Lonewolf review: Our opinion about this mobile game

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Lonewolf is a shooting game available on Ios and Android. This kind of game is commonplace on mobile platforms, but Lonewolf brings a bit of fresh air to the genre. It has its good points, but it also has some not-so-good ones, which we'll look at later in this review?

The aim of Lonewolf

You won't be asked to shoot cans in a shooting gallery. You're going to be in the shoes of a professional killer. And what do killers do? They kill. And that's exactly what you're going to get, as you're going to be racking up corpses. The game is accompanied by a rather dark story, which will be present throughout. For once, you'll have the right to a complete turn throughout the missions. It's not just a 30-second pitch at the start of the game. And that's a nice touch. Your missions will be spread over 30 missions, with equally varied locations. The objectives and ways of killing are just as varied. For example, avoid being spotted. Killing someone in their hospital bed without setting off an alarm. After each mission, you'll be rewarded according to the objectives you've achieved (accuracy or headshot, for example). The money can be used to buy upgrades or new weapons. The game is based on a free-to-play economic system.


And the rest?

Lonewolf is based on a graphics system that's pretty close to dark comic books (like the Punisher or 'Marvel noir' for those in the know). The game is accompanied by a very discreet soundtrack. For a mobile game, the physics used for the weapons and the sounds inherent in a shooting game are very satisfying. There are also bonus games, such as pistol, m4 and sniper training. As far as gameplay and playability are concerned, you'll be able to play the game easily with just 2 fingers. However, there are a few response problems, particularly when it comes to the game's response.


My verdict

Lonewolf is an enjoyable free-to-play game that will keep you busy with mini-games and, if you're a perfectionist, high scores. Crash and save reset issues have been reported, I've had a few crashes, but no save resets.

Lonewolf review: Our opinion about this mobile game

Positive points

  • Presence of a scenario
  • Physics of friendly weapons

Negative points

  • Some free-to-play bottlenecks
Lonewolf banner
  • Service life - 7
  • Playability - 7
  • Graphics - 8
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