to put troops back into your deployment bar, while the Siege Drill siege machine will be able to hit its target by going under the ground. And to finish off this update in style, the Electro Titan arrives, equipped with a whip capable of targeting ground and air units.

Evercore Heroes on mobile?

The studio Vela Games unveils this week its trailer for Evercore Heroes, a rather innovative title that takes some codes of RPGs, MOBAs or even MMOs in an original formula. Created by a team of former developers and artists on triple A games, Evercore Heroes is played exclusively in PvE in teams on defined maps. The goal of the game is a bit like a time trial since you have to beat the final boss before the other teams to win the game.

Between the start of the game and this boss, you will have other objectives such as defending your Evercore and fighting mobs in teams to get bonuses or slow down enemy teams. Eight heroes will be available at launch and, although we don't have a gameplay trailer at hand yet, a test phase is underway on PC. No platform has been announced yet, but tests have been done on PC and we can only hope that the developers will choose to adapt the title to the mobile format.

NFT - Sega and Konami go Web3

On the NFT side, two big publishers are in the news this week. First, SEGA has teamed up with blockchain studio Double Jump Tokyo for its first Web3 game. Although we don't know more about it, this title will be attached to the Sangokushi Taisen license, a trading card game mainly known for its adaptations on arcade terminals.

Then, it's Konami that announces to work on an NFT exchange platform to centralize the digital items of its games on the same blockchain. The Japanese publisher also intends to offer various events on this platform to create an active community.

Some are banking on platforms and others on their merchandising to get into the NFT market, such as Square Enix who presented a Cloud figure from Final Fantasy VII in July with a release scheduled for late next year. Available in both Normal and Digital Plus versions, this bonus service will include an NFT authentication certificate for an additional $30. And, even better, Square Enix warns that the digital version and the NFT will not be exchangeable or resellable upon release. In fact, it's likely that it will never be, and the publisher does not plan to refund the extra money if it turns out to be useless.

Qualified teams for the Call of Duty World Championship

We now know the 16 teams qualified for the COD Mobile World Championship. If we find 3 European teams in the running, it's a foreign team that caught our attention. Indeed, the only current roster of our little French bees of Vitality on Call of Duty is composed entirely of Indian players. If, like us, you didn't know it, Team Vitality India has been in existence for a little over a year and will be participating in its first COD Mobile World Championship. So who are you going to support, one of the European teams, Nova Esports, Animus and Limitless Esport, or the Indian Vita bees?

Knightcore Kingdom opens its pre-registration on Android and iOS

Between 4X strategy game and Tower Defense, the game Knightcore Kingdom opens its pre-registrations on iOS and Android. In this sequel to Knightcore Universal, you will participate in very fast 99-second battles where the objective is to conquer different maps with your heroes and your army. Expand your territory and collect as many resources as possible to improve your troops. You will need them to fight the demons of this colorful universe that mixes fantasy and science fiction.

Soft launch of Protectors Shooter Legends, a new Overwatch on mobile

While T3 Arena is already launching its third season, a new colorful third-person shooter is launching on mobile. Protectors Shooter Legends is coming to the Playstore in a soft launch in Canada and Cyprus with 10 game modes, from free-for-all to classic 4v4 in PvP and PvE. If you're still waiting for Valorant mobile and have access to the game, don't hesitate to try it out or give T3 Arena a try available in free-to-play on Android and iOS.

Harry Potter mobile games exceed $1 billion in revenue generated

While Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is still waiting for us, the mobile games of the Harry Potter license have just passed the $1 billion mark in revenue according to Sensor Tower. With more than $400 million in in-game player spending, Hogwarts Mystery is the most lucrative, followed by the Asian version of Magic Awakened with $350 million and Puzzle & Spells with $218 million. Harry Potter Wizards Unite, the Pokémon GO franchise that was cancelled some time ago, is at the bottom of the list with only $40 million in revenue.

tencent x Gen.G collaboration for the promotion of Honor of Kings Global

While the global release of Honor of Kings is scheduled for the end of the year, without further details, Tencent has decided to collaborate with the structure esport Gen.G to promote the game internationally. All the details of this partnership are not yet known, but we already know that Gen.G will participate in the Honor of Kings International Champions event in December, with more than 10 million dollars in cash prizes.

Fortnite in partnership with Doctor Who

We stay in collaborations with the partnership between Fortnite and the BBC, which provide players with a new Doctor Who island. From the famous TARDIS, explore Galifrey, the Doctor's home planet and face the iconic enemies of the series, such as Daleks, Cybermen or the terrifying Weeping Angels. To access this island, go to the creative mode of Fortnite and insert the code (3610-1396-4646).

Esport Arena of Valor : Bikertopia wins the GCS 2022

The Arena of Valor Garena Challenger Series 2022 tournament has come to a close and it is the Bikertopia Esports team that defeats Flash Wolves in the finals with a hard-fought 4-3 victory, earning Bikertopia a spot in the Arena of Valor Premier League in addition to an $80,000 cash prize. With the upcoming release of the global version of Honor of Kings, the future of the esport Arena of Valor scene is uncertain, but no announcement has been made yet. We'll likely see more clarity in the coming months, but the cohabitation of Level Infinite 's two titles risks duplicating and dividing fan interest.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE announces its worldwide release after 3 years of waiting

We conclude this recap with the announcement of the release of Goddess of Victory: Nikke on November 4th. After 3 years of waiting since its announcement in 2019, this gacha that will make you recruit young female warriors with big guns will finally be available worldwide. Imagined by the Korean developer Shift Up, with the support of Level Infinite as publisher, the title accumulates more than 3 million pre-registered players who are just waiting to be able to discover the... graphics... anime in action.

Thank you all for reading this far, and see you next week for more mobile gaming news! In the meantime, be sure to check out our list of the latest Android and iOS games.

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