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Blox Fruits Map: guide to seas and locations

Blox Fruits Map by Roblox

The Blox Fruits map lets you navigate the different seas to reach each island. It's the heart of this Roblox game inspired by One Piece, which we've already told you about in our previous articles. Together, we're going to look at all the points of interest in this game, as well as all the conditions required to access them and progress through the story.

What are the different seas on the Blox Fruits map?

Your aim is to sail between the different islands in the Blox Fruits universe. To do this, you need to level up, but above all you need to unlock access to the different seas on the Blox Fruits map. Don't hesitate to follow all our Blox Fruits and Roblox tips for easy progress!

  • The First Sea, also known as the Old World, is the first sea you discover. The various islands - 13 in all - are accessible by boat, and are more or less easy to explore depending on your level. Depending on whether you start the game as a Pirate or a Marine, you'll be on a different island.

  • The Second Sea has 10 islands. To access them, you must complete a quest given by the detective NPC in the Prison, which is only available once you have reached level 700.

  • The Third Sea can only be explored once you've reached level 1500. It gives you access to 7 islands that you can discover.

Islands to explore in Blox Fruits by Sea and access conditions

All departures are from the quay on each island. To level up, you need to complete the various NPC quests and fight as many creatures and players as possible. If you'd like more information about the game and the fruits at the heart of your adventure, we recommend you take a look at our Tier List Blox Fruits.

Islands of the Old World - First Sea on the Blox Fruits map

In the First Sea, you can travel from one island to another, but if you don't have the required level, you won't be able to face the mobs and other players.

Blox Fruits First Sea map


Recommended level

Access conditions

Pirate Starter Island / Marine Starter Island

0 à 10

Starter islands depending on the role chosen.


15 à 30

Travel north-east from your starting island.

Pirate Village

30 à 60

Travel north-east from the Jungle.


60 à 90

From the Pirate Village, head east.

Middle Island


This is just opposite your Starter Island (dock).

Frozen Village

90 à 120

Back on the starting island, travel towards the centre of the map.

Sea Fortress

120 à 150

From Frozen Village, head north.


150 to 200 and 450 to 575 to access additional zones

The Skylands are high up, so you need to use flying spells to reach them. The island lies in the centre of the First Sea.


190 à 275

Head west from the Frozen Village.


225 à 300

From Frozen Village, head east.

Magma Village


Located behind the Sea Fortress.

Underwater City

374 à 450

From the Frozen Village, head south. The entrance to the town is close to the limits of the First Sea.

Fountain City

625 à 700

To reach this island, take the boat behind the Coliseum.

The islands of the Second Sea of Blox Fruits, to gain in power

Have you reached level 700 in Blox Fruits? You can now explore the Blox Fruits map of the Second Sea and set off to discover its islands!

Second Sea Blox Fruits islands


Recommended level

Access conditions

Kingdom of Roses

700 à 850

Starting island in the Second Sea.



Located behind the Kingdom of Roses.

Green Zone

875 à 925

From the Kingdom of Roses, head north-west.


950 à 975

From the Roayume de Roses, head west.

Snowy Mountain

1000 à 1050

From the Kingdom of Roses, head north.

Hot and Cold

1100 à 1200

From the Graveyard, sail north.

Cursed Ship

1000 à 1325

This island is next to the Graveyard, to the west of the map.

Ice Castle

1350 à 1400

From the Dark Arena, sail north.

Forgotten Island

1425 à 1475

From the Green Zone, sail north.

Dark Arena


Travel north-east from the Kingdom of Roses.

The islands of the Third Sea of Blox Fruits, to complete your exploration

This is the final stage of your exploration of the Blox Fruits map! With level 1500 required, set off from the Port Town Dock to the Sea of Treats.

Third Sea island access Blox Fruits Map


Recommended level

Access conditions

Port Town Dock

1500 à 1575

This is the starting island for this world.


1575 à 1675

From the Port Town Dock, head north-east.

Great Tree

1700 à 1750

This is located next to Hydra, and can be seen looking west.

Floating Turtle

1775 à 2000

From the west of the Great Tree, head north.

Castle on the Sea

Secure arena - no level required

From the Port Town Dock, sail north-west.

Haunted Castle

1975 à 2075

Once at the Castle on the Sea, head north-west.

Sea of Treats

2075 à 2275

From the Great Tree, head north-east.

We've just travelled around the Blox Fruits map and its many islands. Whether you're a Marine or a Pirate, it promises to be an exhilarating adventure! Let us know what you think of the game, and how far you've come. In the meantime, as the pirates say... "Arrr!

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