SpongeBob SquarePants, Solo Leveling and Soul Knight: this week's round-up of mobile games

News of SpongeBob Cosmic Shake and Solo Leveling mobile games in November

In this recap, find out about the opening of pre-registrations for SpongeBob Cosmic Shake, news of Project BlackBudget, the extraction shooter from the creators of PUBG, the upcoming release of Solo Leveling on mobile and many more news.

The best mobile games releases and pre-registrations, from Pokémon-like Coromon to platformer SpongeBob SquarePants

Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade is launching in Japan, but has yet to reach Europe. So, to feed your inner mobile gaming fire, the Mobi.gg team rounds up the releases and pre-registrations not to be missed this week.

Mobile game releases of the week Coromon, Soul Knight Prequel, Par for the Dungeon

  • Pre-registration opens for SpongeBob Cosmic Shake : The port of the PC and console version I tested at Gamescom 2022 is finally coming to mobile, with its 7 enchanting worlds, charming platforming and all the Bikini Bottom inhabitants that fans love, for €10 on 12 December on Google Play and App Store.

  • Release of Soul Knight Prequel : This pixel-art action-RPG invites you into its chibi universe, alone or with your friends, in search of maximum loot. It has just been released on Google Play and App Store, but has been withdrawn due to server bugs, so please be patient!

  • Release of Coromon, a Pokémon-like game costing €5: The creature-collecting J-RPG is being released this week in a global version. It's free to try out, but you'll have to pay for the full version on Android and iOS.

  • Release of Par for the Dungeon: a crazy game in which a golf ball takes on a dungeon full of holes and challenges, always free to download from Google Play Store and App Store.

In addition to all this great news, you can look forward to the release of Dynasty Warriors M, Dead Stand in beta on the Play Store with its WTF description, and indie platformer Cat Journey.

Upcoming mobile games include the prediction of Solo Leveling mobile access from the first half of 2024 ahead of extraction shooter Project Black Budget signed Krafton (creators of PUBG), the arrival of physics game Gears Forever on iOS on December 6, Atelier Resleriana pre-registrations, Project Fun Party early access in Canada on Android and the arrival of pillow fighting game Pillow Champ on Netflix in spring 2024.

News from the gaming industry with Sony's 6.7 billion lawsuit against gamers, alarming statistics on the longevity of games...

The industry is rocked by controversy, grand declarations and a very hefty lawsuit for Sony that will continue for months and years to come.

Nouveau studio Worlds Untold, Controverse Dave the Diver, Procès Sony news industrie gaming de la semaine

  • Sony is suing for $6.7 billion : Basically, Alex Neill, who is active in the consumer rights sphere, launched a process in August 2022 to sue Sony for its Playstation Store prices, which are considered excessive. The idea is that Sony can afford to charge high prices by being in a strong position in this market. As Alex Neill is appearing on behalf of all Playstation Store consumers, in the event of a consumer victory, all purchasers of digital items on the store between 19 August 2019 and 19 August 2022 could receive between US$83 and US$704 each in damages.

  • Pokémon goes megalomaniac and aims for centuries of success: in an interview with The Guardian, we learn that Takato Utsunomiya, the face of Pokémon Direct, is to "spend all day thinking about Pokémon" and "keep Pokémon alive for hundreds of years - making sure the licence largely outlives us".

  • NetEase opens a new studio called Worlds Untold : it focuses on "developing triple-A action-adventure games in worlds so vast they won't fit into a single story".

  • The Game Awards are at the heart of a controversy over the nomination of Dave the Diver in the best independent games category, even though it belongs to a subsidiary of Nexon, a large multinational.

A study of UK and US developers by Atomik Research for SuperScale raises important issues about the state of the mobile games market for the industry and the longevity of games, both in production and on stores. You can read the White Paper here.

Today's major updates on Android and iOS

If you're looking to get back into a mobile game that has managed to survive its own launch and continues to regularly unveil quality content, you can pick up the following titles thanks to their new updates.

  • The auto-battler Teamfight Tactics, which offers a 100% musical meta carried by Steve Aoki in a quality trailer to create your own battle mix,

  • Tower of Fantasy, which needs your support for its 3.4 update. Don't tell me that the Bridge of Oblivion, the Jade Ruins and the Forbidden Shire of Villemarais don't make you dream of great adventures,

  • The tower defence Kingdom Rush Vengeance, which will be rolling out its Hammerhold campaign on 7 December,

  • or the MMO Runescape, which is entering its necromancy season.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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