Autochess MOBA tier list : the best heroes of the game

Autochess MOBA tier list : the best heroes of the game

Are you new to the game and don't know which heroes to play? We'll tell you all about it in our Autochess MOBA tier list of best heroes, in which we've grouped the 25 champions available at release to rank them according to their strength in ranked games. To help you select your characters, we also explain their roles and the effects of their special attacks.

Tier S: The best heroes ofAutochess MOBA tier list

The top of the ranking of our Autochess MOBA tier list of the best heroes is entirely occupied by assassins, with Thunder Trace, Dominator and Space Walker. These are the best heroes that can, if used well, make the difference on their own and turn the outcome of a game around because they are so powerful.

Space Walker, one of the best heroes of the Autochess MOBA tier list

As the game has just launched, it is not negligible to be able to carry the game in solo. Over time, the meta should gradually settle down to prevent OP heroes, and this tier S will welcome more varied heroes. This is something quite common in MOBAs and is why games like Wild Rift and Mobile Legends undergo regular adjustments to balance the heroes.

HeroesReal nameRoleSpecial attack
Autochess MOBA Thunder Trace Icon
Thunder Trace
Lei RongMage / AssassinBall Lightning: Thunder Race races in one direction and deals magical damage to enemies in its path. While sprinting, he is immune to damage and control. In our tier list Autochess MOBA, this is the best hero.
Dominator Icon
DominelWarrior / AssassinField of swords: The hero summons a field of swords around him/her, in which he/she gets the maximum movement speed for several seconds.
Autochess MOBA Space Walker Icon
Space Walker
XinWarrior / AssassinIncarnation: Space Walker summons a stone monkey that applies a slowing effect and attacks enemies within its range, without being able to move. It is an OP hero of this tier list Autochess MOBA that looks very similar to Wukong from LoL.

Tier A: the excellent heroes of the Autochess MOBA tier list

The A-tier of the tier list Autochess MOBA top heroes is a bit more varied than the S-tier, although there is also an assassin with Swordman. Besides him, there are two tanks, two supports and two shooters. Of particular note is the Dwarf Sniper to carry your team, or Skull Hunter to tank opposing damage.

HeroesReal nameRoleSpecial attack
Autochess MOBA Sunchaser Shaman Icon
Sunchaser Shaman
Uughan OtagMage / SupportEnchanted Music: With her drum, Otag emits sound waves around her that inflict magical damage and stun affected targets. If there are multiple targets, additional damage is dealt. This is the best supporting hero in this tier list Autochess MOBA.
Dwarf Sniper Icon
Dwarf Sniper
Musket Kar BronskinMarksmanTerminator gun: After aiming, the hero loads and fires a bullet that inflicts damage according to the target's attack. This attack is always a critical hit. Dwarf Sniper is the best carry hero in this tier list Autochess MOBA.
Autochess MOBA Tsunami Walker Icon
Tsunami Stalker
NyarlatTankRavaging Tentacles: Nyarlat casts waves that lift enemies in the path, dealing magical damage and stunning them for two seconds.
Autochess MOBA Tome Apprentice Icon
Apprentice Tome
KudoriSupportWandering Wizard: Kudori teleports near an ally, who is immune to crowd control while the skill is cast. When he arrives, both of them regain HP.
Autochess MOBA Swordman Icon
Gale ThornbladeWarrior / AssassinBlade of Fury: Swordman spins with his blade, increasing his movement speed and dealing physical and magical damage. This skill can be cancelled to react quickly.
Redaxe Chief Icon
Skull Hunter
Eagles SkullcrusherWarrior / TankWild Hunt: His hunting instincts allow the hero and his flying dragons to increase their attack and movement speed for 12 seconds.
Autochess MOBA Egersis Ranger Icon
Egersis Ranger
SoMarksmanEgersis Arrow: The heroine increases her armor penetration and attack range for 15 seconds. During this time, her normal attacks deal additional damage to two nearby enemies.

Tier B: the average heroes

At this level of our Autochess MOBA heroes tier list, we find decent characters, which fulfill their role without making any waves. However, these heroes can be good alternatives to avoid the counters of your champions and create the surprise in the mind of the opposing team.

