Way of the Witcher, extension to come for the TCG GWENT

GWENT extension

Not all gamers are aware of this. But The Witcher can be enjoyed with different sauces. In addition to the original book, there is a series (available on Netflix) that has been getting a lot of attention. Less well known is the collectible card game (TCG), GWENT: The Witcher Card Game, which is also worth a look and will soon be getting a brand new expansion. Available on PC and Mobile(iOS and Android), we introduced you to this game in our article on the best games like Hearthstone. The expansion will offer even more strategic depth, incorporating a bunch of new cards.

This game is not only for fans of The Witcher. If obviously, those who are familiar with the original game will surely have more chemistry, lovers of strategy games also have all the reasons in the world to be interested in GWENT and its extension.

The trailer of this famous extension.

GWENT: an extension with lots of content

GWENT is a dynamic game that offers regular updates and temporary events to punctuate the gaming experience. Nevertheless, they are not comparable to the upcoming expansion . The latter will completely change the meta, forcing players to adapt. 70 cards are expected. On the agenda are 10 new cards per faction and 10 neutral cards. However, you are still free to make your own choices. It's up to you whether or not to include them in your decks, but it would be silly to completely miss out on these new weapons.

If you are good at mental arithmetic, you should have easily deduced that the number of factions and new maps to come was not there. That's because a new faction is also appearing in this GWENT expansion . We don't know its identity yet... But everything leads us to believe that it will be the Witchers faction.

New maps for the GWENT expansion

Pre-orders already available

GWENT: The Witcher Card Game is free-to-play. But like many TCGHowever, like many free-to-play games, progress quickly stagnates if you don't agree to invest some money in the game. In order to get all the new cards of the expansion as soon as possible, you will have to be willing to take out your credit card. Pre-order offers are already available.

  • ALZUR'S PRE-ORDER PACK (€42.79): 25 Way of The Witcher barrels and the premium neutral cards from the expansion. Also includes the Alzur's laboratory board.
  • EXTRAORDINARY PRE-ORDER PACK (12.89 euros): 10 levels of boost for the Alzur's journey. Also gives you the changing map backs for Way of The Witcher.
  • WAY OF THE WITCHER COMBO OFFER (47.09 euros): combines the two previous offers for a saving of 10 euros. Also gives you the honorary title "The Witcher".

So, are you going to test this new extension?

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