Death's Door: this Zelda-like must-play is coming to Netflix!

Release of Death's Door as a Netflix game on Android and iOS

There's no end to the announcements of Netflix games for phones, and mobile gamers are delighted to find some of the biggest indie hits of recent years in Android or iOS ports. While the arrival of the GTA trilogy has just been made official, this week, it's Death's Door mobile's turn to join the Netflix collection.

Death's Door: discover Death's Door on Netflix now

As the year draws to a close, the colours of the landscape fade and are replaced by greyness. It's the perfect time to curl up under a blanket, grab a hot chocolate and try out Death's Door on mobile thanks to your Netflix subscription. You've got gaming privileges thanks to your addiction to series, so make the most of them!

Screenshot gameplay Death's Door mobile

The release of Death's Door on mobile is the promise of a port of a poetic indie game with a healthy dose of difficulty. In the game, you play as a soul-collecting raven. At your desk, things are quiet... too quiet. A soul has been stolen from you. So you're going to have to arm yourself with a blade and your bow to go and recover it in the vast magical world beyond your desk.

Fans of the Monument Valley atmosphere, with crows, floating architecture and a neat colour palette, Death's Door mobile has the perfect mood for you. As for the combat, the gameplay is fast-paced and the bosses are not always easy to defeat. You've got to love a challenge to complete this title!

If you enjoyed this trailer, the little Raven is just waiting for your expert skill to recover his stolen soul. Go ahead and download Death's Door on Android or iOS.

What's more, as the American SVOD company is no stranger to mobile gaming, I'd like you to try out the top Netflix games and tell me what you thought of them in the comments or on our Discord.

One of the best Zelda-like games on the phone

At the crossroads of Zelda and Souls is Death's Door, a challenging but poetic and soothing indie game. This new mobile release extends the list of excellent Zelda-like games on phones. The list also includes Oceanhorn 1 and 2, two titles that are much appreciated by the mobile gaming community.

But Death's Door doesn't just copy its neighbours. Here, the cute adventure has a magical graveyard feel. The strange creatures that populate the world look more like Onion Knight mutations from Dark Souls than Goblins or Lynels from Breath of the Wild.

Release of Death's Door on Android and iOS

The greyness of office work is gradually gaining colour. Now it's up to you to lift the veil of darkness from the world of the dead and discover the immortal beauty that lurks in the lethal labyrinths of Death's Door mobile thanks to your Netflix subscription. What's more, if you don't have the Switch and you're missing out on Zelda games, you can make up for it by testing out this little indie game that deserves more exposure!

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