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Merge Dragons Beginner's Guide | Tips and Tricks

merge dragons beginner guide

Merge Dragons is a puzzle game based on the assembly of several elements of the same nature. In a style reminiscent of the famous Candy Crush, it is however a little more complex than the latter.
Before you embark on your adventure and start playing the levels, we advise you to take a moment to read this Merge Dragons beginner's guide.

You will find the essential tips to start the adventure and optimize your results. You will be able to progress quickly to expand your camp and succeed in the most difficult challenges. Enjoy your reading!

Carry out groups of 5

Let's start this Merge Dragons guide with the most important thing: merges. In Merge Dragons!you can merge almost any item. Coins, Flowers of Life, Chests, Fruit Trees and even Dragon Eggs. The choice is vast. Merging is done with 3 identical elements, like most puzzle games.
But in this game, it is optimal to combine groups of 5 elements. Indeed, with 3 elements you get a merge. But with 5 elements you get 2 merges, saving one original element.

Mastering groups of 5 means optimising resources, which are limited during the game. There is no benefit in making groups of 6 or more (except for a group of 10).

Remember: the priority is 5-way mergers. This is the basis for progress in Merge Dragons!

Disabling chain reactions

When you start the game, automatic mergers are activated. Indeed, whether it is intended or not, some mergers can cause chain reactions. This is the case when an element created by fusion is stuck to at least two other versions of this element already present. This results in a chain reaction that makes for a nice combo. Unfortunately, this uncontrolled combo is not good for your optimisation as you have to give priority to the mergers of 5 elements!

We therefore advise you to deactivate the chain reactions option. You can find it in the settings bar at the bottom left. The combos are nice to see but break your calculations unnecessarily.

Merge Dragons: disabling chain reactions
An option to be deactivated quickly.

Save time with double tap

Let's continue this Merge Dragons guide with a basic but very useful trick when starting out.
Touching an item to collecttwice quickly will automatically send a dragon to do so. No need to pick-and-drag a dragon across the map. A manoeuvre that can be tricky, especially if you have big fingers that lack precision.

Prioritise crops

Dragons may be very cute creatures, but unfortunately they are not the smartest. They are servile and automatically harvest resources. However, they do this randomly, without giving priority to the resources with the highest profitability level. You can let them do this if you are lazy, but if you want to optimise, guide them!

Beyond the levels, dragons harvest different types of resources depending on the harvesting boxes. Identify what you need most to plan your harvests and get the resources you want.

Flowers of life
A level 4 flower of life will give much more than a level 2 flower of life.

In your camp, your dragons can also build or attack Zomblins. Depending on your mood, mobilise your dragons for the activity that seems most profitable.

How to best organise the map

card merge dragons organize your card
Eggs on one side, life plants on the other. A good way not to get lost.

Whether in adventure levels or in your camp, your organisation is important. This is especially true when there is a time limit, as in the challenges. It is therefore important tooptimise your movements by organising your map as well as possible.
As only similar elements merge, put all elements of the same family in the same part of your map. Flowers with flowers, bones with bones, eggs with eggs, etc.
This gives you a clearer picture of the resources you have. It also shortens the path for your fingers and saves you precious time. This is especially true as your camp expands as you progress.

merge field dragons
The camp quickly becomes a very large playing field.

Tip: we advise you to play Merge Dragons on PC (or Mac), for an optimal game comfort, especially when your map will be very large! You can, of course, merge your account to recover all your progress! 👍

Giving life to dead land

In a world under attack by Zomblins, you will encounter many dead lands. This dead land is unusable unless you get life essences. But this can take time to produce, a lot of time... Especially when some levels have a lot of dead boxes.

On the dead land, resources can be found that are not usable as such. However, they are not lost. There is a little trick to recover them while saving time: merge one or more elements present on dead land with one or more elements present on a normal square.

Merge Dragons! fusion and dead earth
An amalgamation of juvenile fruit trees that revitalised 4 dead land boxes.

In addition to a merger, this will have the effect of revitalising all the boxes. A good way to kill two birds with one stone. Just goes to show that life has undeniable magical powers 😉

Regular visits to the camp

The base camp is an important place that marks your progress in the game. There are many reasons to spend time here. Firstly, it is an opportunity to collect daily resources with the daily Kala exchange and the Treasure Chest of the Day.
A good way to get free resources!

Merge Dragons ! rewards  free daily
A chest to unlock every day for free resources.

In addition, there is no need to spend trophies to play on the camp. This is not the case for the normal levels of the adventure. It is therefore a good way to keep playing when you run out of trophies. We therefore advise you to alternate between the base camp and the adventure levels to optimize your time.
This way, your trophies will have time to recharge and your dragons to rest!

Finally, you can build special buildings in your camp, upgrade existing buildings and collect new resources. The more you progress, the more your base camp will look like a real small town.

Identify the types of dragons

To continue this Merge Dragons guide, it is important to review the different types of dragons. There are 5+1 types of dragons, each with their own characteristics. 5+1 since there are 5 types + 1 mixed type which combines several characteristics.
It is important to know your troops in order to optimize their assignment. Just as you wouldn't ask a baker to fix your shoes, each dragon has its own preferred missions:

  • builders : they construct buildings more quickly;
  • defenders: they kill Zomblins and attack more quickly;
  • harvesters: they collect objects faster;
  • workers : they have more endurance and tire less quickly;
  • sprinters : they move faster, ideal during timed challenges.
Merge Dragons types of dragons
Work to be given as a priority to the Dragons builders.

Trophy dragons are rare dragons that can be obtained through special events. They can have one or more attributes. The Moon Dragon, for example, is a Harvester, a Sprinter and a Worker all in one.

Spend before you move

To move faster in Merge Dragons! you can pay. There is a tendency to want to save money so as not to spend too many resources. However, be careful with your coins and bricks. Your storage capacity for these resources is limited. So, you have to spend them regularly in your camp before going on an adventure. If you don't, the extra coins will be lost forever.
Even if it's not natural, buy dragon eggs regularly in your camp. There is no need to save too much.

Merge Dragons: spend your coins at the camp
The Camp allows you to play freely and especially to spend your coins!

The basic limit is 100 coins. But it is possible to build vaults in your camp to increase your storage limit. A good investment in the long run!

Discover secret levels and challenges

Last part of this Merge Dragons guide In addition to the classic levels and the base camp, there are special levels in Merge Dragons! Secret levels and challenges:

  • Secret levels : These are levels that are similar to the normal levels. The only difference is that you need to find them to access them. So don't hesitate to click on the elements of the scenery that seem suspicious... Otherwise, go to our article with all the secret levels of Merge Dragons. A little help is not cheating.
Secret levels and challenges
Keep an eye out for secret levels!
  • The challenges of Merge Dragons The Merge Dragons challenges are special, pressure-packed levels with a time limit. They give access to 3 special rewards levels, usually dragons. Once the 3 levels have been completed, the challenges revert to normal levels.

This Merge Dragons beginner's guide is coming to an end! We hope you find it useful and that you put all the good advice into practice to succeed in the game! Have fun!

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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