HeroesReal nameRoleSpecial attack
Warpwood Sage Icon
Warpwood Sage
XuTank / SupportTree Power: A vine grows around the hero. It inflicts magical damage and stuns affected targets. Movement speed within the area is also reduced.
Autochess MOBA Sacred Lancer Icon
Sacred Lancer
Skar'duBruiserDay of Break: Sacred Lancer jumps into the air and falls back down causing area damage and slowing to nearby enemies for 4 seconds.
Autochess MOBA Soul Breaker Icon
Soul Breaker
Golby SwordAssassinBounty order: In exchange for a bounty on the enemy, you get his vision for 20 seconds. If the opponent dies during this time, the hero gets gold. Moreover, if the target has less than 30% of HP, all the attacks of Soul Breaker are critical hits.
Defector Icon
Shamen'duSupportBroken Veins: A meteor crashes down dealing area damage and stunning affected targets. This skill can also work on turrets.
Autochess MOBA Doom Arbiter Icon
Doom Arbiter
BerialWarrior / TankApocalyptic Explosion: The target catches fire. It is silenced for 6 seconds and takes pure damage every second. After this time, magical damage is taken by nearby opponents.

Tier C: heroes to avoid

Here we are approaching the end of this Autochess MOBA tier list of the best heroes. We advise you not to play the heroes of tier C, which have for the most part equivalent characters that can be found higher in the ranking. However, they are still to be preferred to the heroes we will see in the last part of this Autochess MOBA tierlist.

HeroesReal nameRoleSpecial attack
Autochess MOBA Grimtouch Icon
WashaakMage / SupportSoul Propagation: Throws an inkblot in front of her. The first hero to hit it takes damage and can then attempt to connect with a nearby hero. If the connection fails, both targets are stunned.
Autochess MOBA Redfox Swordsman Icon
Redfox Swordsman
Forro-VulpesAssassinFloating Dust: Redfox Swordsman wraps his body with his tail and rushes forward with a movement speed bonus. It deals magical damage along the way and stuns affected targets.
Sunchaser Servant Icon
Sunchaser Servant
Uughan TorghutBruiserRhinoceros Assist: Torghut summons a rhinoceros that charges at enemies, stunning them and dealing magical damage.
Autochess MOBA The Source Icon
The Source
Icey DeerMage / SupportSnowstorm: A snowstorm appears around the heroine, throwing projectiles that slow down enemies and inflict magical damage.
Dualplot icon
TaoriveMage / AssassinDark Shift: The hero disappears and reappears at the desired destination, inflicting magical damage on enemies near his arrival position.

Tier D: the worst heroes of the Autochess MOBA tier list

Finally we come to the bottom of the ranking with the Autochess MOBA tier list worst heroes. These are characters that are not well balanced or are not enough to make a difference in the games. There is a good chance that these heroes will undergo changes in the next updates when the developers realize that the bad statistics of these heroes.

HeroesReal nameRoleSpecial attack
Autochess MOBA Flame Wizard Icon
Flame Wizard
Fire BirdMageFire Spirit Burst: After a one second charge, the heroine casts a fireball that causes magical damage to the target and nearby enemies.
Autochess MOBA Redaxe Chief Icon
Redaxe Chief
Redaxe axisWarrior / TankBlade of Rage: Redaxe Chief jumps on his target and inflicts pure damage. If he eliminates a hero with this skill, his chance to counterattack increases.
Autochess MOBA Avenge Knight Icon
Avenge Knight
Tanya G. ClaymoreBruiserAttack Repression: The heroine casts a flag that deals area damage and slows enemies. Some of the damage is recovered in HP by Avenge Knight. The skill's cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds each time she loses 10% of her maximum HP.
Sky Breaker Icon
Sky Breaker
BT.011TankImproved Overload: This skill improves the effects of the other skills. It also grants a bonus to armor and magic resistance, but also regenerates health and mana by BT.011 for 12 seconds.
Autochess MOBA God of Thunder Icon
God of Thunder
ZeusMageThunderbolt Righteous: Zeus strikes throws a lightning bolt. After 2 seconds, all opponents suffer magical damage. This is a character obtained at the beginning of the game that sits at the bottom of this tier list Autochess MOBA of the best heroes.

This concludes our Autochess MOBA best heroes tier list. You now have all the information you need to make your character choice based on your role. We see that assassins are particularly strong with their ability to turn a game around in solo and occupy the top of this Autochess MOBA tierlist. And if you're new to this kind of game, we're preparing a beginner's guide for you very soon, which you'll be able to find on our page dedicated to mobile gaming tips.

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