Gamelight gives away millions of dollars in exchange for your playing time

Playing mobile games takes time. If you could monetise that time in your favour, you could earn money and have fun at the same time... That's the case with Gamelight, the company that has already rewarded mobile gamers with millions of dollars.

Gamelight gives money back to players through a profitable gift card exchange

Gamelight's principle for B2C gamers is quite practical. You install a game and are rewarded with points. Reach a certain level, complete a special mission or take part in an event in the same game and you earn even more points. Each of your achievements is rewarded.

Gamelight gift card rewards

Afterwards, you can turn your accumulated points into real benefits. The most popular are Google Play and Amazon gift cards and transfers to PayPal accounts. In Q1 2024, Gamelight distributed no less than $20 million to its audience in exchange for gaming activity.

Game recommendation applications

How do you access these services if you're an ordinary gambler? There are several solutions. Some can be integrated directly into the games you like. Others, like Gamelight, are provided by mobile games recommendation applications. In these applications, you choose to take part in an offer from among the recommended games available in your region. The available rewards are listed and you install the game.

Gamelight loyalty programmes in mobile games

The further you progress in the game, the more points or cash you receive. You then need to reach a sufficient fund level to be able to withdraw your winnings to cards, Paypal accounts or jackpots. These applications work directly with the game publishers, who rely on the acquisition and retention of players like you to boost their activity statistics and organically achieve higher rankings on the stores and increased profits.

Statistics analysis by Gamelight AI

Resolutely B2B, Gamelight's service is aimed directly at brands and studios by serving as a privileged intermediary with mobile gamers from all over the world. The company uses its own applications and the data it collects to optimise user acquisition and engagement across a wide range of themes.

In a short space of time, Gamelight has conquered the mobile games and applications marketing market thanks to its advanced rewards programmes that benefit players and advertisers alike. Your play time, your in-game actions, your player profile and that of thousands of other people are analysed in depth to place Gamelight partners above their competitors while offering you money to spend beyond the gaming sphere.

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.
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