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Shop Titans Guide for a good start | Tips and advice

Shop Titans Guide for a good start

Welcome to the Shop Titans guide to getting started. Here you'll find tips and advice on how to grow your shop and its heroes! Find out how to get the best start in Shop Titans.

Send characters on a quest and optimise heroes

To begin this Shop Titans guide, what could be more vital than resources? You'll soon realise that the resources your town produces aren't enough to make everything. You'll be short of elven wood first, then luminaries, steel pine cones and many other things. Even bat wings!

Quest and resources Shop Titans

Quests are the best way to get them. Note that it is also possible to acquire them by creating a guild buy offer in the marketplace, but you must first have unlocked the marketplace and find a player in your guild who is willing to supply them. But this is a bit out of the scope of our beginner's guide Shop Titans. Rather than waiting for a miracle, it is better to rely on quests.

By the way, there is a "quick quest" mode in the game which is sometimes active and allows you to complete quests much faster. This is where your recovery potions are particularly useful as you can use them to farm as many resources as possible.

Quick quests in ST Heroes

The quick quests mode is active on the screen.

By sending your characters on quests, they will earn loot and experience, allowing them to level up. They will unlock new skills and be able to equip ever more stylish items.

Shop Titans Guide to Heroes

A little friendly advice: before sending your heroes on a mission, don't forget to optimise them. Clicking on the Optimise button will automatically equip the best equipment available in your shop on the hero in question. Actions such as this one in our Shop Titans guide to getting started should be performed fairly frequently. This will prevent your heroes from wearing outdated equipment.

Moreover, you will have to repeat the operation on each of your heroes. Besides, don't hesitate to keep your epic, legendary or sublime items for your heroes! Your shop's customers won't give you a very good price for them, so you might as well use their bonuses to the full.

Completing daily missions and Shop Titans bonuses

In addition to simply growing your Shop Titans shop, you'll need to meet goals. In reality, you don't have to be interested in them. But they can pay off in a big way if you complete them daily. Remember, for every mission you complete you can spin the jackpot wheel and collect points.

Objectives Shop Titans ticket shop

Then, simply spend your points in the Palace of Fortune to obtain various items. You will then have the opportunity to get quest boosts, chest keys, recovery potions, crystal pieces, etc. I'll come back to the keys in the next section as they are very important.

However, you will quickly run out of daily goals and will no longer be able to acquire special rewards simply by running your shop. Once you reach a certain level, you will be able to access the bonus tab. This Shop Titans Beginner's Guide does not cover all aspects of the game in the mid-game, but the bounty table is one element that will quickly become important in your game.

Jackpot bonus table

The bonus tab is your second best friend. With it, you can accept challenges of different difficulty such as selling 10x javelins or making a markup to 5 five customers today, etc. Each completed bounty will give you a certain number of guild tokens (the same ones you get by investing in the city) that you can then spend on valuable loot.

Shop Titans guide: opening chests and finding keys

Wooden chests, frozen chests and other types of Shop Titanschests are obtained through quests. As explained earlier in this Shop Titans guide, quests are completed by your heroes. So, by sending a few heroes out to glean luminaries or elven wood, you will get these rewards for free. But to open them, you will need chest keys. The game offers you 3 at the beginning of the game to initiate you to the mechanics.

Shop Titans Guide Quest Chest

After that, you will very rarely get any by chance. To provoke destiny and obtain keys without going through the "I take out my credit card and I become the god of any game" stage, you will have to follow a precise pattern.

First, look at your list of goals for the day. Complete as many of these objectives as possible and collect the fortune tickets as a reward. Then click on "Go to the Palace of Fortune". You can then use your tickets (the number of which is displayed at the bottom of the slot machine) by running the machine. Some combos earn more points, but do I really need to point out that the outcome is purely random?

Wheel of Fortune ST print run

You can check the list of winnings to see which combo pays what. Once you have completed your draws, click on the 'Use' button. With enough points, you can buy a key every 8 hours if it is available. If not, you will have to start a new draw from rewards. You will be able to open your chests and get super rewards.

Joining a guild

How can we continue this Shop Titans guide to getting started without mentioning the guilds, which form the heart of your city? At the beginning of the game, the tutorial will eventually lead you to the next logical step in the game: joining other players. While this may not be useful in some games as peaceful as Shop Titans, it is not the case here! You're not there just to admire the group score. There is a lot to do within a guild to make good use of all its features.

Shop Titans Guild Helper

Helping fellow guild members

Your first role in the guild is to help your fellow players. Like in games like Rise of Kingdoms, you can ask for help when you improve a building. In this case, it's furniture. When you upgrade furniture, you can click on the house icon with a heart.

Request for help to improve mannequin

This allows you to ask for help. This way, other guild members who help you will speed up the improvement process. It is also your duty to do the same for your comrades. It will only take you a few seconds to dust their furniture and feed their pets when they are away. Remember that the more you do for others, the more they will do for you.

Investing in the city for better performance

Once in a guild, you will probably notice that not all buildings in your city are of the same level. Indeed, the buildings of the city can be improved independently of each other. So you can have a level 5 forge and a level 3 tailor.

City buildings in Shop Titans

Increasing the level of your smithy increases the maximum level the smith can reach. And the higher the level of the smith, the faster he works. This means that you can produce weapons and other forged products in your shop more quickly. However, in order to improve the buildings, you have to invest. Use the gold you earn from your sales. But the other members of your guild can also invest with you, so the whole city will become more efficient.

