Kingdom The Blood arrives, Fortnite on iOS, and Seven Knights Rebirth teased: this week's Mobile Game News Recap

Mobile games recap with Akira Toiryama and Astra Knights of Veda

In issue of the Mobile Games News Recap 149, we talk about the end of Akira Toriyama, the release of Kingdom: the Blood, the worldwide release of Hades mobile on iOS, the teasing of Seven Knights: Rebirth, and lots more mobile games news. Find out as much Android and iOS gaming news as you can in a single summary every week.

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This week's mobile games announcements and releases, from Gakuen the Idolmaster to Kingdom The Blood

Back to the roundup with a fairly light start to March in terms of releases, but one that's already packed with announcements for the weeks ahead! Find out what's on store shelves soon.

Kingdom the Blood released and Seven Knights Rebirth announced

  • Release of Kingdom: The Blood as a Netflix game: The Korean zombie slaughter series is now available as a mobile game. The mix of martial arts and dark atmosphere is there for all to see, but if you're not convinced by the gameplay, head over to the Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Teasing of Seven Knights: Rebirth by NetEase: This was one of the first games to make its mark on the international gacha market, so we're keen to see if Netmarble can make this 2D remake more free-to-play friendly than the other sequels to the licence.

  • Gakuen The Idolmaster announcement: You play as an idol recruiter at the Hatsuboshi Gakuen school. Your aim is to cast the right people and take them to their dream of stardom. Develop their natural charm, improve their singing and dancing skills and discover the secrets of each character on Google Play Store or App Store.

  • Release of Hades on iOS on 19 March: This is a full port of the game with touch controls. You'll be able to experience or relive the best moments of Zagreus's adventure and the immensity of the possible builds for surviving the Underworld just before the start of spring on theApp Store.

On top of all that, 21 March will be a very, very busy day! Alongside Warzone mobile and Blood Strike, you'll be able to try out Godzilla x Kong: Titan Chasers and the puzzle game Howl. Regional exclusive BLEACH: Soul Reaper is also making its debut in South-East Asia.

Delta Force showcase and pre-registration for early 2024 on the phone

RPG fans will be able to pre-register for Light of Stars, while memes fans can look forward to the release of Thomas & Friends: Let's Roll, the children's game based on the famous Thomas train.

Fairy Tail Fierce Fight and Delta Force pre-registrations

  • Delta Force gameplay showcase: Focusing on its Havoc Warfare mode, this features large-scale PvP with vehicles of all types, from boats to combat choppers, in an explosive display of action.

  • Pre-registration for Astra Knights of Veda: This dark fantasy title invites you on a bloody journey in 2D side view with powerful knights in the heart of the world of Planis, populated by undead and bestial creatures, on Play Store and App Store. The game is due for release on 2 April.

  • Pre-registration for Fairy Tail: Fierce Fight: Fairy Tail Fierce Fight picks up where the original storyline left off, from the Oracion Seis to the Tower of Paradise, with a roster of iconic characters firing on all cylinders in real-time 3D combat. You can pre-register on Play Store and App Store.

Industry news: the end of legend Akira Toriyama, esports and drama for Epic Games

The recent hack of Epic Games is said to be a 'fake' so that fake hackers can build a reputation and sell their tools to other hackers. But that's not all! There's more industry news to come in March.

Death of Akira Toriyama

  • Death of Akira Toriyama: the creator of Dragon Ball Z was also involved in character design for Dragon Quest and Chrono Trigger. This week, the mangaka who inspired several generations passed away at the age of 68. His body of work was immense: more than 260 million copies of Dragon Ball sold worldwide, series adapted and even mobile games such as Dokkan Battle, with which you are no doubt familiar.

  • Apple has closed Epic Games' developer account: Apple had initially approved Epic's account in Sweden, through which the publisher intended to offer the Epic Games Store on the European market. The Digital Markets Act requires Apple to authorise third-party app shops on its platform, of which the Epic Games Store is one. But now Epic's account has been abruptly closed, ensuring Apple's monopoly.

  • Partnerships in esports: Level Infinite has signed a deal to play esports with money from the United Arab Emirates over several years, also via the Esports World Cup, and Supercell has signed up alongside the ESL Faceit Group to support its competitive ambitions for Brawl Stars.

It's already the 12th anniversary of Journey on iOS. And giant Warner Bros. Discovery has decided to concentrate on mobile games and free-to-play live services for its future gaming projects.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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