Minecraft mobile : update 1.16 and a new Nether

Minecraft mobile : update 1.16 and a new Nether

The famous game with cubic graphics has released the 1.16 update for its mobile version (iOS and Android). The game is cross-platform, so the new features will also appear on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PC.
The main change is an in-depth modification of the Nether. A dangerous world that is not easily accessible, but offers a lot of resources. Before you go there at your own risk, be sure to check out the main changes to avoid dying stupidly.

The official trailer of this update

Minecraft mobile : the new biomes of the Nether

Characterized by different biomes (desert, plain, etc.), the world of Minecraft is full of diversity. The Nether, a very specific part of this universe, is no exception to the rule. 4 new hellish biomes have been added in this update.

  • the Carmine Forest: a hostile and devilishly dangerous place. All the more so as vision is reduced by a reddish fog;
  • the Valley of Souls: a mysterious place where skeletons and Ghasts swarm;
  • the Biscorn Forest: a rather quiet environment populated by Endermen. As long as you don't look them in the eye, you should be fine;
  • Basalt delta: this delta, which is in relief, was formed by ancient eruptions.
new biomes in the Minecraft mobile update
This is what awaits you in this new world

The new monsters of the Nether

To conquer without peril is to triumph without glory. TheMinecraft mobileadventure would be far less fun and dangerous without monsters.
This update adds new ones:

  • Pliglins: they attack anyone who has not equipped themselves with at least one gold item. But if you destroy a gold block nearby, they will pounce on you in any case. Greedy, it is possible to trade with them.
  • Hoglins: a kind of pig that can be hunted and bred. This is a new source of food to avoid starvation.

Otherwise, as far as music is concerned, the game has incorporated a new soundtrack composed by the artist Lena Raine. Called "Celeste", it is very relaxing and you will have the opportunity to appreciate the beautiful sound of the piano.

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