Out There: Ω Edition review: Our opinion about this mobile game

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Out There: Ω Edition is a mobile game available on Android and Ios. This is a pay-to-play game with an average price of €4.99.
To make a long story short, Earth's resources have run out, so you've been sent to act as a relay between Ganymede and Earth to replenish resources and raw materials.
Only during your cryogenic sleep do you seem to have deviated from your trajectory.
You don't know how long you've been asleep, and you're looking for a way back to Earth and any form of civilisation.


A well-honed rogue like

For those unfamiliar with rogue like, the recipe is simple: basically, it's a game where the path and the universe are randomly generated. This is the case with Out There.
As we said, the aim is to return to Earth, and to do this our astronaut will have to use his spaceship and starting resources to move from system to system.
The key to rogue like is the fact that it is randomly created. In short, each time you play a new game, you'll have a whole new universe to explore, with different solar systems, new planets and random encounters.

A game without combat

You think universe, ships = combat.
But that's not the case here, as there's no real combat. What awaits you is far worse - it's all about resource management. From managing your fuel to managing your air and hull structure. Out There: Ω Edition will call on your management skills.
But you still need to know where to find these resources. That means exploring different planets and, depending on the system, finding the most viable ones to suit your needs.
However, as your ships only have a limited amount of space, you'll sometimes have to make choices. Will you keep an excess of fuel or oxygen?

In short, in addition to this management, you'll have to deal with many random elements. A solar explosion damaging your hull, a depressurisation... these are just some of the events that will mar your daily life as an astronaut. Finally, you can equip your ship with various items of equipment in the hope of getting as far as possible in your adventure. Or find a new flying tin can.


Sophisticated graphics

Overall, the game is visually pleasing. The pleasant graphics are accompanied by a particularly well-crafted soundtrack.
However, there is a certain redundancy in the design of the planets.
That said, the game itself has excellent replayability. This is due to the fact that the universe is randomly generated, but also to the way in which you play.


My review

I was more than pleasantly surprised. You could say it's a good game. If you're a fan of SF and adventure, you can easily pick it up. The price may be daunting, but in my opinion it's a good little roguelike that would be a shame to miss out on.
The "fate is relentless" aspect may also block the more cautious players who are looking for a safe and simplistic experience (hence a small penalty in the score for casual players). However, I think this difficulty makes the game interesting and gripping (and nobody likes games that are too easy, do they?).

Out There: Ω Edition review: Our opinion about this mobile game

Positive points

  • Visual and audio ambience
  • Service life
  • Difficulty
  • Multiple choices to make

Negative points

  • Fate seems to be getting the better of some players
  • Redundant decor
Out There: Ω Edition banner
  • Atmosphere - 8
  • Service life - 9
  • Playability - 6.5
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