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Guide Fort path in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0

Fort path road to hero 2

In One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0, several game modes are available each day, including the Fort path. This is quite nice, as it makes thegameplay experience less monotonous. But if the game modes such as Scenario, Extreme Challenge or Tournaments are easy enough to get used to, the Fort path mode is more complex. You quickly learn how to triumph in this event, but there are several tricks to know to maximize your time and increase your resource earnings. In this guide, you will find everything you need to know about Fort path!

Presentation of the Fort path

First of all, you should know that the Fort path is located in the city (top left). It is updated every 48 hours, which means that you can only play (and finish) it once every two days. However, you can stop along the way, take a break, and then resume your progress .
This is a rather fun game mode, since after each battle won, you get a "supply" which gives you an exclusive bonus to choose from among 3 random choices. You get a bit of everything: damage, HP, rage bonuses or an increase in accuracy.
For a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay, you can also play One Punch Man on PC (plus it saves your battery!).

A guide to Fort path 2.0
OPM 2.0 (One Punch Man) offers several game modes from the City.

1. Anticipating the route

The first simple tip, but one that you should be aware of. You don't know in advance all the challenges that will come your way. We only have a reduced vision of the next steps. It can therefore be interesting, before embarking on a fight, to anticipate what comes next. The Fort path The map in One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0 is presented as a tree with branches (3). Some branches can only be reached by taking a certain path.

The stages visible in the Fort path Road to Hero 2.0
You may well choose to call for reinforcement 3 times consecutively.

If you need healing or need to recruit reinforcements, take the roads that lead you to the treatment rooms or telephones. It's basic but very useful. A good Hero 2.0 uses his head and not just his muscles!

2. Look at the composition of the enemies before the fight

When choosing between two battles, take the time to scan the team compositions. Choose the fight that seems easiest and with the weakest characters, since rewards are often similar for the same capsule level.
If you are not familiar with all the heroes, look at their colour code and type. These are good indications and are usually more than enough to gauge the power of the enemy.

Friendly advice: the characters Mosquito and Super Black Shiny are more annoying than average!

Heroes in the game One Punch Man
Focus on enemies where you have a type advantage.

Rarity is also a good indicator. Epic characters are basically more powerful than rare characters. On the other hand, there is no other solution than to know theheroes' album inside out.

3. Calculate the power of your supplies in the Fort path

Before each battle, you get an overview of your power and that of the enemy. As the Fort path gives exclusive bonuses with supplies, your power is artificially increased. However, you should know that the calculation is generic depending on the rarity of the supply:

  • rare (blue) + 5 % ;
  • epic (purple) + 7% ;
  • Legendary (gold) + 12%.
Provisions in the Fort path Road to Hero 2.0
The colours are still good indicators, but you should also read the descriptions.

The game does not calculate theexact efficiency of the supplies. It is up to you to have an idea of their real efficiency according to your composition (types and natures of your heroes).

4. Take at least one care package

In the Fort path One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0, battles follow each other at a frantic pace. Your characters don't have time to heal between fights, unlike in the main game mode. This can quickly become a problem.
Even if you win easily, you still lose some life. There are healing rooms scattered along your route, but they are not always there at the right time and can also deprive you of small rewards.

A care package in the Fort path Road to Hero 2.0
As your heroes do not heal after the battle, healing is very important.

It is therefore advisable to take at least one care package. They make life easier and allow you to continue calmly. There are several types: heal at the beginning of a fight, heal at the end of a fight or heal during an elimination. Regardless of the power, the heal at the beginning of the fight is the least random type of provision to be favoured.

5. Adapting the placement to your rage

If your heroes do not regenerate their life between fights, they also keep their rage bar between each fight. It is therefore possible to start the fight with a devastating sequence of active skills. This is a new factor to take into account in your placement.

A fight in One Punch Man
In this mode, you can do active skill combos.

A little trick is to deactivate the automatic function during an easy fight to keep the rage bar full. This then allows you to start a more complicated fight (the Bosses) by launching several special skills (area damage, provocation, boosts, etc.). Having the initiative often pays off in One Punch Man 2.0.

6. Managing the Hell difficulty of Fort path Road to Hero 2.0

As after a while, winning becomes too easy 😎, the game offers an additional difficulty for the 3rd floor of Fort path : the Hell difficulty.
The enemies are much tougher and this is the occasion to meet the Boros boss. We strongly advise you to go there, even if it means using resurrection drugs. On the one hand, the rewards On the one hand, the items to be recovered are more substantial and, on the other hand, the challenge is a little more interesting. It is difficult to miss the special floor with its red dimensional portal.

The Hell difficulty in Fort path Road to Hero 2.0
A portal not to be missed!

As this difficulty level is higher, it may be smart to take special Hell difficulty supplies. They only give bonuses on this particular floor, but as the rest is pretty easy, it is a good investment.

7. Do not miss Boros!

This "super-saiyan" form of Boros is the main attraction of the Hell difficulty. It would be silly to miss it, so make sure you can get to its monster pod by calculating your path. This one is clearly identifiable, it's much bigger than the others.
Boros is really the only threat in this game mode and his powerful active skill wreaks havoc on your entire team. Your weakest members can quickly fall in battle, but it's worth the risk.
Defeating him gives you big rewards 3,000 S Tokens, 3,000 Guild Personal Contributions or 10,000 Elite Tokens. This is enough to make you happy in the shop afterwards!

Boros in the Fort path Road to Hero 2.0
More and more rewards to be won!

Be careful though, you only have onechance to beat it. After a defeat, you can continue your journey, but Boros (and the rewards) will disappear from Fort path.

8. Shopping in the Fort path

In this game mode, you may come across item distributors. As they offer small promotions (-10%), it can be interesting to stop there to do your shopping. However, you can also be satisfied with the daily promotions of the shop (same discount) and instead opt for a fight (and rewards). It's up to you, but the sales are not that significant.

9. Use resurrection drugs sparingly

This medicine will restore all of your fallen heroes to health, no matter how many there are. As if this item was not powerful enough, it also fills the rage bar of your characters. However, we don't advise you to abuse it. Except for the very beginning, this game mode is rather easy. So drugs are not really necessary.

Medicines in the Fort path Road to Hero 2.0

Why save them in this case? The game is relatively new and there are regular updates. Maybe the developer team is planning new difficulties (more floors, more Hell levels, etc.). We might as well be thrifty for now and wait to see what happens next!

10. Doing a fight in several rounds

Losing a battle in the Fort path does not end your adventure. After a defeat, you will still be on the same level and you will have to start the fight again. However, the fight will not be the same, since the enemies killed will not reappear. So logically, it will be easier.

A little trick is to send a team of heroes to do the dirty work to weaken the enemy. Then, in a second time, send your main team to finish the job. While it's never very nice to see your characters die, a good hero has a sense of sacrifice. 😔

This guide Fort path OPM: Road to Hero 2.0 is coming to an end! You now have all the cards in hand to succeed in this fun and rich game mode rewards.
🎁 Last little bonus: we regularly update the list of gift codes to be integrated into the game, keep the page in your favourites to get nice free rewards!
In your quest for power, feel free to check out our other tips on One Punch Man: Road to Hero 2.0! Good luck! 👊

Tipsalewo A cocktail of mobile gaming,esport and K-PoP. Not tryhard enough to become a pro player, I am content with being the minstrel who tells the stories.

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