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Test Nexomon Extinction: the worthy successor to Pokémon ?

Nexomon Extinction was released in 2020 and is one of the top kawaii looking gacha games. Available on Android and iOS, the title offers a humorous adventure full of combat. If you've ever played a game from the Pokémon licence, you'll notice the obvious similarities between these two games. Thanks to this test of Nexomon Extinction, you will be able to make your own opinion about the game and discover the gameplay and the ideas it proposes.

Presentation of the Nexomon Extinction gacha

First of all, Nexomon Extinction seduces by its scenario. The story is well thought out, coherent and distinguishes itself from the ones that are most often found in gacha type games. The story is well told like an adventure Pokémon on mobile, and the dialogue is more mature than its predecessor.

The latter are carefully written. Full of life, they will keep you on the edge of your seat for over 30 long hours! Your adventure will consist of a main quest and numerous side quests as well as epic battles against tyrants. Your only goal: to roll back evil!

Tyrant Nexomon Extinction

With an epic story, humour and twists and turns, you'll meet many characters with unique personalities. The world of Nexomon Extinction is on the brink of collapse as the terrible tyrant Nexomon fights to dominate the humans and monsters that live on the planet. In the course of the game, you play as a hero who leaves his orphanage. His goal? To become a real nexomon trainer! His mission, yours, will be to join the trainer's guild to restore the balance of things before they fall apart.

Choose a Nexomon

So you go on an adventure, and as with Pokémon, you must capture creatures to form a formidable team! To do this, you have 6 slots to create an optimised formation. As you build your team, think about basic weaknesses and advantages.

The game will take you on a heroic adventure in which you must collect around 400 Nexomons.

A slight gameplay revisit Pokémon

Let's go to the gameplay of Nexomon Extinction! You will discover in the game an important exploration part during which you will guide your character and will sometimes have to destroy rocks or ores! The game offers a lot of freedom to the player in this area.

He can do whatever he wants and that's a very good thing if you don't want to get caught up in missions every time. I did find the movement to be a bit imprecise at times. But you'll quickly get used to it after a few hours of play.

Combat Nexomon Extinction

The fights are rather classic, although nice! They take place at turn-based. To attack your opponent, you must not only choose from the skills of your nexomons, but also take into account the elemental weakness of the opposing monster. Capture is also classic: you must weaken and if necessary feed the targeted nexomon to capture it.

On the other hand, Nexomon Extinction differs from other games of the same type with its core system. Cores allow you to optimize the power of your nexomons by adding special abilities. A core can for example help a nexomon to copy the experience gained by other fighters during their battles without having to take part in the attacks.

Nexomon core system Extinction

This saves you from having to switch monsters during battle to gain experience. You can add up to 4 cores to a nexomon to add passive benefits.

Finally, the title includes a dynamic difficulty feature. The difficulty of the world around you will increase as you progress through the game. So even if you stop in an area to level up your nexomons, the adventure will still be challenging. Even defeated trainers will come back stronger than before and ready to fight again!

The ultra affordable premium business model

We believe that a game should remain a game and pure fun. It should therefore be designed to avoid you spending your money on anything in the game. So I thought it was relevant to evaluate the business model to make sure that this game was "healthy".

You will enjoy the first chapter for free. This will be the perfect opportunity to find out if this game is for you or if you really like it. If you want to continue the adventure of Nexomon Extinction and capture monsters, you have to buy the full version for 3 €.

Business model

Nexomon also has an in-game shop. There you will find several boosts and monster summons. But the items in the shop do not affect your progress in the game. You can therefore do without them! Instead, follow the normal order of the game. Besides, you'll get bored if you boost everything.

In summary, I would say that although the game requires you to pay to unlock the whole adventure, the amount you have to pay is low and does not represent a risk for you.


Nexomon Extinction graphics

Graphically, Nexomon Extinction represents everything a Pokémon fan expects from his favourite gacha adventurer! It's fine, it's colourful. The combat and capture animations are quite nice. From the very first moments, you feel the vibes of retro RPGs, but with a very nice visual aspect.

The developers didn't succumb to the call to make an all-3D game, which would surely have been quite ugly considering the many pixelated MMOs on mobile. I really have nothing negative to say about it. However, some people won't appreciate this choice of a 2D adventure!

Our opinion on Nexomon Extinction

To conclude, Nexomon Extinction is a very good gacha adventure game that will appeal to fans of Pokémon and nostalgic gacha RPGs like KonoSuba: Fantastic Days Mythic Heroes: Idle RPG and Alchemy Stars. The game takes effective mechanics and includes them in a refreshing overall experience, but without being really innovative. Rather than a copy of Pokémon, it is an obvious homage to a genre and its fans with a self-criticism of its limitations. A bit like Shrek versus Disney.

Furthermore, I particularly liked its story and the often funny dialogues. I also like the way it teases the well-known RPG mechanics by talking directly to the player, breaking the 4th wall with great skill! So I can only recommend you to dive into its universe.

Test Nexomon Extinction: the worthy successor to Pokémon ?

Positive points

  • The core system
  • Humorous dialogue
  • Beautiful, varied environments
  • More than 30 hours of life

Negative points

  • Gameplay that doesn't reinvent the genre
  • Tactile movements can be laborious
Nexomon Extinction banner
  • Gameplay - 7
  • Graphics - 8
  • Business model - 9
  • Service life - 9
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