Cringe at the Game Awards, Death's Door and Zenless Zone Zero: this week's mobile games round-up

Game Awards, Zenless Zone Zero, Death's Door Netflix mobile games round-up

In this round-up, find out about the release of Death's Door, as well as new information about the open-world RPG Zenless Zone Zero, the announcement of the 2D battle royale Soul Knight Arena, while Soul Knight Prequel is still struggling with its servers, and lots of other news. That's what we'll be looking at together today.

The best mobile games releases and pre-registrations, from Death's Door mobile to Captain Tsubasa Ace

You'll need to fill up your phone to survive the loneliness or share your gaming with the family this festive season. Whether you're more the type to try out a cozy mobile game or want to take on a challenge before the year 2024 rolls around, you're bound to find something among the recent game releases.

Sorties des jeux mobile Death's Door et Captain Tsubasa Ace

  • Release of Death's Door : This Zelda-like game puts you in the shoes of a soul-collecting raven. A soul has just been stolen, so you'll have to leave your office to go and retrieve it. Armed with a blade and your bow, travel through the world of spirits with demanding battles and intriguing puzzles to retrace the path of the stolen soul by downloading Death's Door via Google Play or App Store with your Netflix subscription.

  • Release of Captain Tsubasa Ace: Olive and Tom are back in force for December with the launch of the Captain Tsubasa mobile game. Launched discreetly last Monday, this 3D football simulation invites you to assemble a team of talented players and lead them to victory by multiplying strategies and decisive passes in PvE and PvP on Google Play or App Store.

  • Pre-registration opens for Soul Knight Arena: Discover Chilly Room's 2D Battle Royale on TapTap. The game looks pretty stylish, but it would be nice to focus on the Prequel issues, because the community is getting seriously bored.

  • Release of Goat Simulator 3 mobile: Pilgor the goat invites you to a destructible sandbox with improbable and devastating physics. It's enough to give you a session of mass destruction, whether single-player or multiplayer, in the open world or in one of the seven PvP mini-games on Google Play or App Store.

In addition to these great launches, this week saw the release of Infinite Borders, a strategy MMO based on the War of the Three Kingdoms that is well known in Asia, the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley on Apple Arcade and the release of Shapez for £4.50 on the stores. But you can also start filling your calendar for December 2023, as well as for 2024, which is already on the horizon.

Before the New Year, for example, you can investigate your own death in Three Minutes to Eight, available from 21 December. The more patient can also pre-register for NBA Infinite or arm themselves with their VPN to try out the RPG Black Stella Ptolomea, which has just been released in Japan.

In 2024, the schedule is already filling up. Devil May Cry Peak of Combat will finally arrive on 10 January, the release of the global version of Aster Tatariqus has been pushed back, and Zenless Zone Zero, World of Goo 2 and Avatar Reckoning will also be making their mobile debuts in 2024.

Industry news: partnerships, patents and awards of the year

Difficult redundancies at League of Geeks, Bungie, Electronic Arts' Codemasters and Tiny Build have left their mark on the industry this week, despite the joy and cringe of the Game Awards. Here's this week's round-up of news from the video games industry.

Rose d'Argenti d'Honkai Star Rail par HoYoverse

  • The Game Awards ceremony took place: in a mix of cringe, World Premiere and tight black suit choreography worthy of a sixth form acrosport class, SEGA revived old glories like Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe and Shinobi, and mobile gamers will surely be able to discover the investigative game Rise of the Golden Idol and its Indiana Jones vibe. In addition, Netflix is unveiling Harmonium the Musical, a game that puts deafness at the heart of its gameplay between sound and visuals, which is sure to be interesting. Meanwhile, Honkai: Star Rail wins Mobile Game of the Year.

  • [WTF] HoYoverse wants to create a unique rose for Argenti: The Beijing Academy of Forestry and Landscape Architecture has been commissioned by HoYoverse to create a unique variety of rose in the image of Argenti, one of Honkai Star Rail's Knights of Beauty.

  • Gryph Frontier becomes Gryphline: Gryph Frontier, the creators of Arknights, are changing their name to Gryphline for their international publications. So don't worry if your applications change owners. Incidentally, the studio is announcing new features for Arknights: Endfield, Ex Astris and Popucom.

In Japan, Nintendo is cancelling its events in Japan due to threats, and this does nothing to add to the strange climate that has reigned over the industry since the start of September.

On the other hand, the funny but discreet moment of the week is a tweet in which the creator of Terraria explains on Twitter that the most difficult part of creating indie games is that his wife is a fangirl for Stardew Valley rather than Terraria, which is still the 8th best-selling game in the world.

The latest major updates on Android and iOS

The mobile games news roundup also means that you won't miss out on the latest major Android and iOS updates for your favourite titles. At the moment, Christmas is in the spotlight in many live service games, but that's not the only kind of event you can try out right now in-game.

Vampire Survivors x Among Us and Dysmantle co-op updates for 2 controllers

  • Vampire Survivors x Amongs Us DLC coming soon: Independent developer poncle has made the Emergency Meeting DLC for its Vampire Survivors title official. This DLC will arrive on 18 December on Xbox and PC with Among Us content and will be released later on Switch and mobile.

  • State of Survival x Resident Evil collaboration: Thanks to this collaboration, players of the post-apocalyptic strategy game can lead their troops into battle with the resonant new heroes of Ada Wong and Leon S. Kennedy.

  • Dysmantle update with 2-pad co-op: This multiplayer RPG game is rolling out a patch for 2-pad co-op play on a single device. Dysmantle is just waiting for you and a €10 investment for some great adventures.

Mini Motorways is also getting an Aurora Borealis update to celebrate the arrival of winter. Elsewhere, Call of Duty is launching its 11th season of 2023, entitled Le Chant des Sirènes, and is even releasing a server in Nigeria to mark the occasion, Marvel Snap is launching its Hellfire Gala season and Clash Royale is publishing its Season 54.

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