Forge investment in guide Shop Titans

As you explore the city, you will realise that there are other types of buildings than the workers' buildings that provide you with your items. Some produce raw materials, such as the mine, and others produce various bonuses such as increasing the maximum number of players in the guild. Your investments must be well distributed. And above all, don't keep all your gold in your pocket, it's useless!

Once you have joined a guild, you can also rely on others to help you with the next task: optimising your performance.

Managing your champions

In this Shop Titans beginner's guide you have already learned how to optimise your heroes. But it's important not to focus only on the first tab of the characters menu. In the Champions tab you can see a list of the champions you can currently obtain or use.

Champions and coins to win Shop Titans

Apart from Gargoyle, the tutorial character, all the others are obtainable. You can see how many coins you need to unlock them. If you're wondering how to earn champion coins in Shop Titans, it's not that complicated. Every day, some of the champions will come into your shop and ask you for several copies of an item, such as 9 breastplates or 12 druid robes. By giving these items to the champion for free, you get 3 coins of his character in exchange.

Shop Titans champion Sia

And, when you reach the required number of coins, you unlock the champion. Honestly, I recommend that you always do these little missions. They don't cost you much and who knows, you might be happy to add a champion to your team!

Shop Titans Guide to Decorating and Negotiating

As with other games in this genre, furniture comes with its own set of bonuses. To get off to a good start in Shop Titans, don't neglect useful furniture such as storerooms, which will allow you to increase your item-specific storage capacity. For example, with a leather reserve you can store more leather from the tannery. And the same applies to every type of raw material that comes into your shop.

Upgrades and furniture ST boosts

Upgrading the layoutfurniture of sale items such as mannequins or tables increases your maximum energy. On the other hand, upgrading a resource storage increases your maximum storage capacity for that resource. And levelling up your counter increases the energy generated by each sale, which will be very useful for frequently upgrading items or speeding up production, for example. Choose your personal investments carefully in order to develop your shop as much as possible.

Energy, gold and diamonds guide Shop Titans

You should avoid keeping your energy bar full for a long time as this is of no use to you. Don't hesitate to make mark-ups on your most expensive items. In order to avoid wasting your precious gold coins, the next section of this Shop Titans guide explains why it is better to sell certain items at a discount or markup. So you don't waste money unnecessarily.

Understanding the economics of Shop Titans

When playing Shop Titans, have you ever wondered why you would discount items? Why sell one item at a mark-up and not another? When to spend your energy on a sale? Well, I've taken a few minutes to get my head around it, and I'll share my findings with you. No more wasting precious gold coins.

Profitability table for reduction and increase of objects

70 goldSurin35 or
(+5 energy)
140 or
(-10 energy)
(-) 7 or/point
(+) 7 or/point
80 goldShirt40 or
(+5 energy)
160 or
(-15 energy)
(-) 8 or/point
(+) 5,3 or/point
290 goldJavelin145 or
(+10 energy)
580 or
(-25 energy)
(-) 14,5 gold/point
(+) 11,6 gold/point
1450 goldHealing Potion
725 or
(+25 energy)
2900 or
(-55 energy)
(-) 29 gold/point
(+) 26,3 gold/point

Note: The price of the item depends on its current milestone, so you may not have exactly the same price values as I do. But the idea remains the same. You can check the milestone of an object by clicking on the information button.

Now you know everything about this Shop Titans guide! No, I'm just kidding, I'll tell you how to read this table. It's pretty simple. The price of the item is divided by 2 if there is a discount in Shop Titans and multiplied by 2 if there is a surcharge. You can easily check this in game.

Shop Titans guide to mark-up

The Value (gold/point) column determines how muchgold it costs you or earns youper energy point spent or gained. The lower the gold/point reduction value (7 or 8 in the table) the more profitable the reduction is for you. On the other hand, the higher the gold/point increase value (11.6 or 26.3 in the table), the more profitable the increase is for you on this item... Is this Shop Titans guide more complex to understand than expected? It will be clearer with an example!

Understanding the table

Here is an example that should make things clearer.

I want to recover 30 energy points. To do this, I decide to make a discount on items.

  • I decide to discount 3 javelins, which makes me lose 3 x 145 gold in potential earnings (if I had sold them at the normal price), that is 435 gold. And I recover 3 x 10 = 30 energy points.
  • Instead of lowering the price of my javelins, I decide to sell my surins at a discount. I need a discount on 6 surins to reach 6 x 5 = 30 energy points. This means I lose 6 x 35 = 210 gold in potential earnings (if I had sold them at the normal price).
Objects for sale profitability ST

In both types of sale in this Shop Titans guide, I managed to recover 30 energy points, except that option 1 cost me 435 gold compared to 210 gold for option 2, less than half. The surins are the ones with the lowest reduction value (gold/point) in my table: 7. So I lose a minimum of gold by reducing these items.

On the contrary, the higher the Gold/Point Value of an item, the more money you earn per point of energy spent, which makes you a maximum of money.

Not all items are equal in discount or mark-up. So I have created a small Excel table for you to fill in to become a real Shop Titans negotiator!

And that's already the end of our Shop Titans guide to getting started. I hope that all these tips have been useful and will facilitate your start in the game. Don't hesitate to share your own discoveries with us to make this guide even better!

Yaya Yaya would never have spent a single cent on a mobile game. At least, that's what the legend says.

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