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Skullgirls Eliza guide: Skills and Variants

Skullgirls Eliza guide: Skills and Variants

Have you just unlocked Skullgirls Eliza and want to learn more about this character? In this guide, we explain the Eliza story, what her skills are, but also our Skullgirls Eliza best variants tier list. With our tips and tricks, you will know everything about this fighter.

Who is Eliza in Skullgirls?

Skullgirls Eliza is a worldly character. She is a famous diva of sumptuous appearance and pretentious character, who performs at Bastet's Den, the first nightclub in New Meridian.

Visual of Skullgirls Eliza

Apart from her activities in the entertainment world, Eliza is also the host of the parasite Sekhmet, whom she must feed with blood to stay young and beautiful. But to do so, she resorts to dark practices, such as collecting blood in the name of charity.

Despite being blackmailed by the Medici mafia and hated by Double for her criminal acts, Eliza is determined to find a way out and still harbors plans for world domination.

The character main abilities

Warrior Goddess, Skullgirls Eliza's character ability, allows her to summon Sekhmet for a short duration with Blockbuster attacks. Damage taken in Sekhmet mode is recoverable.

Visual of Skullgirls Eliza

With her marquee ability, Bloodline, Eliza regains 50% health and 100% Blockbuster Gauge when a teammate dies.

Finally, Feast and Famine, her prestige ability, charges 25% per input and in Sekhmet mode. Once activated, Eliza's moves have a chance to remove an opponent's buff and regenerate health.

Skullgirls Eliza variants tier list

In total, there are 12 variants of Eliza in Skullgirls. Let's take a look at the signature ability of each version of the character and which ones are the best in our tier list variants.

TierVariation of ElizaElementSignature ability
SSkullgirls Eliza's Inner Pieces variant
Inner Pieces
NeutralSelf-Absorbed: Activating Sekhmet mode gives one elemental buff per character for 15 seconds. Upon exiting, Eliza transfers her buffs to her incoming teammate.
SSkullgirls Eliza Mummy Dearest variant
Mummy Dearest
LightAbsolute Domination: Special moves remove 10% of Eliza's max health in Skullgirls, but provide 35% Blockbuster Gauge and a big regeneration for 10 seconds.
ASkullgirls Eliza In Denile variant
In Denile
WaterBeneath the Skin: Activating Sekhmet mode gives armor and immunity for 15 seconds. Eliza also removes all debuffs.
ASkullgirls Eliza Decrypted variant
ObscureEnvy: Eliza deals 25% more damage for each teammate still alive. Switching to Sekhmet mode, Eliza steals an opponent's buff by inflicting a wither for 10 seconds.
AStand Out Variant
Stand Out
AirBuffet: If Eliza has less percentage health than her opponent, 75% of the damage dealt is recovered in VP. Each opponent's buff has a 50% chance of being removed and filling Eliza's Blockbuster gauge by 25%.
BScarlet Viper Variant
Scarlet Viper
FireSeeing Red: Switching to Sekhmet mode causes both characters to bleed for 15 seconds, but a debuff causes Eliza to go into a rage for 15 seconds.
BBloody Valentine variant
Bloody Valentine
AirPyramid Scheme: When a fighter uses a special move, Eliza recovers 10% of her health. When a character uses a Blockbuster, Eliza recovers 15% of Blockbuster gauge.
BTomb & Gloom Variant
Tomb & Gloom
ObscureAstral Deflection: A Blockbuster attack inflicts a debuff for 10 seconds and gives Eliza a dodge stack for 10 seconds in Skullgirls.
CRed velvet variant
Red Velvet
FireWitching Hour: Activating Sekhmet mode inflicts a curse and disables the opponent's signature abilities for 15 seconds. If a fighter exits under a curse, the incoming character suffers 3 random debuffs for 15 seconds.
CLapis Luxury variant
Lapis Luxury
WaterTurning Tides: On her first entry, Eliza shatters the opponent's armor for 15 seconds and her Blockbuster gauge equals the enemies' highest gauge.
CDiva Intervention variant
LightBleached Bone: When Eliza enters Sekhmet mode, attacks steal 8% of the opponent's Blockbuster gauge and 50% of the damage is converted to HP.
DBloodbath Variant
ObscureSanguine Solo: When one character uses a Blockbuster, both suffer from bleeding for 10 seconds. Eliza's bleeding effects in Skullgirls are converted to regeneration.

That's our Skullgirls Eliza guide. You now know her story, her main skills, as well as her variants and their signature skills. To discover new character guides and progress through the game, I invite you to visit our Skullgirls tips page.

Alco A fan of video games, SF, comics, cinema and new technologies, he is a bit of a geek cliché, but he assumes it.

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