War Thunder mobile open beta launched on Android

Play the War Thunder Mobile beta

After a pre-registration phase for War Thunder Mobile, players will finally be able to test the game concretely, provided they own an Android phone. Indeed, the beta of War Thunder Mobile starts this week. All those who pre-registered before the open beta are surely already aware of this news, but we absolutely had to tell you about it and explain you how to play it on your phone!

Play the War Thunder Mobile beta via official APK

With the War Thunder Mobile beta, Gaijin Entertainment invites you to discover the port of its iconic license for cell phones. On large-scale battlefields participate in multiplayer battles in the middle of a virtual world war. Carried by your nation, take control of ships, land vehicles and war planes. Some vehicles are light, some heavy, and you can control tanks, anti-aircraft guns, jets and even submarines.

A new team for a new mobile game

The new Gaijin team has particularly worked on the feel of the inertia, power and versatility of the historical vehicles for the War Thunder Mobile beta. In fact, there are several thousand vehicles in the original game, of which 200 have already been replicated in the phone beta.

If you are interested in the game, you will need an Android phone. You can only play it via APK since the game is not released on the stores yet, but it is open to anyone who wants to test it.

Play the War Thunder Mobile beta by official Android APK

Download the War Thunder Mobile APK

To play it, go to the game's website and download the 70MB War Thunder mobile APK to your phone or emulator. This only works on Android and you'll need to allow the program to run despite the warnings on your device. Then you can launch the game and create an account before entering the battlefield! The minimum phone configuration to be able to play is presented here, at the bottom of the page.

War Thunder release date on Android and iOS mobile

War Thunder on phone doesn't have a full release date yet. Still, that's not a problem for mobile gamers. The War Thunder Mobile open beta currently running on Android has no progress reset planned. You can play it right now from your phone and your progress will surely be preserved at full release. All game accounts and their content should be transferred to 1.0, including purchased premium currency.

Find all the details about the War Thunder beta on phone via the official website of the game.

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