Legend of Mushroom tips and tricks

Legend of Mushroom Crossbower Build

Legend of Mushroom Crossbower Build : relics, skills and Pal

You've chosen your class and you're definitely a Crossbower. To help you along the way, we've put together all the information you need to build...

Legend of Mushroom Complete Relic Guide

Legend of Mushroom Relics | complete guide

Legend of Mushroom is now your favourite game and you want to take your adventure even further. We're here for you again with our complete guide...

Legend of Mushroom Pal teams

Best Legend of Mushroom Pal teams: rankings from level 50 to 100

Welcome to our guide to the best Legend of Mushroom Pal teams. Now that you're familiar with all of LoM's Pal's, we'll show you the best way to g...

Legend of Mushroom Pals

Best Legend of Mushroom Pals: the rankings

Once you've carefully selected your skills using our Legend of Mushroom skill guide, it's time to discover all the secrets of your Pal. They'll b...

Legend of Mushroom best comps

Legend of Mushroom best comps: ranking from level 50 to 100

You recently discovered our ranking of the best skills, so you can choose only the best , but your selection should be based on your class and it...

Legend of Mushroom skills guide

Best Legend of Mushroom skills: the rankings

Congratulations on getting off to a brilliant start in Legend of Mushroom with the help of our Legend of Mushroom beginner's guide! Do you want t...

Legend of Mushroom class guide

The complete Legend Of Mushroom class guide

Legend of Mushroom, Idle's MMORPG, is a must-have game. We introduced you to the Tier List of Mushroom evolutions, and now we're delving deeper i...

Play Legend Of Mushroom on PC

How to play Legend of Mushroom on PC?

Playing on your mobile gives you real freedom to play whenever you want, wherever you want, for hours on end. Provided the battery holds out. Tha...

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide

Legend Of Mushroom beginner's guide | Tips and Advice

Legend Of Mushroom is a multiplayer idle RPG published by Joy Nice Games that really transports you into its world from the very first seconds. T...

Legend Of Mushroom Codes

List of Legend of Mushroom codes from 2024 | Free and valid

Look out for the cuteness in Legend of Mushroom. You take on the role of a fierce little mushroom who wants to protect his village from an invasi...

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