Test of Royal Revolt 2: Our review on this mobile game

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Royal Revolt 2 is the little brother of Royal Revolt (*Thanks Cpt Obvious*). A game that I find innovative in its gameplay. Are you ready to become a glorious lord and crush all your enemies?

Royal Revolt 2, conquering the world!

Royal Revolt 2 is first of all a strategy game. And yes, you will have to build your defences in front of your drawbridge with towers, traps and ramparts! And as in any strategy game, you will have to increase your buildings and defences.

Unlike many strategy games, here you only have one hero! You can equip him with items such as a weapon, a chain mail, etc. To equip him, you will have to go through a shop where you can buy in ruby or gold. Even if the offers seem tempting, don't be fooled when you start the game, for sure, you will have a small advantage at the beginning however you will quickly realize that the equipment you bought in ruby is obsolete!

You will also find guilds with battles that will give you bonuses for your defences when they win. You can also challenge other lords for loot while climbing the rankings and trying to earn rubies!

As for other battles, there are also the dungeons, which can pay you a lot of money!

An innovative fighting style

The strong point of the game is its unique fighting style! Indeed, during the battles you lead, you control your hero and you manage his movement! But not only that, you also have to manage the appearance of your troops and calculate strategically according to your mana!

combat royal revolt 2

The visual aspect

The game is very beautiful visually and the animations during the fights are worthy of a great battle

graphic design royal revolt 2 royal revolt 2 visual

My opinion

Having tested the game, I think it is worth the diversions because of its fighting style which is rather original! However, after a while the game is really too repetitive because of its lack of different battles. There is only one fighting style and 3 different "places" where you can practice it. Dungeons, attacking other players and guild warfare. You quickly get bored of doing the same 3 battles all the time.

Test of Royal Revolt 2: Our review on this mobile game

Positive points

  • Innovative gameplay
  • Beautiful graphics

Negative points

  • Not much to do, you get bored pretty quickly
Royal Revolt 2 banner
  • Graphics - 8
  • Service life - 6
  • Playability - 7
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