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First update for A3: Still Alive, pets are coming!

Update A3: Still Alive pets and Metium

Did you also rush to play A3, Netmarble's new release, this month? Between its MMO features, its farming background , PvP, GvG, PvE and GvE modes and its customisation options, there was plenty to do in A3: Still Alive. However, the game's first update is already here and it's packed with new content!

For the bigger speedrunners, this update to A3: Still Alive will still refresh the gameplay experience. We take a look at all the new features of this first update A3.

New region: Metium and its bird Metius

In the preview of the upcoming A3: Still Alive update, Netmarble unveils new features and new areas where you can battle ever more epic creatures. With this 1st update A3, you will have access to Metium, a new region with its own story. It is said that there is a beautiful beach there, but I leave it to you to check it out for yourself.

Metium Region A3: Sill Alive level 120 updated
Concept art from the Metium region

Thanks to this expansion of the game area, the level cap of the game is also increased. Apostles of Inith like you and me can now reach level 120 instead of level 100, which will add even more single player fun to A3: Still Alive. New monsters and quests will also be available in Metium with the update. If the concept art is splendid, I can't wait to see how it will look in-game.

Metius boss from Metium A3: Still Alive updated
Metius, boss of Metium

In Metium, you can also cross swords with the bird Metius, the boss of the region. This legendary bird of prey will allow you to acquire numerous rewards (other than monster cards!).

Antique Equipment A3: Still Alive
Antique equipment
Mana Stone A3: SA
Mana Stone
Tier 3 magic stone award A3
Magic stone
Tier 3
Soulstar sparkling drop of Metius loot
Sparkling Soul
(all regions)
Scroll of Blessing of Improvement A3
Scroll of
Legendary map of Metius
Legendary card
Rewards possible for the boss Metius

For more rewards, feel free to use all A3: Still Alive coupons available right now.

Update: War zone and dungeon S. S. Ivan's Conquest

It should be noted that Metium is not the only new game zone, as A3 also gets an additional war zone and a dungeon where peace and love reign (well, almost). The additional war zone "Dungeon Field Fl. 2", i.e. "floor 2", will be worthy of the best guardians who will have a chance to drop legendary equipment while walking through it.

Dungeon S. S. Ivan's Conquest quiet hunting
Concept of S. S. Ivan's Conquest

But the A3: Still Alive update has not yet revealed all its secrets... For those of you who don't really like the war zone, Netmarble has also thought of you! The dungeon S. S. Ivan's Conquest represented by the image above also opens its doors. The drop rates are lower than in the war zone, but hunting here is also much more peaceful. If you prefer less risky adventures and returning home with rewards, this should be a good choice for you.

New guild mode and PvP/PvP duel system for the update

You'd have to be blind not to have noticed: A3 appeals to those who like to get in each other's faces. And that's the direction the title has chosen, pushing its players to engage in fierce Battles Royales as well as in Territory Conquest or any other form of confrontation. And even more so in this update!

A3 resource battle guild against guild update

With this A3: Still Alive update, you'll be able to slaughter each other in guild versus guild. The new Resource Battle mode on GvG should be a great battle. You'll be able to collect as many resources as possible from your guild camp and even loot other guilds to show your dominance.

Dueling system A3 CTF update

On the other hand, if your guild isn't exactly a dream, you can still fight in 1v1 with this update. With this update A3 comes the 1v1 Duel system. This is a duel system that can be triggered anywhere. Once the duel is launched, you have to take possession of the flag and keep it to win. A rather basic CTF system.

Shu A3 pets update of December

And, finally, a little touch of sweetness, far from the bloody fights. This update is the opportunity for A3: Still Alive to introduce a pet mechanic. These pets are called Shus and will soon make their appearance in the game. By keeping them by your side, you will be able to enjoy various bonuses... in addition to being able to admire them.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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