Coin Master tips and advice

There are no secrets: to progress in Coin Master and level up, you need to collect as many rewards as possible, including free's tips and tricks will help you progress in this slot game.

Free spins Coin Master free spins

Coin Master free spins: Daily coins and free spins (July 2024)

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Coin Master 400 spin link

Coin Master 400 spin link: is it a real reward?

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100 free spins on Coin Master

100 free spins on Coin Master: are they reliable and legal links?

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Coin Master village cost

Coin Master Village Cost: price table

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How to get Golden Card in Coin Master

How to get Golden Card in Coin Master ?

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Coin Master Codes

Coin Master Codes: free spins made easy?

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Coin Master PC on Windows or Mac

How to play Coin Master on PC?

Here's your new PC mobile game installation guide! This time we're going to look at how to play Coin Master on your computer. To do this, you wil...

Find spins Coin Master

Coin Master Spins: What are they? How to get some?

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Link Coin Master daily

Coin Master Links: what are they? Where to find them?

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Getting Coin Master Rewards

Which Coin Master rewards can you get?

Welcome to another comprehensive article dedicated to the popular mobile game Coin Master ! For you, we've looked at the different types of rewar...

Coin Master Tips and Tricks: how to get free spins?

In Coin Master, free spins are definitely the lifeblood of the game. Without them, progress is much slower. So how do you become a real competitor? has put together a daily list of Coin Master free spins links that will give you plenty of rewards every day.

Other tricks will also help you get those precious free spins, such as linking your Coin Master account to your Facebook profile, or taking part in the many events organised by the developers.

How to get gold cards in Coin Master?

Gold cards in Coin Master are essential if you want to add to your collection. Unfortunately, these items can only be exchanged during the dedicated event, for certain very specific cards. So, to get Coin Master gold cards more easily, we suggest you open as many chests as possible in each village. You'll regularly find gold cards to add to your collection!

How to progress fast in Coin Master?

We've already told you about the free spins and Coin Master chests that will help you unlock rewards. But there are other options for making rapid progress in the game. For example, choose Foxy as your travelling companion and level him up. Why would you do that? Quite simply because the fox will enable you to generate a lot more gold when you loot, which is the most profitable way of generating as much gold as possible!

On the other hand, if you've reached level 200, we suggest you equip Rhino instead. Unlike Foxy, he won't allow you to generate more coins. However, it will help you protect your buildings (which required an astronomical amount of gold to build!), so you can save money and keep progressing.

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