Icône King's Raid
King’s Raid
Downloads: + 5 000 000

King's Raid allows the player to assemble a team of four characters, each with unique attacks, abilities and an assigned class, and send them on a mission where they travel from left to right, stopping at regular intervals to participate in missions and battles with AI-controlled enemies.

The player does not directly control the target character, but has access to the active abilities of each of the three characters, limited in their use by a mana and recharge time system. The player can also activate the autopilot if he does not particularly need to worry about the optimal use of skills during a mission.

What makes it different from other gacha games is that the character acquisition model is more like that of a MOBA like League of Legends, where you simply buy a character (or recruit them) in the game's inn, and once you own a hero, you own them forever, and all character activation is done via game content.

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