Time Surfer review: Our opinion about this mobile game

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Time Surfer is an arcade game set in space. Your aim is to move your character as far as possible, using various power-ups. In this review, we'll try to get to the heart of Time Surfer. Available free on the Play store, it can be purchased on the app store for £1. You'll need to use your surfing skills to escape from the end of the universe.


Time Surfer, a special game

Time Surfer isn't exactly revolutionary, nor is it the most original game on mobile platforms. The game offers simplistic gameplay in a psychedelic universe. In terms of gameplay, you'll be steering a flying machine (or others if you unlock them). You'll need to use a button to accelerate downhill to increase your speed. You'll need to use a time-control power to avoid obstacles, enemies and the various traps blocking your space ride. The gameplay is simple, but effective.


As explained above, the game is quite psychedelic. In fact, it's totally psychedelic, bursting with flashy colours and spacey backgrounds. On the other hand, the objects in the foreground are reminiscent of retro Mario & Co. games. However, you'll have a number of successive background scrolls to vary the visuals. The overall impression you get from the visuals is one of déjà vu, but a pleasant one at that. There's also a very retro soundtrack that perfectly matches the atmosphere of the game.


My verdict

Is this a decent game for retro gamers? It's far too repetitive to earn a top rating. One game follows another, without rekindling the flame of the retro gamer in me. The lack of surprises spoils the fun. On the other hand, if you like wanting to reach the highest score possible, this is the game for you. The game will be fun to play for a few games, but you'll get bored pretty quickly. In fact, there's something missing that didn't get me hooked. On the other hand, the psychedelic 8-bit atmosphere is very pleasant.

Time Surfer review: Our opinion about this mobile game

Positive points

  • Retro ambience

Negative points

  • Too repetitive
Time Surfer banner
  • Service life - 5
  • Playability - 8
  • Visual - 7
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